Andrew Miiller

Tent Cities Spring Up Across America

Homelessness and unemployment are prophesied to get much worse.

Joe Biden is creating the most powerful surveillance state the world has ever seen.

More and more people are taking end-of-the-world scenarios seriously.

The mainstream media relies on junk science to convince people that both droughts and floods are caused by rising atmospheric carbon dioxide.

What would America look like if its military split into hostile factions?

The federal government is making housing inequality much worse.

If America cannot pay its debts with dollars, it will have to pay them in assets.

Afghanistan was falling while General Milley was defending critical race theory.

Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium educated a lot of people about election fraud.

If anti-Christian terrorists can destroy Canada’s churches, the nation’s last connection to its long history with God will be severed.

Patriots are doing the type of forensic analysis they should have done in January.

Inflation isn’t the only thing causing the price of food to increase.

The American people no longer control their own elections.

One of the greatest cover-ups in modern history is being exposed.

Government-enforced lockdowns have not been bad news for everybody.

Big government’s alliance with Big Tech has produced Big Brother.

The ‘deep state’ wants to discredit those who say lockdowns are unconstitutional.

The largest protest movement in U.S. history has been hijacked!

An orchestrated assault to overwhelm America’s political system

Despite claims to the contrary, America’s inflation crisis will get much worse.

How much are foreign powers using the drug trade to undermine America?

Is the Rainbow Nation entering phase two of a two-phase revolution?

It doesn’t take much imagination to visualize how the Biden administration could use mass surveillance as a weapon against the American people.

The Scientific American now claims it is racist to believe in Adam and Eve.

‘There is no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the United States earlier this year.’

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