Jeremiah Jacques

Chinese Theft of American Trade Secrets Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

Many experts are coming to see how serious China’s ongoing assault on the U.S. is. But there is something far more momentous about China’s theft of American intellectual property that very few onlookers recognize.

‘The pace of expansion has been explosive’ for China’s new yuan-denominated oil futures contract.

More evidence that Russian aggression is pushing the world into ‘a dangerous new era.’

China’s intellectual property thefts cost the United States up to $600 billion each year. That’s $1,870 for every man, woman and child in America.

A tiny Chinese microchip may have infiltrated numerous American governmental and military systems, giving insight into how several specific Bible prophecies could come to pass.

The regional rivals are laying aside their differences to build the biblically prophesied ‘mart of nations.’

Russia’s cyberassault gives insight into how a specific Bible prophecy could soon come to pass.

Former strongman and new Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is a Chinese ally.

Recent statements show these two nations share an increasingly similar worldview—one that sees war in our future.

Famine is happening now, and it’s about to get worse—and not because of environmental disasters or overpopulation.

How long before the territory is fully assimilated into the authoritarian mainland?

‘These disagreements have brought thorny issues over the shape and size of the U.S.-South Korea alliance back to the surface.’

New satellite imagery shows Russia is readying for war in the heart of Europe. How will European nations respond?

‘Shockwaves throughout the U.S. military and the American defense industry’

The next wave of mass famines will be the most destructive of all time.

China hopes diplomatic efforts will neutralize India’s resistance to the Belt and Road Initiative, but it has a backup plan.

As China’s navy closes the gap on the United States, it is ‘steering the world toward war.’

More proof that the Hong Kong handover was a colossal loss for Great Britain, and a massive gain for China

An inspiring lesson from refusing to compromise with evil

Fissures deepen in the India-U.S. partnership.

The world ‘must take action to prevent a global catastrophe before it is too late.’

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