Warren Reinsch

America’s Dwindling Power in Iraq Paves Way for Iran’s Conquest

As the U.S. conducts another drawdown in Iraq, Iran continues to push toward Jerusalem.

Iran’s prevailing persistence and political subterfuge

New reports indicate the intent of last month’s cyberattack on an Israeli water supply.

America’s failure to combat and contain terrorism

How this rising power is cementing itself as an immovable pillar in Libyan territory

Israel’s tech-reliance is its Achilles’ heel.

And Israel’s evolving security doctrine

Is Iran’s power slipping in Lebanon?

Leading Europe against radical Islamic extremism

How the Iran-backed Shiite militias are using the Islamic State to fulfill Iranian policy

How Iran is secretly using Islamic militias to conquer Libya

Rising anti-Semitism and the consequences of its gradual acceptance

Emboldened by U.S. retreat, Iran intensifies the pressure.

After four months of searching, Iraq may have finally found its new prime minister.

Is the history of the Lebanese Civil War repeating itself?

After being besieged by Iran, America consolidates troops and hands over bases.

Houthi’s request to release Hamas members is ‘straight out of the Iranian playbook.’

And its clandestine agenda

Lebanese government shuts down an already devastated economy amid global fear.

Mass panic provides a veil for the U.S. to begin its retreat from Iraq.

Iran’s temporary chastening and America’s retreat

Was the attack due to warming ties with Israel?

Europe’s migrant crisis just got a whole lot worse.

Half measures, fake peace and a giant in retreat

How long will this temporary Arab-Israeli alliance last?

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