Spies’ Lies About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Were ‘Triggered’ by Biden Campaign

Former acting Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Morell testified to the House Judiciary Committee that the Biden administration prompted him to help Biden by organizing over 50 former intelligence officials to sign a letter, claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the New York Post reported today.

Morell testified that Antony Blinken, who is now secretary of state, was the Biden official who reached out to him. Morrell agreed to help because he says he wanted Joe Biden to win the election. However, he confirmed that he wouldn’t have taken action until or unless Blinken reached out to him.

The Biden campaign apparently told Morrell that it wanted the signed letter to go to a specific reporter at the Washington Post. But ultimately, it went to Politico under the headline “Hunter Biden Story Is Russian Disinfo, Dozens of Former Officials Say.”

This is the very letter that Joe Biden referenced when deflecting accusations that his son had introduced his Ukrainian business partner to him. His own campaign was responsible for its creation.

The Trumpet said: Managing editor Stephen Flurry wrote in “Biden Corruption Revealed—Then Buried”:

What is happening to this country that at one time prided itself on free speech, freedom of information, and the rights of the common person? And what will happen if Joe Biden wins the election? In the immediate term, he could be susceptible to those with whom he and his son have had dealings with in the past, and those who will seek to influence him in similar ways after he becomes President Biden.

The state of America today reveals just how right that was.