Jeremiah Jacques

Russia Sends Hundreds of Teachers to Occupied Ukraine to Wage Indoctrination Campaign

‘They are part of the Russian war machine.’

A sign that Russia’s war against Ukraine will escalate

‘When nuclear-armed powers show such solidarity in wartime, what does this mean for the world? I tell you, it is woe to the world!’

If European and Asian nations keep joining the Russo-Chinese efforts to bypass the U.S. dollar, the outcome for the American economy could be catastrophic.

China’s quest to dominate vital shipping lanes in the South Pacific is accelerating.

A ‘circuitous bypass of Russian sanctions by a hypocritical Europe’

A remarkable story of destruction and revival, and a preview of a verdant future for all of Earth

‘Russia’s biggest crime is the kidnapping of Ukrainian children.’

As much of the world works to isolate Russia over its barbaric war on Ukraine, the nations of China and India are putting their soldiers shoulder-to-shoulder with Russian troops.

Sri Lanka yields to its largest bilateral creditor.

While most nations have worked to reduce purchases of Russian energy in order to punish and isolate Moscow, China and India have done just the opposite.

Its military may be called the Japan Self-Defense Force, but it rivals the size and power of the army of Great Britain—and may soon be far mightier.

‘Australia should be worried about it.’

And Vladimir Putin says he is just getting started.

Whether or not the UN caves in, the Chinese are committing egregious crimes against humanity.

The Chinese are preparing to dismantle the U.S.-led global order—the very order that enriched and empowered China more than any other nation.

Russia’s vicious war on Ukraine isn’t just a clash between two militaries. It’s a war between two worldviews.

Mr. Abe was a strong leader who loved his nation. His leadership helped many Japanese people live more stable lives and to be better prepared for turbulent times. But could he become a martyr for the cause of fully remilitarizing Japan?

‘When nuclear-armed powers show such solidarity in wartime, what does this mean for the world? I tell you, it is woe to the world!’

The barbaric attack is yet another Russian strike that intentionally killed large numbers of Ukrainian civilians.

When Hong Kong high school students begin classes in September, they’ll be learning from a new set of textbooks that teach blatant lies in order to turn them into blindly loyal Chinese nationalists.

Some Westerners have been optimistic that China would make the ‘economically sound’ decision to move away from war-waging Russia to prevent jeopardizing trade with the United States and Europe. Xi Jinping’s call to Vladimir Putin shows that optimism was misplaced.

The vulnerability of some of the U.S.’s most vital shipping lanes should be sounding alarm bells in Washington.

The PLA’s establishment of a naval base in Cambodia represents a key victory for China and a considerable loss for the United States.

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