Unmasking Spy Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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Unmasking Spy Minister Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s ‘deep state’ spy apparatus has surfaced. If the prime minister’s drive for absolute power succeeds, Canadians need only look to the U.S. to see what comes next.

For many outside observers, Canada’s parliamentary democracy is on a death watch. Now the patient has taken a serious turn for the worse: Members of Parliament are being spied on by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rcmp). The implications are alarming.

Does the country understand what is happening? Will its people stop and think about the curses pressing the nation? The nation is being torn apart and is in a lawless free fall.

This story should be front-page news across the country, but just a handful of media outlets have bothered to write about it. The weak and reckless media is a curse—it won’t hold the government to account and it has helped put the nation to sleep.

The real conspiracy is unfolding under this scandal. It reveals who is actually responsible for spying on the members of Parliament and why.

Canada is being rapidly transformed into an oppressive police state where the government and its spy apparatus have absolute power to destroy—a path first blazed by Barack Obama in the United States. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is following in Obama’s footsteps. The result will also be national affliction.

Shaking Foundations

Parliamentarians were shaken by the news. Conservative M.P. Martin Shields explained: “The Ethics committee met to investigate the use of [Pegasus-like] spyware by the rcmp, but the meetings revealed more staggering information such as the increasing use of spyware by all agencies like csis [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] and cse [Communications Security Establishment], and the monitoring of elected officials. This must be investigated fully” (emphasis added throughout).

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police with csis and the cse form the bulk of Canada’s spy apparatus. By having a part in appointing each agency head, Trudeau has made sure each agency fulfills its missions in line with his views—like framing opposition to his government as being anti-authoritarian and domestic right-wing ideological terror.

Trudeau has taken this big lie from Barack Obama, who is using it to turn the U.S. into a tyrannical police state.

The rcmp focuses on national and federal policing, csis focuses on domestic threats, and the cse focuses on foreign threats. Each holds vast powers and an arsenal of electronic cyberweapons to covertly spy on Canadians and its parliamentarians with little accountability.

Canada’s democracy is trembling. Members of Parliament are at the nexus of a growing Trudeau spy apparatus. What could be more important to the nation than sounding the alarm? Trudeau is expanding the aggressive capabilities of these agencies to reshape Canada’s surveillance state according to his woke and illiberal worldview.

A Lawless Spirit

The rcmp is the most powerful institution in Canada, and it has tremendous power to affect the lives of every Canadian.

This latest scandal follows a growing pattern of lawless spying in the country by the rcmp. Lawless people are now leading Canada’s law and security apparatus.

In 2021, the rcmp was compelled to admit it had been illegally accessing facial-recognition technology. It was also discovered the rcmp was using stingray technology without a judicial warrant. (If a phone is tricked into connecting to a stingray device rather than a cellphone tower it can be spied on.)

In 2017, a cbc report revealed this technology was found operating close to Parliament and to the Department of National Defense. The Trudeau government denied responsibility and ordered an investigation, of which nothing has been heard of since. It probably was the government. In 2016, it had been revealed that the rcmp had illegally spied on two Ottawa journalists. These lawless examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

The rcmp first said it had been using Pegasus-like spyware starting in 2017. It was then forced to admit to a Parliament committee that it had been using Pegasus-like spyware before 2017. So it lied. It also lied about the number of devices it had spied on.

Trudeau’s minister in charge of the rcmp, Marco Mendicino, admitted that spying had occurred and the rcmp should have been more forthcoming about what it was doing, but he told the committee that everything was done strictly by the book. Except all the spying nobody seemed to know about.

He also said he didn’t know anything more than what the rcmp had told him. He wants Canadians to believe that he doesn’t ask questions and that the rcmp is the source of the problems. So either he is grossly negligent or the rcmp is a rogue institution. But neither is true.

There is a very porous line between the prime minister’s lawless will and the rcmp. And it’s getting worse by the day.

Leading the Law Astray

Public Safety Minister Mendicino is a former federal prosecutor who knows his way around the law. During his committee testimony, he tried to draw a legal veil over the rcmp’s actions.

He argued that Section vi of the Criminal Code of Canada has strict guardrails to guide the rcmp’s use of these spy weapons. The current law is stringent, but it’s not the law that’s the problem. The problem is a modern cyberweapon the law was not designed to regulate plus a lawless administration that doesn’t want to obey the law. The law is under attack.

Warrants are precise: Who will be spied on, on what device, who should be excluded, and so forth. But stingray technology can sweep up multiple phones at one time, Pegasus-like on-device investigative tools have full access to all device data, and the camera and microphone can be turned on remotely.

