Second Batch of Classified Biden Documents Found

Aides to Joe Biden have found another batch of classified documents at a different location than the first, nbc News reported on January 11. There were no details about exactly who found the documents, where and when they were reported to the National Archives. After President Donald Trump’s home was raided, Biden claimed he couldn’t imagine how anyone could be so “irresponsible.” But now, he’s been proved irresponsible on at least two different occasions.

According to nbc’s report, Biden’s staff has been trawling for more classified documents since November 2 when they discovered the first batch. Biden says he had no idea that he had taken any classified documents. But the timing and the way this information has been released shows that someone did.

  • The first batch was discovered in a box Biden had labeled “personal.” Why would someone search that box, and why would Biden place classified documents in such a box?
  • There were two months between the discovery of the first batch and the announcement of its discovery. But there have been just three days between the announcement of the first and second batches.
  • After the Biden documents were discovered, but before they were announced publicly, the Washington Post downplayed the seriousness of Trump’s documents as more of an ego issue than a national security threat. Could they have known about the Biden documents?

The Department of Justice (doj) covered up for Joe Biden prior to the midterm elections. But now the floodgates are opening. Why? Is someone throwing him under the bus?

What the Trumpet said: Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry wrote in “All Roads Lead to Obama”:

No one will say it, but it is becoming more and more obvious every day. This is not Joe Biden’s first presidential term. This is Barack Obama’s third. … We are now getting a clear look at the agenda of this destructive leader. Radical leftists have taken off the mask, and God is exposing their corruption. The nation-destroying problems afflicting America are not blunders made by a senile president. They are intentional sabotage by the man who is really controlling America.

Clearly, someone other than Biden is in charge of the doj. Someone directed the timing of the release of this information that compromises only Joe Biden. Expect more revelations in the near future to show exactly why.