Timothy Oostendarp

Growing Signs of Treachery in Israel

While God’s presence is no longer with the House of Windsor or the new King, He is still working hard to shine a glorious light of hope to this world.

The growing assault on children

Why the progressive agenda is not new and not progressive

Here is one reason.

Trudeau’s ‘deep state’ spy apparatus has surfaced. If the prime minister’s drive for absolute power succeeds, Canadians need only look to the U.S. to see what comes next.

Justin Trudeau has dismantled the nation’s democracy. Its descent into tyranny contains a critical warning.

Canada’s new speech bills are cudgels of intolerance.

The president lays out his concerns over the coronavirus economic lockdown and begins to set the battle array to reboot the national economy.

Here is what you can do right now.

Could covid-19 be a novel breed of a deadly Franken-gene?

Canada’s prime minister channels funds away from the auditor general and prevents scrutiny of his administration.

Eighteen years after Bush v. Gore, the American election system is once again under attack.

There is a cause that most people ignore.

The barbaric Islamic State regime marauding through Syria and Iraq has gained the Vatican’s full attention.

Are Russia and China really interested in a multipolar world?

Waging war from 50,000 feet by remote control is cleaner—but does it make us safer?

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