German Police Arrest Two Suspected Iranian Terrorists

On Sunday, German police arrested two Iranian brothers, ages 32 and 25, suspected of plotting to carry out a biological terrorist attack. The younger brother had previously been arrested for attempted murder in 2019 when he drunkenly threw a large branch onto the highway in front of a speeding car. He has been in rehab ever since. But after being released for the weekend, he is suspected of collaborating with his older brother who is “suspected of having prepared a serious act of violence that endangers the state by procuring cyanide and ricin to commit an Islamist-motivated attack.”

Police have searched the residences of both brothers and haven’t yet found any toxic substances for use in the weapons. But following a tip from United States’ sources, they have reason to believe they thwarted an attack on “an unspecified number of people.”

Surveillance: German State Interior Minister Herbert Reul called for police to do even more in gathering surveillance in order to prevent such attacks. German regulation on data gathering is tight, mainly because of Nazi Germany’s history of media control and suppression. But Reul is calling for as much efficiency internally as that which allowed the U.S. to supply a tip. “The important thing is to know early on who is planning what,” he said.

Germany and Europe have a radical Islam problem. Reul complained that there aren’t many politicians saying anything about it or Sunday’s arrests. But many Germans share his stance and want to see the government do more to stop radical Islam. It will take a strong leader of a strong government to directly confront this rising challenge. It will take a leader who is unafraid of resurrecting former German proclivities toward power and control. And Bible prophecy says that he is on the way.

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