Warren Reinsch

Half measures, fake peace and a giant in retreat

How long will this temporary Arab-Israeli alliance last?

A ‘historical pattern’ of weapons transfers to Yemen

Where will Turkey turn for help?

Bennett vows to ‘increase the strikes’ for ‘driving Iran out of Syria.’

The ‘Cushitic Alliance’ and the Horn of Africa in prophecy

Iran pushes Europe to unite.

Though Suleimani and Muhandis are dead, Iran is still deeply intrenched within the Iraqi government.

New report reveals Iran’s shrouded nuclear past.

Europe’s first step in holding Iran accountable for nuclear belligerence

Israel adds another layer to its aerial defense shield.

What to expect from Ismail Qaani’s leadership

Economic resurgence of the Jewish state in the past, present and future

Iran’s ploy to control the Horn of Africa

Iran pushes to drive out U.S. military presence in Iraq.

Islamists threaten to hijack internal ethnic and religious division.

And the rising power of the Iran-backed militias

Chasing the pawn—neglecting the king

Several nations are set to embark on maritime security missions in response to Iranian aggression.

Europe urges Iran to halt production of ‘nuclear-capable ballistic missiles,’ which are ‘inconsistent’ with the nuclear deal.

Why the protests will not succeed in toppling Iran’s Islamic regime

Berlin wants to lead negotiations in Libya as Iran moves in.

Europe adopts an active role in Middle East maritime security.

The increased lethality, consistency and precision of Iran’s missile push

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