Television taping scheduled for Israel

After a busy week of taping new productions, we wanted to keep you informed about response to the program. By the end of Thursday, we surpassed 2,900 phone calls requesting material offered on the program. Response on our new stations is gaining momentum. WCUU in Chicago is also becoming more responsive with each passing week. This week, our two repeat programs “The Man Who Became Israel” and “The Soon-Coming Return of Jesus Christ” received considerably more response than their initial broadcast (30 percent and 47 percent respectively).

Final preparations are also underway for our trip to Israel. You won’t want to miss these new programs taped in several non-traditional locations throughout the Holy Land. Many religious programs taped in Israel focus on Jerusalem and all the historic events which transpired in that city. But there are so many other exciting locations to study. Follow The Trumpet Daily as we go on location where Christ taught His disciples, where apostles took a stand for the truth of God and where Old Testament personalities fought to shape the nation of Israel. We anticipate putting those programs to air in mid to late August.