Jeremiah Jacques

War Crime: Russian Missiles Strike Shopping Mall With 1,000 People Inside

The barbaric attack is yet another Russian strike that intentionally killed large numbers of Ukrainian civilians.

When Hong Kong high school students begin classes in September, they’ll be learning from a new set of textbooks that teach blatant lies in order to turn them into blindly loyal Chinese nationalists.

Some Westerners have been optimistic that China would make the ‘economically sound’ decision to move away from war-waging Russia to prevent jeopardizing trade with the United States and Europe. Xi Jinping’s call to Vladimir Putin shows that optimism was misplaced.

The vulnerability of some of the U.S.’s most vital shipping lanes should be sounding alarm bells in Washington.

The PLA’s establishment of a naval base in Cambodia represents a key victory for China and a considerable loss for the United States.

‘A seminal moment in China’s ongoing modernization efforts and a symbol of the country’s growing military might’

One third of Ukraine’s prewar population have fled their homes.

‘Like putting a serial rapist in charge of a women’s shelter.’

A century after the formation of the Soviet Union, Belarus has again been absorbed into a Russian empire

Russia’s vicious war on Ukraine isn’t just a clash between two militaries. It’s a war between two worldviews.

China and India are supporting an invasion that is unleashing staggering suffering on millions of people.

As Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine rages, he has not forgotten other former Soviet republics.

The eyes of the world are focused on the dictator’s savagery against Ukraine. But a brutal crackdown is underway on the home front.

The move furthers China’s quest to dominate vital shipping lanes in the South Pacific.

The eyes of the world are focused on the dictator’s savage war against Ukraine. But at the same time, a brutal crackdown is underway back home that has chilling echoes of Russia’s past.

To achieve anything less than a decisive victory would be a humiliating loss of face.

The Russian strongman takes a swipe at the United States-led global order.

Vladimir Putin is making gains in bringing former Soviet nations back under Russian control.

The Trumpet’s editor in chief prophesied in 2008 that Russia’s strongman would reforge a superpower.

And there’s little reason to expect Russian forces to ever leave.

‘Not a small development’

Some of the Bible’s most inspiring passages tell us that it is coming soon to a desert near you!

‘It is going to happen for one reason: because of a pitifully weak-willed America.’

‘Not a small development’

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