Study: Majority of Women Who Had Abortions Were Pressured Into It

According to a January 31 study by the Cureus medical journal, 61 percent of women who have had abortions experienced “high levels of pressure to abort from one or more sources,” such as male partners, family members and financial pressure. About 1,000 women took the retrospective survey. Of the 226 who had a history of abortion, the pressure to abort was associated with increased negative emotions:

  • strained work, daily life and relationships
  • frequent thoughts, dreams and flashbacks to the abortion
  • frequent feelings of loss, grief and sadness about the abortion
  • greater decline in mental health that they attributed to their abortion
  • maternal and moral conflict over abortions

Women who had had an abortion were four times more likely to quit the survey before it was finished and reported higher levels of stress while taking the survey.

Choosing murder: Even though the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the narrative around abortion is still predominantly “pro-choice.” Very few sources report the truth. The left calls abortion “health care” and declares it to be a human right. But abortion is murder. Pro-choice is simply about the freedom to choose murder. And the experience that these women have post-abortion shows just how much of a toll that takes, no matter how much people try to call it normal or necessary in any circumstance.

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