Warren Reinsch

How Iran is being forced out of Syria

UN peacekeepers fail to see that the real cause behind the conflict is Iran.

Rare First Temple period seal impression provides first proof of one of King Josiah’s aides.

The push for aerial supremacy is an expression of Iran’s desire to conquer Jerusalem.

Will radical Islamists grab power in Algeria?

Large-scale naval drills threaten the Strait of Hormuz.

Economic ties with China keep Iran’s economy afloat.

Advanced Iranian weapons systems pose a major risk to maritime trade.

In Iraq’s divided parliament, the two opposing sides can agree on one thing.

Is recent Iraqi history repeating itself in Yemen?

Israel’s technological strength is also its weakness.

Iranian general: ‘New reality of Iran’s missile might: There are no obstacles.’

Saudi Arabia responds to Iran’s aggressive ballistic missile development.

Iranian aggression and Israeli air strikes force the issue for Syria.

As America withdraws from Syria, Europe is forced to take action.

Iran’s nuclear boss: ‘Preliminary activities for designing modern 20 percent enriched uranium fuel have begun.’

A demonstration of Iran’s attempt to revive its imperial Persian greatness

Is a common enemy enough to unite these divided nations?

European Union hardens its position against Iran after discovering terror plots.

With Palestinians refusing to work with the U.S., could a new peacemaker step in?

Aircraft, warships, naval maneuvers and amphibious landings as U.S. carrier enters Persian Gulf

Threatened by Hezbollah, Iran and Iraqi militias, where will Israel turn?

Yemenis cling to any hope of ending their civil war, but Iran has a long history of working around ceasefires.

Nearly 90 percent of European Jews says that anti-Semitism has increased in their country over the past five years.

Iranian missiles can now reach parts of Europe and carry multiple warheads.

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