Daniel Di Santo

France and Germany Team Up for New Fighter Jet

Working together on advanced military capabilities strengthens the prophesied Franco-German alliance.

As Britain weakens, Spain grows bolder in its quest to retake the Rock.

What does God say about America’s push to legalize the murder of newborns?

High tensions over Brexit and the Irish border are moving the UK closer to prophesied violence.

In an increasingly dangerous world, Britain’s military is losing credibility. Your Bible explains why.

Iran continues its development of rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The thriving world of Germany’s weapons industry is building prophesied alliances.

History will repeat itself, and it will happen exactly as one man said it would.

Growing disorder in the ‘American Mediterranean’ as America loses control and fulfills Bible prophecy.

The United States has lost credibility among its Asian allies, and its adversaries have become bold.

China’s prophesied rise in space exposes the dangerous weakness of the West.

As America retreats, Europe seeks to strengthen its position in Syria.

More futuristic Russian weapons frighten Europe.

New citizenship law shows Europe’s changing attitude toward Islam.

There is an often-overlooked reason why God allows weather disasters.

Two emerging superpowers prepare for World War iii.

History is repeating itself in the Balkans.

The urge to obtain small arms points to discontent with Germany’s leadership.

Millions of consumers make this mistake each year, but you don’t have to.

Will Britain betray ‘the Rock’ for political gain?

A seemingly impossible prediction is now being fulfilled.

Moving ‘step by step to “an army of Europeans”’

Rising murder rates point to the danger of misplaced political correctness.

More evidence supports a 70-year-old prophecy.

Radical Islam continues to push at Europe.

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