Andrew Miiller

Revealed: Nazi Plan to Conquer Latin America

A new book exposing Nazi Germany’s plan to control Latin America should fill people with a sense of déjà vu.

Without its prism of racist rhetoric, the rainbow coalition will dissipate.

Anti-American sentiment is raging just 700 miles offshore.

Current radical liberal economic ideas are not as unprecedented as you might think.

The Vatican is using a ‘good cop, bad cop’ play in Venezuela.

Pope Francis is forging an alliance of civilizations against Iran.

Ahead of the 2020 United States presidential elections, Democrats are speaking like revolutionaries.

A foreign power that controls the Caribbean Sea could cripple the U.S. economy.

Outside geopolitical blocs have differing goals for the nation.

The Bible forecasts a time when ‘the man of war’ and ‘the captain of fifty’ will be taken away.

The world’s most powerful military has a weak spot.

The Green New Deal is not really about protecting the environment.

Computer malware attacks threaten U.S. infrastructure, personal data and military security.

Soon, America will be unable to protect its interests.

Vladimir Putin and his generals are following a blueprint laid out by a neo-fascist political scientist to replace the United States as the world superpower.

When debt payments exceed defense costs, empires fall.

Communist Black First Land First President Mngxitama to cheering crowd: ‘We’ll kill anything.’

Killing your unborn child has never been easier.

More often than not, empires fall apart when the costs of servicing their debt exceed their defense budget.

The federal government’s latest climate-change report relies on bad science to convince people that extreme weather disasters are caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

Why does the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops support illegal immigration into the U.S.?

Some blame President Trump; others, Democrats in Congress. But to understand the root cause, we must look closer to home.

Americans losing faith in the government are taking territorial security into their own hands.

Politically motivated violence rears its ugly head as the nation splits into warring tribes.

One third of Americans think a civil war is coming, but almost no one understands why it is coming.

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