Rufaro Manyepa

A new world order is being formed in the Asia-Pacific, and it excludes the U.S.

There is only one reason it ultimately won’t.

Your move, nato.

As America battles to save the flame of its democracy, Hong Kong’s is brazenly being extinguished.

Eleven months of centrist rule are cut short by a landslide victory for the nation’s socialist party.

‘An armed attack against Sweden cannot be ruled out.’

China tightens its economic squeeze on Australia, foreshadowing its global agenda.

UN—a playground for authoritarianism

‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.’

U.S. involvement escalates tensions.

The Democratic presidential candidate said a second Trump term will bring more climatic chaos.

Economic integration is paving the way to military union.

Could Pakistan be a part of the ‘kings of the east’?

Iran strengthens its grip on one of the world’s most important seas.

What is the real cause of weather disasters?

The Asia-Pacific naval race isn’t slowing down.

Elections and protests have left the nation in turmoil, and Russia is ready to take advantage.

The U.S. is worried—and it should be.

America is on the verge of being overwhelmed by ‘the kings of the east’ on the northern frontier.

Is there a distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism?

Tensions with China are reaching the boiling point.

As the world takes a knee for Black Lives Matter, it’s business as usual for anti-Semitism.

As trust in China’s One Belt, One Road initiative falters, India might have an alternative to connect Asia and Africa to Europe.

The attack on law enforcement is part of a sinister plot decades in the making.

The global trade order is about to be restructured.

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