Rufaro Manyepa

The touted numbers grossly underestimate China’s military standing and dangerously overestimate America’s.

The announcement of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has presented Russia with the perfect opportunity to bolster its presence in the region.

The movement ‘confuses correlation with causation.’

Old Macdonald can’t afford to keep his farm. And the government is refusing to help him.

Out with Lord Adm. Horatio Nelson; in with Greta Thunberg

Something is rotten in the District of Columbia.

America is in the middle of an ideological bloodbath. But amid all the violence and casualties, one question remains: What is the truth?

‘It is said that Cuba is not a priority for the United States.’ Well, it certainly is for Russia.

Germany and Europe say they are against China’s authoritarianism. But the truth is that the Chinese market is simply too lucrative to abandon.

‘China is not taking its foot off the gas.’

But Moscow’s chilling military challenge ‘frightens Europe’ even more.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

‘Russia’s ultimate dream is to unify Russia and Ukraine, a dream it is willing to achieve either with hard diplomacy or military means.’

The pandemic did not lock down gun violence.

China is determined to seize Taiwan, and American intervention is no longer the deterrent that it used to be.

Their lunar cooperation reflects their increasing geopolitical partnership back on Earth.

The U.S. Air Force regularly simulates war against China.

China’s goal is to have a nuclear force that, if attacked, can survive long enough to retaliate.

2021 could be the year ‘the kings of the east’ begin to unsheathe their swords.

As the UK opens the door to Hong Kong refugees, Communist China wants to shut it—permanently.

The collapse of the Soviet Union brought tough times to Tajikistan. A desire to reverse fortunes could lead to a return to Russia.

Bible prophecy shows that somewhere along the way, it will take China along with it.

A close look at the numbers reveals a dogged determination to boost military power.

Financial tectonics are tilting toward Asia.

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