Canadians Go to the Polls: What’s Next for Canada?

From left: Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet, Green Party leader Annamie Paul, Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, ndp leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole pose for an official photo before the federal election English-language leaders debate in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

Canadians Go to the Polls: What’s Next for Canada?

Canadians will go to the polls on Monday, September 20. As it stands, the polls are tightening, as they always do when power is at play and public opinion can still be swayed. Yet polls are about as helpful as a stiff breeze at the beach. We must look at fruits.

The ruling liberals under Justin Trudeau faltered out of the gate; and the would-be aspirants for power, the Conservative Party under Erin O’Toole, hope to dethrone the woke Liberal government and usher in a progressive agenda. As the liberals are moving at light speed into a form of tyrannical dictatorship, the Conservative Party is touting a platform not too dissimilar to the Liberals, just moving more slowly.

Then there is the New Democratic Party (ndp), appealing to young hipsters and the rigid and woke far-left, producing slick TikTok videos; the party is led by Jaghmeet Singh. The ndp have played the Liberal paramour in the latest dissolved government and haven’t seen a state power grab they haven’t liked.

Closing in on the ndp is a relatively new party, the People’s Party of Canada. Its founder, former conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier, has championed a platform of fairness, respect and individual freedom.

Bernier, however, was blocked from appearing in the national debates where the established parties differed by degree on substance. As the debate was being planned, news leaked that it was not to include one foreign-policy question. The Conservative Party has touted its humane agenda toward animals; meanwhile, Canadians remain stranded in Afghanistan. This is unserious leadership. It paints an extremely dangerous picture for the nation.

Bernier has largely been ignored by the established media except for the odd hit pieces accusing his party of white supremacy and anti-immigration views—something Bernier denies by pointing to his diverse field of candidates and his parties’ published platform that Canadians are free to read online. Notably, Bernier has planted himself firmly on the side of freedom and body autonomy from overshadowing state encroachment on Canada’s long-standing enshrined rights. About 20 percent of Canadians are unvaccinated; so his pool of voters represents perhaps millions of potential votes, plus any potential voters disenfranchised by the other main parties.

Trailing behind these parties are the Bloc Quebecois, a party dedicated to the breakup of Canada; one that mainly appeals to Quebec nationalists. The Green Party of Canada now needs a strong set of binoculars to even see who’s in the lead. It has been struggling with infighting over outbreaks of anti-Semitism in the party, and it has also had its platform pilfered by the liberals, who tweaked their own platform to suck up as many Green votes as possible.

Consequently, as Canadians prepare to go to the polls Monday night, they are faced with four choices: radical communism, led by the Liberals, ndp and Green Party; socialism, from the Conservative Party of Canada; a party dedicated to destroying Canada, Bloc Quebecois; and an ostracized party, smeared for its traditional views on freedom and individual rights and struggling to establish itself, the People’s Party of Canada.

How the actual voting turns out is anybody’s guess; unless the election is tampered with, as certain evidence suggests could be happening.

On the campaign trail, Justin Trudeau has presented a dark picture for the future of Canada. He has referred to the unvaccinated as “those people”; he has said his government will not allow the unvaccinated on planes and trains; he has suggested he believes the rights of the unvaccinated are second tier to the vaccinated. He openly said unvaccinated adults and their children threaten other Canadians. Other members of the Liberal Party have joined him.

Canadians who are paying attention are aware of the deep hostility within the Liberal government to the rule of law and the fundamental rights enshrined by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are sitting on the most radical agenda in Canadian history, and most of that agenda is still not fully understood. The first and most important job is to obtain the power needed to continue to transform Canada from a Western democracy to resembling a kind of medieval despotism, led with a Salem-witch-trial-like atmosphere for the nonconformists.

Not only are Trudeau’s comments morally wrong, and scientifically and factually incorrect on a few levels, they are deeply troubling and point to an evil spirit at work. He is working hard, along with bought-and-paid media, to continue enforcing his policies and vision for Canada. There is a great deal of manipulation going on that erodes the will of the people and centralizes power into the hands of the very few.

He is suggesting that he is the only leader prepared to give Canadians what they want. This despite the fact the last election saw his government rejected by two thirds of the electorate. He only speaks for himself and holds a minority opinion. But he has the media and corporations on his side.

A true democracy is dependent on a plurality of consensus of voters to establish approximate consent; now mail-in-voting, along with media campaigns that aggressively work to manufacture consensus on behalf of the government, is damaging the fabric of the historical and organized system of Canadian power.

Should the Liberals take power, it would plunge Canada into a much darker, intolerant age, where individual rights are trampled on and displaced under the guise of safety for the public. Already Canadian corporations that form the typical Liberal corporate constituency and are now dependent on government largesse are bearing down on the unvaccinated, threatening dismissal and other punitive actions for noncompliance to woke vaccination rulings.

The power that was purposely divided across parliamentary institutions to protect the people and their rights is now rapidly being gathered into just a few hands. For those who know history, a deeply troubling picture is forming.

A Liberal win on election night will shake the economy and the nation. One astute reporter recently asked Trudeau why there has been a corresponding rise in hate statistics that parallels his years as prime minister. Trudeau, caught flat-footed, all but doubled-down on his view that he was standing up for what he views is right. But as the reporter noted, what Trudeau views as right is being proved materially wrong. Hate and division are on the rise, and there is a correlation to his government.

Regardless of what happens on September 20, what is most important is God will allow. Scripture tells us God rules in the kingdom of men and sets over nations men and women of His choosing.

Consider some incredible truth revealed in Herbert W. Armstrong’s The United States and Britain in Prophecy (we’ll send you a free copy upon request). Modern-day Israel descended from Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Mannaseh. They were given a spectacular birthright promise from God (Genesis 35:11). Ephraim would become a company of nations—or an empire spanning the world; Mannaseh would become one great, all-powerful nation. The United States and the British Empire (which includes Canada) are the modern-day descendants of Manasseh and Ephraim, respectively.

They, along with the tiny modern nation of Israel (which is the tribe of Judah mixed with Benjamin, Simeon and Levi), are under systematic attack today. This attack is spiritual in nature (for more information request America Under Attack and Great Again, by Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry).

Mr. Flurry has proved that God says He will not blot out the name of Israel (2 Kings 14:27). God, not haughty men and women, controls the rate and pace of correction needed. He may allow evil people to be a rod of correction, but this happens when the people no longer self-correct or even know how.

God is watching what is happening in Canada. He sees everything. He knows the plight of the people, the rapid rise of inflation, the perversion of justice, the intolerance of corporations toward fundamental rights, leaders creating a fundamentally prejudiced and hostile two-tier society. God sees the profligate spending. He sees the stealing, the lying and the cheating. He sees the sin. He sees that the nation is being conquered by an evil spirit. God wrote it down in the Bible and made it available to us to understand.

Will God continue to allow leaders to strip Canada down, to vex and stomp on the people? God will only allow what is good for the people; and much good has always been pulled out of the jaws of evil. Both secular and Bible history show that sometimes that is the only path to a righteous regeneration of the character of the people.

Who will win Canada’s election? God knows. His will is sure. Meanwhile, just as Canadians go to the polls, God is prophesying about a totally new government of a different and far greater sort. And everyone who responds to God is invited to be a part of it. He is preparing a new government to right every wrong and bring lasting peace to the world.

The timing couldn’t be more emblematic, as we are all learning to stop looking to men to fix problems only God can solve.

Read Great Again and America Under Attack for more information on what lies just ahead for the nations of Israel. Also see the Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like to understand why we can have so much hope in the face of mounting troubles.