Jeremiah Jacques

Ten Years After Russia Invaded Georgia, It Keeps Taking More Territory

Russia’s invasion of the former Soviet nation was not an anomaly: It is becoming the norm.

‘All of this is reminiscent of a gradual return to the ussr.’

Should the world surrender the South China Sea to China? History teaches that appeasing expansionist powers does not bring lasting peace. Prophecy shows that this time will be no different.

Advanced weaponry sale indicates increased cooperation between the Russian and Chinese militaries.

Why would a ‘pacifist’ nation need to amass so much nuclear material?

American, Delta and United amend their websites to obey China’s demands about how they should refer to Taiwan.

Growing influence in the region helps China accelerate its Belt and Road Initiative.

It is vital to watch Europe’s response to Russia’s rising military might.

The Crimean Bridge stands as a glaring indication of how meaningless international law has become in this era of declining American power and rapidly rising authoritarianism.

China poses ‘a threat many times greater’ than North Korea—and benefits from North Korea’s unpredictability.

These lands are your lands. And they can help you learn precious truths.

‘China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States.’

North Korea’s history of broken promises should temper the optimism.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s latest meeting is leading to a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

First-of-its-kind 3-D footage shows cells moving in vivo.

Today’s meeting between Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi could bring the world’s two most populated countries much closer together.

‘The North Korea crisis is a massive distraction from the real threat posed by China and Russia.’

The international stage is set for the strongman to lead Russia in an even more aggressive direction.

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