News and notes

We got off to a frustrating start this morning when the Trumpet Daily failed to air on gsn due to a “traffic problem.” However, we were encouraged to see how fast many of our viewers inquired about the mix-up. We also saw an increase in website traffic as many gsn viewers apparently opted for online viewing instead. In case you haven’t noticed, we also offer a toll-free number at the end of the website version of the Trumpet Daily. You can always watch the program and call (866) 750-7876 to request the literature offered, or you can download a copy, or make a request through the website and we will mail you a hard copy of the literature.

On a related note, in case there is another programming mix-up, you can also send feedback directly to gsn, letting them know you were disappointed that the Trumpet Daily didn’t air and hope it will return soon. (Of course, please be tactful and courteous.) Besides alerting them to the problem, contacting them directly can also heighten their awareness of the growing audience we are bringing to their station. Obviously, we don’t want to inundate the stations with e-mail for every little thing—so be selective. But on the other hand, we do want our stations to know that you enjoy watching the Trumpet Daily on their network.

One other unrelated note to pass along. We recently added new editing equipment to the production crew’s arsenal of tools. While the impact of this equipment will be largely transparent to viewers, we are excited at the prospect of it helping us work more efficiently on Trumpet Daily productions. Daily television deadlines have been an adjustment—so we are making every effort to accelerate the process while maintaining the highest standard of quality.