When legislators wrote the law in 1985, they did not foresee today’s far-reaching cyberweapon technology. For the minister to argue that laws written for wiretap technology are up to the task of regulating Pegasus-like cyberweapons or stingray technology is grossly misleading. It is leading the law astray. It’s all part of a troubling pattern of lawlessness from the top of Canada’s government.

Keeping the law as it is written is exactly what the government wants. It doesn’t want its plans to be stopped. Weak law masks all this lawlessness with a legal veil while the government amasses more and more power.

Powers of Darkness

“There is a major role for the minister of public safety to play in the policy and in the issuing of authorizations to wiretap, spy and use malware such as Pegasus,” M.P. James Bezan explained. Stop and think about that.

The minister of public safety can act outside of the legal framework that normally requires judicial oversight. And he can do so at will. This is what Trudeau wants to hide. The Communications Security Establishment Act also gives such unprecedented powers to Trudeau’s national defense minister over cse espionage powers—and the exemptions are not subject to review.

These are areas lawmakers and investigators should really be looking into. These powers were designed for men and women of character and honesty. They are not designed for a tyrannical government destroying law from within and framing ordinary Canadians and political opponents upset with Trudeau’s oppression and lawlessness as racists and white supremacists looking to commit domestic terror.

How many warrants has the minister of public safety issued? He didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want to even acknowledge that he has a major role in authorizing what are probably off-the-books investigations—or covertly kept off the books. Do Canadians trust a government running from oversight to not abuse these vast powers?

Trudeau and his cabal will undoubtedly use these espionage powers to hurl vile accusations at many innocent people, while empowering his government to spy and entrap anyone they label enemies of their radical agenda. Canadians have seen this in the United States. Canadians need to wake up to what’s happening.

Another parliamentarian asked Mendicino: “There are national security exemptions where these surveillance techniques can be used without fulfilling the full process outlined in part vi of the Criminal Code. To your knowledge, are you aware of that ever having taken place while you’ve been minister of public safety—yes or no?”

Mendicino answered: “I would just again point out that when this technique is used, it’s done in a manner that is compliant with the law and the charter. For any additional details, I would invite you to put those questions directly to the officials who are there to provide those answers.” So—yes.

Since he plays a major role issuing orders to spy and also oversees the rcmp, Mendicino should be answering these serious questions. Otherwise, who is accountable? This exemption allows key elements of Trudeau’s spy apparatus to function in the dark. Here is a hidden method of spying.

Trudeau and his insiders can target anyone they want without the victim ever knowing. At will they can spy and at will they can hide what they are doing. It would be so easy to take advantage of. Who would know?

Obama’s FBI Playbook

This is a terrifying development—with enormous power of control. Prime Minister Trudeau is applying Obama’s playbook for destroying America, in Canada.

The Intercept reported that Canada’s Communications Security Establishment has received sophisticated covert malware tools from the U.S. National Security Agency, and that the cse had been involved in a number of devious false flag operations. Organizers of Canada’s Freedom Convoy felt they were subject to a Trudeau government false flag operation.

Ronald Deibert, director of Citizen Lab, explained: These are awesome powers that should only be granted to the government with enormous trepidation and only with a correspondingly massive investment in equally powerful systems of oversight, review and public accountability.” But they have been granted and the Trudeau government is preventing these powers from being subjected to proper oversight.

Like Obama, Trudeau is seeking absolute power, and the rcmp is the centerpiece of his efforts. But his lawlessness is also infecting the entire Canadian security establishment.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s newly expanded book America Under Attack explains how former President Obama radicalized the Federal Bureau of Investigation and turned it into a fourth branch of government, bypassing duly constituted separation of powers, and cementing unprecedented power in an unaccountable “deep state” instrument that he currently controls.

“Of all the intel agencies,” Mr. Flurry writes, “the one Obama wanted control over most was the fbi. The fbi does the domestic investigative work on anyone who needs or holds a security clearance, so control over the fbi put him in charge of who can access what information. … That is why this ‘fourth’ branch has control over the three actual, constitutional branches: executive, legislative and judicial. When other branches ask for intelligence information, often the agencies will provide it with key parts redacted to hide what is really going on. They control that, without oversight. The only ones who see the whole picture are Barack Obama and his top men. This gives these people unprecedented control!” The rcmp carries operations with powers very similar to the fbi.

This is why the rcmp is receiving such special attention from Trudeau. He is racing to implement the exact template Obama used to to build an impregnable power with the deep state to fundamentally transform and destroy the nation.

Tool of Oppression

The prime minister’s lawless efforts to invade the rcmp is why it has been in the news for breaking the law. It lacks upright character to resist the Trudeau’s lawless invasion. Political oppression emanating from the rcmp is escalating.

