Coronavirus and Conspiracy Theories

Coronavirus and Conspiracy Theories

The actual facts are stranger than fiction.

For the last three years, if you said that covid-19 started in a lab in Wuhan, China, you were labeled a tinfoil-hat-wearing, racist, crackpot maga conspiracy theorist. But on February 26, we learned the conspiracy theorists were correct. The United States Energy Department concluded that coronavirus did start from a Wuhan lab leak.

The threat of being labeled a conspiracy theorist is effective. The American media used it to devastating effect in shaping the discourse around the outbreak of covid-19. The “truth” was what Dr. Anthony Fauci said it was. Those who said otherwise were censored.

“If you look at the data that’s been accumulated by independent international evolutionary virologists, they feel pretty confident that this was a natural occurrence from an animal host into a human,” Fauci said in December 2022 in an interview with Chris Wallace.

Early World Health Organization (who) investigations centered around this “truth.” Whether it was bats and pangolins or ferrets and rabbits, the inquest into covid’s origins centered around animal-to-human transmission starting at the Wuhan wet market in China. The “experts” looking into it never came back with conclusive results. Many animals were potential covid carriers, they said. But no one found an animal source for covid-19. That is the case to this very day.

The most likely alternative theory was that covid-19 started in a lab leak. This was a very plausible theory for several reasons.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology was conducting extensive coronavirus research only nine miles away from the Wuhan wet market. And on Jan. 2, 2020, before the world even woke up to the coronavirus threat, the institute’s director forbade anyone from releasing information about the virus. The very next day, China’s National Health Commission ordered that all coronavirus testing stop and all samples be destroyed. Even after the outbreak became a pandemic, China denied that it started in Wuhan, refused to allow who officials access to raw data, and hindered its investigations as much as possible. On top of that is the fact that the who and the United Nations have both been in China’s pocket for years.

All of this real, factual information was available to everyone. The Trumpet began reporting on most of it in February 2020. But it quickly became evident that telling the truth isn’t what those in power wanted.

The experts, media and politicians treated this animal-to-human theory as fact. They regarded everything else as a conspiracy theory.

“It is virtually impossible for this virus jump from the lab,” said Glenn Kessler, chief writer of the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” feature. “We deal in facts, and viewers can judge for themselves.”

When a sitting U.S. senator, Tom Cotton, said the opposite, the Washington Post accused him of repeating the lab-leak theory that was “debunked” as a “conspiracy theory”; the New York Times called it a “fringe theory”; Vice News said it was “bogus.”

Now we know that it was the truth. The Department of Energy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said as much, albeit over two years late. But Dr. Fauci continues to insist that “we may never know” how or where covid-19 started.

It’s important to note that Dr. Fauci is also the same person who, in July 2021, insisted that his National Institutes of Health (nih) had not funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. In October, even cnn admitted that the nih had done just that. It funded it through the organization EcoHealth Alliance.

Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance just so happened to be one of the who officials studying into the origins of the virus. And he adamantly declared that it originated from an animal. He even sent Dr. Fauci an e-mail thanking him for suppressing the lab-leak theory.

These are the “independent” virologists Fauci was talking about. They are the people responsible for funding and conducting gain-of-function research into coronaviruses. For them to be involved in the investigations into the pandemic’s origins is the greatest conflict of interest.

Is it any surprise that they would ardently place the blame anywhere but on themselves?

It would be bad enough if it ended there. But these are the same people who, in tandem with the media and politicians, created the dominant narrative around the pandemic and labeled anyone who disagreed to be a conspiracy theorist.

If you didn’t think a mask would work; if you thought exercise and fresh air were a good idea; if you believed in natural immunity; if you didn’t want to take one or two or three vaccines and asked why you were being forced to do so; if you asked why young, healthy people were dying suddenly; if you asked why America’s top doctor was involved in the outbreak of the most topical pandemic in a generation—if you asked any of these questions, the radical left called you a conspiracy theorist.

Why? To cover up the truth.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal said: “Given China’s cover-up, we may never know for sure how the virus first struck humans. But Americans deserve to know the facts about the relationship of the U.S. National Institutes of Health to the Wuhan lab and to promoting gain-of-function research. The early deception also needs to be exposed.”

Why did the American government follow China’s lead in deceiving the world and covering up all it could about covid-19? Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry answers that question in America Under Attack:

As viral infections spread in Wuhan, many people immediately asked about the Wuhan Institute. One of them was President Trump. Leftist politicians and journalists quickly labeled such questions unscientific, conspiratorial and even racist.

Yet it is now well established that in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party deliberately suppressed reports about the outbreak and even destroyed evidence of it. Rather than trying to contain the outbreak, the Chinese National Health Commission ordered institutions not to publish anything about theunknown disease.” By the time they publicized anything, it had already spread around the world. …

The Communists covered up the virus’s true origins and turned what should have been a local outbreak into a global pandemic. We must take seriously the theory that all this was deliberate. We cannot simply push it aside. This is the Communist Party of China we are talking about. It is trying to get control of the world. And the Obama administration is giving it a lot of help.

There is a reason Americans’ trust in the media is at a record low. There is a reason politicians and “experts” consistently lie, deny and suppress the truth. There is a reason why America is experiencing economic, political and social chaos.

It isn’t a conspiracy theory to say that there are forces within this country deliberately working to destroy it. One of their tactics is to smear those who recognize this chaos by design as conspiracy theorists, racists and liars. When in fact, they themselves are the liars.

But despite their efforts, the truth is being exposed. To learn more, request your free copy of America Under Attack.