Daniel Di Santo

Canadian Politicians Team Up With Radical Islam

If one thing unites the right and the left, it’s the tacit acceptance of Islamic fundamentalism.

Europe’s covid bailout did more than just add credit to Europe’s balance sheet—it added a whole lot of firepower.

Climate change is claiming lives—just not in the way most think.

And the Obama administration did nothing.

The Democrats’ obsession with voting by mail exposes the breakdown in America’s rule of law.

Some thought coronavirus would distance Italians from religion. Instead, it has done the opposite.

The stage is being set for far worse violence to come.

A glimpse into the ‘frantic’ attempt to hide information from a duly elected president.

Its economic significance is questionable—but don’t underestimate its political power.

Britain and America are losing trust in China. But Beijing has found a new economic partner.

The evidence is in—but who is paying attention?

America’s highest court is having one of its most active and controversial seasons ever. What does Bible prophecy tell us to expect?

One less obvious use for nuclear bombs poses an existential threat to the United States.

Berlin makes another change in tone on military power.

Years of forecasts are now being vindicated.

Yet another incrimination of the Obama administration

Under the guise of building casinos, China has made a winning bet for control of the South China Sea.

Supply chains are fragile. They will soon face a greater test than any threat posed by coronavirus.

A clear indication that China continues ‘steering the world toward war.’

Europe uses the current crisis to become more centralized.

These insects not only harm farmers, they also bring down politicians.

How will Paris defuse the tensions plaguing its suburbs?

The Sahel may look like a second Afghanistan right now, but that’s not how Germany’s involvement there will end.

The current dispute reveals a future strategy.

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