Daniel Di Santo

Record Level of Attacks on European Christian Sites in 2019

More Europeans are seeing the need to defend the Continent’s Christian heritage.

When political correctness kills

Ignoring history takes America further down the path of division.

Will the Russo-Turkish friendship last?

A little-noticed region of the world raises a vital question about the weather.

What will a changing royal family mean for Britain?

New year, same problem

Costly mistakes have made the worst fears of American spies come true.

Partnerships with benefits and without commitments: Will they work?

Stable economy, unstable politics: Why the paradox?

Germans called for reduced arms exports in 2019. The arms industry did the opposite.

Relations between America and Germany are souring, setting the stage for a stunning betrayal.

The occult is returning and reaching a younger audience than ever before.

What can we learn from Germany’s newest U-boats?

Traditional marriage is losing popularity, but at what cost?

Another reminder of why you should watch terrorism in North Africa

Are humans to blame for the fires ravaging Australia?

What should we learn from the most recent London Bridge attack?

The world is headed for a financial crisis worse than 2008.

Europe is closer than ever to dominating space.

The pope isn’t against nuclear weapons—he is against America.

The royal family is having one of its worst years in recent memory. Britain—and the world—needs to know why.

Europe’s anti-Semitism points to an even greater problem.

The U.S. stood up for its closest Middle Eastern ally. But how long will the favor last?

Another euro crisis looms large.

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