Russian Missile Strike Kills 40

In yet another escalation of the Ukraine war, Russia fired multiple missiles toward Ukrainian cities on Saturday afternoon. Most of the devastation came from a Kh-22 rocket that hit a nine-story apartment building in Dnipro. When rescuers arrived, they heard the screams of trapped residents inside the 72 collapsed apartments. At least 40 people are dead, with 27 seriously injured.

One of the residents, Anastasia Shvets, posted about the attack on Instagram, and it went viral. She was the lone survivor of her family after the attack.

Today I remember my father’s stupid jokes, and of taking stupid pictures of puppies with my mother today. I now seem to be a star, although I didn’t ask for it. I’m published everywhere, but what I want is to go to my parents. It hurts. Do I even exist?
—Anastasia Shvets

Russia, meanwhile, simply said it fired missiles at its “military targets,” adding that “all assigned objects were hit.”

Big picture: The West believed sanctions would dissuade Russian President Vladimir Putin from continuing the war. America has spent tens on billions of dollars supporting Ukraine. And yet the war is now almost a year old, with news of Russian atrocities becoming more common. Putin is refusing to concede defeat.

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