Jeremiah Jacques

Congratulations, Beijing. The South China Sea Is Now Yours.

China’s dominance of this strategic sea gate is effectively complete.

With India now a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia may soon be calling more of the shots.

Will the two powerhouse nations soon enter into a formal alliance?

Though unintentionally, North Korea is greatly aiding China’s drive to dominate the South China Sea.

Analysts say the frictions are raising the specter of nuclear war.

Whether influencing Syria, walking the Palestinian-Israel tightrope, or balancing the Iran-Saudi Arabia rivalry, China’s neutrality places it in a unique position in the Middle East.

The incident comes during a time of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The change in leadership may lead to a clash between South Korea and the United States.

The launch signals China’s increasing military might and its determination to safeguard its territorial claims.

Cambodia is among the latest of several Asian nations to switch partnerships from America to China.

After the U.S.’s unsuccessful pivot to counter China, many of America’s allies feel forced to reorient themselves alongside Beijing.

Normally when a person is hated, he hates right back. Not Daryl Davis.

The latest bold move by Vladimir Putin to rebuild the Soviet empire.

‘The tension over the disputed territory in the South China Sea is about to escalate to another level.’