From Feminism to Transsexualism

Activists and supporters rally in support of transgender rights.
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From Feminism to Transsexualism

Why the progressive agenda is not new and not progressive

Everybody today seems to be going woke. It is a revolution that began with feminism and has now morphed into transsexualism.

People can’t keep up. The world they once knew has vanished before them. A far eviler world has emerged.

Each new day brings fresh allegations of racism and oppression. Math is racist. Exercise is a construct of white supremacy. Drag shows for children are occurring in nearly every city.

Woke elites have captured our culture and politics, and their radical transformative agenda now dominates the news, the big screen, music, the classroom, the boardroom and the chambers of government. Transsexualism has gone from a fringe perversion to being pushed as a desirable lifestyle. Transsexuals have been promoted to powerful positions of authority in society.

We are living through mankind’s most transformative revolution ever. Transsexualism’s burst to mainstream acclaim signals society’s shocking moral collapse. Unless something dramatically changes, violence will follow. History will come to define this time as an epoch, a notable change in the normal ebb of history. It will be written as the end of man’s berserk civilization.

This dizzying downward trend is no accident. There is an organizing mind behind it all. And while this seditious revolution is packaged as progressive and enlightened, its tactics and methods trace back to civilization’s first recorded lie.

At the core of these trends is a spiritual agenda to blot out the name of physical and spiritual Israel (read America Under Attack to understand). The majority never would have accepted this radical revolution by open means, so for the last few decades, it progressed by deceptive means—destruction upon deconstruction. The revolt is now well out in the open and in its final accelerated stages. God is exposing everything to those willing to see.

Reimagining According to Will

Elite radical progressives in academia, politics and the media are at war with the fundamental pillars of society, bedrock foundations that stabilized society for thousands of years and brought a certain peace and stability to the world. They despise the Bible and the biblical foundations of family. They view biblical morality as depraved and their new progressive values as enlightened. They preach poisonous and perverted ideas about freedom and equality; they are counterfeiting true freedom.

Language is their main currency. They use language to control public discourse and to force cultural and policy surrender to their degenerate agenda. Those who won’t fall in line or dare to stand up to them are intimidated into submission or canceled. A lexicon of woke language has invaded every strata of society. One now needs a “woketionary” to keep up with the squads of pronouns and other oddball words. Fringe words like binary, cisgender, heteronormative and transsexual have broken the bounds of perverted academic and philosophical thought, revolutionizing our society in the process.

They are stirring up controversy and provoking a systemic collapse. They believe a new, progressive society will emerge from the ensuing ashes.

Revolution is the whole point, so the current chaos is unavoidable. They provoke it and find the suffering gratifying. They view pain within certain classes of society as a sign that their agenda of fundamental transformation is working.

This malevolent power has been allowed to grow to the point that they are quite literally reimagining the future according to their will.

How did we get here?

Social Constructs

German academics have led the way. Since the 1800s, they have been proclaiming new, progressive, enlightenment that has wormed its way into America, Britain and its Commonwealth countries.

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is most famous. To embrace this poison is to be awakened—to be “woke.

These so-called thought leaders accused society of being organized as a vast social construct. The straight white male is accused of being the ringleader of a vast conspiracy to oppress and marginalize women, homosexuals and other groups.

This trend started with “women’s liberation.” The traditional role of wife and mother has come to be considered an evil social construct. Now, marriage is slavery. Pregnancy is oppressive, imprisoning women in servitude. Sleeping around and abortion are sophisticated. Enlightened women emancipate themselves from these strictures, and supposedly then enjoy a new blissful state of existence.

Bulwark societal structures like the nuclear family, education and law are relentlessly accused of being oppressive and racist. Masculinity is criticized as being a toxic social construct to perpetuate a man’s hold over women and society. Fatherhood is smeared as a great evil. Biblical fatherhood and motherhood have been all but demolished. Family has been redefined.

With the dam broken, gender deconstruction followed. Nothing is off limits. The immutable truth of male and female is now a repressive abstraction. The body, with its biological reality—the absolute reality of male and female determined by chromosomes and genitals—is also reduced to a social construct and, consequently, an oppressive entombment. Consciousness is trapped in the wrong body. Through wrong sex-consciousness, the body and its genitals are viewed as shameful and nasty—to the point that people are mutilating or amputating them. Freedom from this prison is obtained by breaking free from the social constructs of sex anatomy and from the social construct of male and female.