In a different time, this would not be happening. Politicians, bureaucrats and the police need to be prosecuted for breaking the law, or Canadians will stop keeping it.

The country is no longer being led by honest people who love the rule of law. The government thinks up evil schemes that oppress and divide the nation, trample on freedoms, and give a pretext for Trudeau’s drive for censorship and police state authoritarianism. And the nation is angry about it.

In a recent poll, 61 percent of Canadians said the prime minister has divided the country. He said Canadians were angry about climate change and that it was a time for responsible leadership. He said, “So each of us in positions of authority or power need to make sure that we are not inciting or encouraging anger or frustrations.”

Has Canada ever had a leader spout platitudes and lie about his own behavior and routinely get away with it? Canada’s corrupt media are mostly responsible for this. As if on cue, the country learned from independent media that the Trudeau government had been paying a virulent Jew-hater to run—of all things—ethics seminars. Canadians were disoriented, and the prime minister remained silent. So much for responsible leadership.

Some Canadians are fed up to the point of heckling the prime minister and other ministers of his government in public. One angry Canadian recently confronted and yelled at the finance minister.

Whom did the rcmp decide to investigate? Whom did the minister of public safety roundly condemn as a threat to democracy? Whom did the prime minister condemn as undermining democracy? The Canadian exercising his democratic right to protest Trudeau. These people have exalted themselves above all authority, and they have all the tools of oppression at their disposal.

You can be a virulent anti-Semite and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Trudeau government, but if you are a Canadian upset with your government and you express it, it’s an rcmp investigation for you. If you hire a virulent anti-Semite, you are the paragon of democracy. The prime minister is giving a not-so-subtle message to the police and security apparatus that suppressing dissent has his approval. Anyone with a will to stand up to this government is in danger of being crushed.

This will not end well. We are seeing the beginning of a new age of political persecution for Canada. And unless God allows Canada’s Parliament to bring its lawless prime minister, his government, and the rcmp and security establishment under the people’s control, their lawlessness is going to get more brazen and daring. One need only look to the United States to see what’s coming next.

Absolute Power

America Under Attack explains how the deep state in the U.S. has been used to trample the law and its constitutional republic. Separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches have been all but destroyed. Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry asked in the most recent Trumpet issue if America was a constitutional republic anymore.

Many Americans, and Canadians, are fighting mad, but they can’t figure out what is happening to their countries. This confusion and weak will is a penalty of widespread national and individual sins.

Continuously rolling, layered and planned scandals are overwhelming citizens. They are genuinely confused and don’t know what is happening or what to do. The country is falling into lawlessness and becoming destabilized. Disorder is rampant.

Trudeau’s scandals are designed to disorient and disarm the public and to hide his sedition—the construction of a deep state power apparatus that gives him and his party absolute power and that enslaves the people to a destroyer and a destructive vision.

Justin Trudeau is rapidly invading the rcmp to gain absolute power over the country, absolute power to destroy his political opponents.

Canadians can expect more destabilization, more staged violence, continued staged coronavirus crisis oppression, and talk of “right-wing” sedition and terrorism from Trudeau’s $600 million bought-and-paid-for media. Canadians should be prepared for the next big scandal—perhaps, even, a fraudulent election.

Temporarily Saving Canada

Gerald Flurry has drawn attention to 2 Kings 14, which is part of the former prophets and contains prophecy for today.

Verse 26 says: “For the Lord saw the affliction of Israel, that it was very bitter: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel.” Canada, a physical descendant of Israel, is being oppressed. Verse 27 continues: “And the Lord said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: but he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash.”

Canadians are being oppressed. And they know the prime minister is leading that oppression. As Trudeau gains more power, he is becoming more hostile and more evil. He is leading the country into a new age of intolerance, division and violence. God alone can straighten these things out.

Mr. Flurry explains the prime cause of all of these problems in America Under Attack. It’s not just one lawless man at the top. Like Barack Obama, Trudeau “would never have achieved the heights of power if not for a massive crisis of lawbreaking throughout the nation! Our people are saturated in sin of every imaginable type—and proud of it.” Ultimately, this attack is spiritual in nature and an attempt to blot out the name of Israel from off the face of the Earth.

But as verse 27 says, God will temporarily save Israel—which includes Canada as part of physical Israel—by first temporarily saving America by the hand of a Jeroboam type: United States President Donald Trump returning to the White House. When this happens, there will be one final short period of resurgence. This is the overview God gives us. Will Canadians accept God’s truth? To learn what comes after, please read America Under Attack.