Warren Reinsch

Israel has a powerful and uncompromising ‘deep state,’ just like America and Britain.

How this radical Islamic alliance will reshape world events

Piracy lingers in one of the world’s important waterways.

Jordanian relationship in decline

The terrorist threat on the Red Sea continues to worsen.

Nuclear enrichment at Fordow facility resumes.

How the protests revealed Iran’s iron-fisted subjugation of Iraq.

The real threat intensifies as the United States fixates on a distraction.

Is this President Trump’s Green Movement moment?

The important trade artery is flanked by Iran-backed militias on one side and a large Iranian military base on the other.

Terrorist activity continues to threaten the existence of the Jewish State.

What began with shared anti-American and anti-Israel ideologies continues with shared missile and nuclear development programs.

Iran blatantly defies a weakening British Navy and off-loads tanker oil to Syria.

Popular Iraqi leader seeks Iranian support to overthrow Iraqi prime minister.

Oil prices surge 20 percent after attack halts 5 percent of world oil production.

Another secret nuclear facility is revealed as Iran continues to push its nuclear program forward.

The construction of a radical Islamic highway in a strategic corridor from Tehran to Jerusalem

A radical Islamist state is being born on the shores of a crucial maritime passageway.

A region with weak leadership falls prey to Hamas’s vehement desire for conquest.

Renewed interest in the Red Sea to alleviate tensions in Persian Gulf

Test run of Iran’s technological capabilities is leading to a global confrontation.

Johnson’s newly appointed pro-Israel cabinet and the fulfillment of a prophetic alliance

Building a ‘mini-Iran’ on Israel’s doorstep

Iranian-made missiles threaten regional stability.

In the event of a northern war, Hamas has agreed to open a southern front to divide Israeli forces.

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