More milestones for TD

GSN has generated more calls in response to today’s program “Was the Prophet Daniel a Fraud?” than we have had in the last seven weeks! The greatest percentage of response comes from GSN, but CW-Plus and WCUU (Chicago) also produce a steady stream each day. This was the first time we have offered our popular booklet History and Prophecy of the Middle East. If you haven’t read that in a while, it’s a nice complement to what was covered on the program today.

Yesterday we passed another milestone. It was our 52nd day of broadcasting since the May 9 kickoff. That’s a whole year’s worth of once-a-week programming like The Key of David. Of the 53 programs that have gone to air (counting today’s) 49 have been original or new programs. That equals 92 percent new programming since we began—only four repeats total! While we likely can’t sustain that high of a ratio, this many new programs certainly gives our viewers good reason to tune in every day.

Another interesting fact is that 57,000 different viewers have come to our website since we launched in early May. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2011 report, about 1 viewer out of every 2,500 potential viewers will actually respond to our program. There are likely thousands out there listening, but only a fraction actually go through the effort to further their studies. For those who are requesting or downloading the materials, they are getting a crash-course education in God’s way of life. The variety of subjects covered on TD are well balanced and hard hitting. Several programs have addressed sensitive issues that we previously didn’t really have an effective means to cover on television. But with a daily program and the immediacy of pdf downloads, we believe we are not only hitting those issues, but also finding a receptive audience.

Enjoy the new programs this week and next!