Daniel Di Santo

Will 2023 Bankrupt Europe’s Businesses?

Economic pain will have political consequences.

What could cause such evil? To find out, one need not look far from the scene of the crime.

This year’s World Cup came with a heavy dose of politics.

Anger among the people, denial from the government, and a crisis that will change Europe

What has happened to Sweden is a warning for all of Europe.

Propaganda or prelude?

Europe is well positioned to control the future of the Internet.

Iran is joining Russia’s anti-American alliance. Should the West worry?

Normalization may benefit the economy, but it comes with a hidden cost.

As the war rages in Ukraine, the EU looks to Africa to fill its gas reserves. But in fleeing one war, Europe will run into another.

And Germany is paying attention.

As other European nations leave, Germany intensifies its fight against radical Islam.

How long until Iranian pressure exhausts the remaining opposition in Iraq?

Russia’s attempt to fracture Europe will have the opposite effect.

The failed immigration policies of one nation show where Europe is headed.

Supporting Putin’s army will have consequences far beyond Ukraine.

Spain’s problem is also Europe’s problem.

Behind the EU’s Russian media ban is a global ambition for control of the Internet.

Supporting the North Korea of the Middle East

With another Nazi-themed funeral, Italy moves closer to resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire.

A deal that reveals the Middle East’s future

France takes a step toward strongman rule.

Vaccine passports were only the beginning.

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