German Spy Caper Will Shake World


German Spy Caper Will Shake World

Fresh revelations of ongoing United States’ spying on Germany’s leadership have left the German leaders and people furious. It is at the point of becoming a game-changing event in German-U.S. relations.

In an article titled “The German-American Breakup,” the Los Angeles Times wrote, “[W]ith the fresh revelation that the cia recruited an intelligence official as a spy, and the possibility of a second spy in the Defense Ministry, the fury is reaching a tipping point. U.S. Ambassador John B. Emerson was called on the carpet by the German Foreign Office on July 4 about the first incident. On Thursday, Germany ordered the cia station chief in Berlin to leave” (July 10; emphasis added throughout).

This is the type of embarrassing diplomatic reprisal reserved for rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea—not for the world’s supposed superpower.

America had already been caught red-handed in Germany’s cookie jar when it was revealed that American spies had tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone. That had already caused an unsettling stir in the halls of German power, casting a pall over German-U.S. relations. This latest unfolding row may soon prove to be U.S. President Barack Obama’s most catastrophic foreign policy fumble.

As the L.A. Times astutely states, the upshot is “Konrad Adenauer emphasized that Germany had to end its tradition of trying to maneuver between East and West as an independent power. Instead, it had to bind itself to the West, economically and militarily. Only Washington could guarantee a free and democratic West Germany. But it is precisely this tradition that is coming to an end as Germany begins to act on what it perceives as its new national interests.

People don’t like to talk about God, but He is orchestrating all these events to unhinge Germany from America for a special purpose. The question is, where will this lead Europe and the world?

In the November-December 1954 Plain Truth, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote, “Germany inevitably [will] emerge as the leader of a united Europe. It will require some spiritual binding force to inspire this confidence—to remove these fears—and that spiritual binding force must arise from inside Europe!”

This is happening right now.

After World War ii, Konrad Adenauer understood—and principally agreed with Winston Churchill and others—that if the world was ever going to stop Germany’s ever-simmering war-making impulses, it had to be bound to the same West it tried to conquer in two bloody world wars. Thus, the forerunner to the European Union was born. In reality, it has only proved to be a fragmented socioeconomic and political basket case stealthily dominated by Germany. However, European disunity and German war guilt had made the whole empire toothless and hollow. But this is rapidly changing.

As Mr. Armstrong explained, Germany’s final rise to power would be a two-step process: First, it would need to be set adrift from America’s orbit and wedged into its historical position between the West and the East—an agitating and public fear-inducing position. Second, it would need to be infused with a hubris from an outside source—the Vatican. The first step is unfolding before our eyes.

Yet the world slumbers.

However, another side of this story also requires attention. Despite America’s left-footed handling of spying in Germany, it is important to remember that spying is common: Revelations of spying activity should not shock any world leader. After America was first caught with its ear to Merkel’s phone, former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodore zu Guttenberg, close adviser to the chancellor, said “everyone does it.” Indeed, but if you get caught, repercussions can be titanic. Real game-changing risks are involved.

The question becomes, why has America decided to throw caution to the wind and hazard the risks after already being caught and called out?

After the first revelation of America’s spying on Germany, President Obama said everyone should know the U.S. is not spying on those “who don’t threaten our national security, and that we take their privacy concerns into account in our policies and procedures” (cnsnews Online, July 11). Yet the invasive (and albeit sloppy) spying continued. What does that say?

It says a lot to Germany’s leaders—and has set their teeth on edge. That is why they sent a chilling message to the White House by kicking the cia station chief in Berlin out of the country. It also should say something to our readers. America continued spying because it doesn’t like what Germany is doing behind the scenes. What do these U.S. spies see happening? Exactly what the Plain Truth and Trumpet have been proclaiming for nearly 80 years!

The Los Angeles Times article continues: “Already Germany is much more sympathetic to Russia than the United States. Schröder, the former chancellor, serves on the board of Gazprom and is a buddy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Another former chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, said that it was ‘entirely understandable’ that Putin would annex Crimea. What’s more, German business interests dictate that Berlin seek to maintain a friendly stance toward Moscow.”

American spies can see a secret partnership between Germany and Russia; it must be deeply troubling to them. A search of archives will produce many articles explaining that Germany and Russia have already formed a secret pact marking the lines between both emerging empires. That partnership is at the root of each nation’s behavior and decisions.

American spies can see the ties of these two empires emerging, but what is happening in Germany is the most concerning: A rival of unprecedented proportion is rising fast. Pragmatic, serious thinkers in powerful U.S. positions can see America is on the way down. Wouldn’t these people naturally want to protect their country—their families—from real threats? Time is running out for America and these spies can see it! If we could speak to any of these spies, they would surely say we don’t know half the story. They live closer to the reality of unfolding prophecy than most.

Yet the world slumbers.

This latest U.S. spy scandal will shake Germany from America’s orbit—then it will shake the world. Once fully unhinged from America, watch for the Vatican to seize its opportunity to finally bind Germany and Europe to itself, and proceed to infuse Germany with a confidence prophesied to violently shake the world. To learn more about these prophecies, read He Was Right.

We cannot afford to slumber.