TD completes ninth week

We are now nine weeks into our 13-week test with The Trumpet Daily. Keeping up with the production schedule has been challenging with a busy summer of activities. We taped our 47th unique episode this morning! After 45 days of broadcasts, we have only had to run two repeat programs. Next week, however, we have scheduled another two repeats—but the other three will be new programming.

We have aired two full weeks now in Burlington, Eugene and Nashville with mild response. Unlike our other stations, we did not have any advertising promoting the fact that TD is now available in those markets. We have asked for and received additional 30-second commercials on each station to help promote the program. The second week of broadcast brought more response than the first, so we anticipate reasonable growth in response as we progress through the summer.

Overall, we have had over 2,600 calls, about 11,300 pdf literature downloads, and 700 requests for our literature made through the website. If we total all orders placed online, through the mail and over the phone along with all the pdf downloads that have been completed as a result of The Trumpet Daily since it first aired—a staggering 15,700 books, booklets, reprints and correspondence course enrollments have been fulfilled!

Response to television programs during the summer months generally subsides until after September. At that point, viewership and response levels increase significantly through the winter. We have had a strong beginning—especially considering this is during the less responsive time of year. We are eager to evaluate which programs tend to respond better than others, which stations are performing up to standard and which need to be replaced, and how we can improve the viewer’s experience with The Trumpet Daily.

New field productions are also planned which should add to the drama of The Trumpet Daily. Be sure to keep an eye on the website for updates in coverage and upgrades to the website itself. What a wonderful open door this has been for God’s work!