Daniel Di Santo

Report: Rising Number of People Around the Globe Face Hunger

As food prices rise, few stop to consider what is really behind the increase of crop-destroying diseases and pests.

To counteract one Islamist enemy, the U.S. negotiates with another: the Taliban.

Chancellor Merkel’s term could end sooner rather than later.

Debt data reveals the true cost of putting career before family.

Early warning signs of a dangerous future for the American economy and for American society

As farms struggle and food prices rise, where can Australians find solutions?

Facing an identity crisis, Italian voters are turning to dangerous alternatives.

The UN has just handed Britain an embarrassing diplomatic defeat.

Why nobody could predict the coalition’s victory—and how it points to a temporary slowdown in the nation’s collapse

The world wants more German leadership, and it is about to get it.

This year’s unseasonal rains are more than a problem for farmers—they are a curse from God.

Containing radical Islam in the Sahel and Somalia is preparation for confronting Iran.

Report sheds light on the pla Navy’s plan to control two oceans.

The European Union’s most powerful nations are beginning to ignore dissent.

Yet another milestone for populism, in yet another European nation.

A confrontation in this vital sea-lane will affect oil trade and the entire world.

Success of right-wing Alternative für Deutschland pressures troubled mainstream parties to lean further right.

With the death of a journalist in Londonderry’s riots, what should we watch for in an increasingly violent Northern Ireland?

Despite extending the Saudi arms export ban to September, Merkel has found a way to continue arming Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations.

For years, Russia has been conducting widespread gps interference—but only now has the world found out.

Could radical Islam end Tunisia’s democratic success story?

If passed, a new law could greatly expand the scope of espionage on foreigners and citizens alike.

Meet the man making populism mainstream in the Netherlands.

Europe is cautiously reaching out to China as its new trade ally.

Combined with economic anxiety, perception among Europeans that Germany is surging brings a key prophecy closer to fulfillment.

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