Warren Reinsch

EU Sanctions Iranian Intelligence Agency

European Union hardens its position against Iran after discovering terror plots.

With Palestinians refusing to work with the U.S., could a new peacemaker step in?

Aircraft, warships, naval maneuvers and amphibious landings as U.S. carrier enters Persian Gulf

Threatened by Hezbollah, Iran and Iraqi militias, where will Israel turn?

Yemenis cling to any hope of ending their civil war, but Iran has a long history of working around ceasefires.

Nearly 90 percent of European Jews says that anti-Semitism has increased in their country over the past five years.

Iranian missiles can now reach parts of Europe and carry multiple warheads.

Navy enhancement comes amid increasing tension with the United States and Europe.

Iran’s persistence in state-sponsored terrorism

‘A central, ongoing figure in the nuclear weapons program’ for decades is current Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Hamas sleeper cells in West Bank pose significant threat to Israel.

Are we six months away from a nuclear Iran?

Rekindled violence in Syria causes Europe to act.

Are we witnessing a shift in the balance of power in the Middle East?

Shiite Iran is willing to support Wahhabi al-Shabaab for the sake of Islamic terror.

Recent ballistic missile strikes in Syria and Iraq indicate increased Iranian aggression.

Israeli prime minister delivers powerful remarks to a pacifist audience.

Fateh-110 ballistic missile strike reveals a dangerous new level of precision.

The Shin Bet’s bust of Hamas operatives in Hebron reveals a much deeper problem in the region.

Inner conflicts among Fatah officials could provide Hamas an opportunity to establish a foothold in the West Bank.

UN secretary general calls for international force to keep peace between Israel and Palestinians.