Warren Reinsch

Netanyahu Exposes Iran’s Nuclear Facade

Another secret nuclear facility is revealed as Iran continues to push its nuclear program forward.

The construction of a radical Islamic highway in a strategic corridor from Tehran to Jerusalem

A radical Islamist state is being born on the shores of a crucial maritime passageway.

A region with weak leadership falls prey to Hamas’s vehement desire for conquest.

Renewed interest in the Red Sea to alleviate tensions in Persian Gulf

Test run of Iran’s technological capabilities is leading to a global confrontation.

Johnson’s newly appointed pro-Israel cabinet and the fulfillment of a prophetic alliance

Building a ‘mini-Iran’ on Israel’s doorstep

Iranian-made missiles threaten regional stability.

In the event of a northern war, Hamas has agreed to open a southern front to divide Israeli forces.

Missile threat spurs Israel to open a new front against Iran.

Popular Mobilization Units to fully integrate with the Iraqi Armed Forces

Nuclear program again pushes toward ‘breakout’ stage and nuclear Armageddon.

Iran-backed Houthi rebels conduct five attacks against Saudi Arabia.

An ‘unbreakable spiritual connection’ binds the two nations closer together militarily.

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units are the key in Iran’s plan to drive the United States out of Iraq.

America’s broken will in Afghanistan

German foreign minister publicly endorses expanding Germany’s mission in Syria to potentially replace the U.S.

Suffering from U.S. sanctions, Lebanese terrorist group scrambles for more funding.

A clear sign America is not welcome in Iraq

Attacks target Saudi Arabia’s primary and backup methods for exporting oil.

Both sides are shifting from concession to confrontation.

An ancient Babylonian clay prism confirms two biblical kings and the accuracy of the Bible narrative.

Trump administration seeks to drive a wedge between Hezbollah and its financial sponsor, Iran.

Salami’s appointment highlights Iran’s maniacal dedication to Israel’s destruction.

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