Rufaro Manyepa

China’s goal is to have a nuclear force that, if attacked, can survive long enough to retaliate.

2021 could be the year ‘the kings of the east’ begin to unsheathe their swords.

As the UK opens the door to Hong Kong refugees, Communist China wants to shut it—permanently.

The collapse of the Soviet Union brought tough times to Tajikistan. A desire to reverse fortunes could lead to a return to Russia.

Bible prophecy shows that somewhere along the way, it will take China along with it.

A close look at the numbers reveals a dogged determination to boost military power.

Financial tectonics are tilting toward Asia.

Vladimir Putin is on course to reassert Russia’s historic influence in the war-torn region.

The 2008 Georgia war revealed deficiencies in the Russian military. In the aftermath, it began leaving behind the obsolete Soviet-era legacy force as a new, modern army took flight on the wings of its powerful air force.

Expect China to double down on taking over this highly contested, highly valuable sea.

‘We’re running out of adjectives trying to describe these extreme events.’

The Chinese military threat against Taiwan has reached the highest since the 1996 missile crisis.

‘No one has managed to restrain Russia.’

The Kremlin knows America’s technological systems are far from secure—and it’s meticulously preparing to cripple them.

Rather than produce happy, satisfied graduates, universities are doing the exact opposite.

Media mogul Jimmy Lai is the most prominent victim so far in the Chinese Communist Party’s takeover of Hong Kong.

Europe is responding in a way that will fulfill Bible prophecy.

The president continues to reverse ‘the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.’

A new world order is being formed in the Asia-Pacific, and it excludes the U.S.

There is only one reason it ultimately won’t.

Your move, nato.

As America battles to save the flame of its democracy, Hong Kong’s is brazenly being extinguished.

Eleven months of centrist rule are cut short by a landslide victory for the nation’s socialist party.

‘An armed attack against Sweden cannot be ruled out.’

China tightens its economic squeeze on Australia, foreshadowing its global agenda.

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