Targeting the Children

Kindergarten-age children are taught that gender is a construct, that sex anatomy is irrelevant, that consciousness can be either male or female or anything in between. For transsexuals, the human body is a prison from which surgery, puberty-blocking drugs and hormone therapy can help them escape.

Children are being groomed into destructive lifestyles before they are 6 years old. More and more children are declaring themselves transsexual or suffering from gender dysmorphia (self-hatred) or gender dysphoria—unsure if they are a boy or a girl.

Deceived educators are shaping a sexual nature within these children so that when their hormones finally do kick in, the direction has already been supplied. It is diabolical evil. The spirit of fornication is everywhere.

One National Institutes of Health study polled transsexuals about when they had their first thoughts of gender dysphoria. The average reported age was approximately 6 or 7 years old. The Daily Mail recently reported that 32 percent of Australian youths ages 15 to 24 identify as lgbtq.

This is a titanic shift and more proof that sex perverts are not born, they are made. How many children under 15 identify as transsexual or lgbtq? We shall soon find out. Much of this information is being hid from the public—and from the parents.

One recent example is California passing transsexual refuge laws. These laws are worded to protect minor children seeking refuge from parents or guardians opposed to transsexualism and gender surgery. Nineteen other states are said to be considering passing similar legislation.

Teachers and school boards are also hiding from parents when their own children come out as transgender. They are actively nurturing transgenderism under a curtain of darkness.

What does God think of all this?

One Big Lie

From communism to feminism to transsexualism, the big lie is the same. Society and its institutions are a repressive social construct that benefit someone other than you. You are oppressed, repressed and enslaved.

To deconstruct these institutions, radicals have engaged in a spirit of accusation and criticism, relentlessly smearing their opponents to bring them into disrepute. They despise government, authority and law.

These dreamers and philosophers profess to have secret knowledge that enlightens and saves. One need only accept this new knowledge to emancipate yourself from these constructs and finally be free. Society can be reimagined according to will.

It is all a big lie. It causes feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, emptiness, futility and violence. It leads away from God and from law, and into vain reasonings, sensuality and perverted sexual lifestyles—and toward destruction.

Another National Institutes of Health study found that 8 out of 10 transsexuals will consider killing themselves and 4 out of 10 will attempt it. Suicide rates are highest among transgender youth. Yet K through 12 educators are relentlessly pushing impressionable children into this lifestyle. Children are literally being pushed into suicide. That is the plain truth.

The First Recorded Accusation

The evidence of damnable evil is all around us. And these destructive trends have a remarkable connection to its first three chapters.

While these chapters are a summary of what happened, they reveal that what is now happening began in the Garden of Eden, and they also reveal the hope-filled conclusion.

In Genesis 3, Satan approached Eve. This was after Adam and Eve were created, male and female, and after they were united in holy matrimony—becoming the first human family.

While Satan could not very well question God’s existence—because Eve had seen and talked with God—he accused God of lying to her. Subtly and with great cunning, Satan criticized and smeared God. He created doubt. Satan accused God of oppressing her freedom in a fake construct. He offered Eve new enlightenment. He proposed a different path to freedom.

Although the human spirit God had put into Eve to give her mind power was not immortal, Satan lied to Eve and said she was an immortal soul entombed in a filthy, nasty body. He perverted her self-consciousness and her sex-consciousness. His thinking injected a sense of guilt and shame in her over her body and her genitals.

To break free of her “oppressor,” Eve only needed to accept this new knowledge. All she had to do was use her human reasoning to will this new knowledge into reality.

Does this look familiar?

Satan told her that she was a god already, imprisoned in a human body. Eve was deceived, and Adam rebelled. At the behest of Satan, Adam and Eve reimagined their world. This present evil world was the tragic result.

Satan has used false religion and secular philosophy to counterfeit God’s essential truths and to reimagine society in his evil and perverted image. He creates by counterfeiting and by deceiving the whole world (Revelation 12:9). He wants to destroy God’s truth that mankind can be converted and enter God’s Family through the human family and the church family. Satan is the chief organizing mind behind man’s enslavement and oppression.

The good news is, God will shortly send Jesus Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. All the evil and depravity, with its prophesied worldwide violence, will soon give way to a world of peace and happiness built on the foundational structures of God’s government and law—and the human family.

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