Jeremiah Jacques

Will China’s Coronavirus Make Vladimir Putin King of the East?

The expanding pandemic is the worst crisis the Chinese Communist Party has faced since 1989. It could work toward shifting the global power balance in a way that the Trumpet has been expecting.

What happens when one man attains absolute power over hundreds of millions?

Scripture shows that the pale horseman is not finished riding.

The global situation is ‘profoundly unstable.’

The development takes on great significance when viewed through the lens of Bible prophecy.

Putin is deliberately weakening presidential powers—just in time for him to step into another more influential office.

China is gaining more power over one of the world’s most important maritime choke points.

‘Implications of a takeover would be grave.’

‘China’s maritime transformation’ is one of this century’s ‘most significant events.’

The development ‘heralds a new era in international trade.’

This mammoth energy deal is only the latest sign of rapidly deepening Russia-China ties that are reorienting 21st-century geopolitics.

Will this enable Vladimir Putin to stay in power after his presidential term ends?

China is eager to take America’s place.

The People’s Liberation Army has long been viewed as a paper tiger; those days are over.

Just as Herbert W. Armstrong forecast

Russian submarines are rehearsing tactics that could ‘wreak havoc’ on their enemies.

‘This seems to be the new normal in California.’

The Land of the Morning Calm has intensifying impetus to build the bomb.

Another step in Japan’s quiet march toward remilitarization

‘The message since 2018 is that Japan was kind of the punching bag.’

The agreement will add yet another weld bead to the bond that joins these two Asian behemoths together.

‘We could lose the next war before we even begin.’

China and Russia are pulling levers from behind the scenes to accomplish a strategic goal.

How much is freedom worth?

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