Australia to Remove the Monarchy From Its Banknotes

Australia’s new $5 bill will feature an indigenous design rather than an image of King Charles iii, the nation’s central bank announced on Thursday. The former $5 bill was the last remaining banknote to feature a monarch, with the late Queen Elizabeth ii. The new note will promote “the culture and history of the first Australians.”

Only coins will bear an image of King Charles.

A new republic: This move is the latest indication that Australia is looking to break away from the monarchy and create a republic. Opponents of the decision blame Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Last year, he created a new position: assistant minister for the republic. And according to the Associated Press, holding a referendum to sever constitutional ties with Britain is a long-term goal.

The Trumpet said: “There are strong movements in Canada and Australia to break from the British crown,” warned Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry after the Queen died. “Scotland is also trying to leave the UK. Barbados renounced the monarchy last year. Jamaica could be next. How much will King Charles’s rule accelerate this trend?”

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