Daniel Di Santo

CNN Employee Says Network Pushed ‘Propaganda’ to Influence Election, Spread Fear

The mainstream media is waging a campaign of intellectual terrorism.

Will Egypt be Iran’s next conquest?

But if Beirut wants Europe’s billions, it will have to comply with Germany.

Concern over Russia and China is pushing Europe to contemplate war in space.

Why is one of the safest countries in Europe taking such measures?

Will leaders ever renounce their newly acquired power?

Preparing for the wars of the future

An uncommon partnership against a common enemy

Will he survive Italy’s latest crisis?

Russia is showing that a dollar-free future is closer than many think.

Will closer cooperation with Iran become a financial necessity?

The EU is ‘not for everyone.’

Nord Stream 2 is more than an energy project. It is a warning sign.

German and Israeli forces are cooperating more than ever. But that won’t stop history from repeating itself.

Plans for a dedollarized world are accelerating.

If one thing unites the right and the left, it’s the tacit acceptance of Islamic fundamentalism.

Europe’s covid bailout did more than just add credit to Europe’s balance sheet—it added a whole lot of firepower.

Climate change is claiming lives—just not in the way most think.

And the Obama administration did nothing.

The Democrats’ obsession with voting by mail exposes the breakdown in America’s rule of law.

Some thought coronavirus would distance Italians from religion. Instead, it has done the opposite.

The stage is being set for far worse violence to come.

A glimpse into the ‘frantic’ attempt to hide information from a duly elected president.

Its economic significance is questionable—but don’t underestimate its political power.

Britain and America are losing trust in China. But Beijing has found a new economic partner.

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