Daniel Di Santo

EMP Weapons: America’s Next Pearl Harbor?

One less obvious use for nuclear bombs poses an existential threat to the United States.

Berlin makes another change in tone on military power.

Years of forecasts are now being vindicated.

Yet another incrimination of the Obama administration

Under the guise of building casinos, China has made a winning bet for control of the South China Sea.

Supply chains are fragile. They will soon face a greater test than any threat posed by coronavirus.

A clear indication that China continues ‘steering the world toward war.’

Europe uses the current crisis to become more centralized.

These insects not only harm farmers, they also bring down politicians.

How will Paris defuse the tensions plaguing its suburbs?

The Sahel may look like a second Afghanistan right now, but that’s not how Germany’s involvement there will end.

The current dispute reveals a future strategy.

Will the crisis force Europe to step up its presence?

Another step toward closer union with Europe’s old colonies

This state offers a small glimpse into the left’s radical and dangerous vision for America.

Peacekeeping or empire-building?

A ‘major shift’ for America’s military presence in the Pacific.

Is traditional marriage becoming a thing of the past?

Strict gun control cannot solve this problem.

The Democrats move further toward the left.

Is the pope socialist?

Will it save the Union?

Where is God during times of suffering?

There could hardly be a worse time for France to be reminded of its persistent problem with radical Islam.

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