Andrew Miiller

Drug Cartels Control America’s Southern Border

Democrats want to blame the border crisis on Donald Trump, but Mexico’s president knows who is at fault.

If you think the Green New Deal is about saving the planet, you have been duped.

Throughout history, the Roman Catholic Church has fought to control nations.

An organized host is working behind the scenes to enact some radical policies.

Is it really a good idea for every American to get vaccinated?

Are greenhouse gas emissions behind America’s megadrought?

When it comes to China, Joe Biden speaks loudly and carries no stick.

What would America look like if its military split into hostile factions?

Controlling these valuable metals gives China leverage over technologies, economies and militaries.

Natural law and absolute truth exist only in a universe created by a Creator.

Farmers are acting like they can keep robbing the soil indefinitely.

‘When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall.’

When you pay more for your debt than you do for your defense, your empire falls.

What happens when computers start generating battle plans too complicated to comprehend?

Hackers around the world are looking for ways to black out the Internet, disrupt supply chains, and sow chaos.

The world’s largest telecommunications company supports slave labor abroad so it can make more money at home.

The true pedigree of today’s environmentalism is less green than red.

The current administration’s border policies are sowing seeds for disaster.

Generations of Americans have fought and died for freedom through self-government. Did we just lose it?

This socialist, globalist, papist scheme is not a conspiracy theory.

The lawsuits Dominion Voting Systems has filed against Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell could backfire.

Democrats are a day away from installing Joe Biden into the White House, yet they seem nervous.

‘The law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth.’

If central banks start issuing digital money, the dollar may face real competition as the world’s dominant currency.

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