Daniel Di Santo

Violence Escalates in Northern Ireland

With the death of a journalist in Londonderry’s riots, what should we watch for in an increasingly violent Northern Ireland?

Despite extending the Saudi arms export ban to September, Merkel has found a way to continue arming Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations.

For years, Russia has been conducting widespread gps interference—but only now has the world found out.

Could radical Islam end Tunisia’s democratic success story?

If passed, a new law could greatly expand the scope of espionage on foreigners and citizens alike.

Meet the man making populism mainstream in the Netherlands.

Europe is cautiously reaching out to China as its new trade ally.

Combined with economic anxiety, perception among Europeans that Germany is surging brings a key prophecy closer to fulfillment.

Current leaders in France and beyond face unrelenting resistance in the streets.

Even without Saudi Arabia as a customer, German weapons exports are flowing into the Arab world.

Europe is being forced to get more involved in its former colonial territories.

Amidst a frantic search for solutions, where can we turn for real answers?

A small but important American peacekeeping force allows the European military to pick up where America left off.

A financial crisis in America will have a grave impact on the rest of the world.

In cooperation with France, Germany opens the door to more weapons deals.

Failures in its rocket program are not deterring Iranian aggression.

The newfound importance of Germany’s national spy agency is deeply symbolic of its changing foreign policy.

Working together on advanced military capabilities strengthens the prophesied Franco-German alliance.

As Britain weakens, Spain grows bolder in its quest to retake the Rock.

What does God say about America’s push to legalize the murder of newborns?

High tensions over Brexit and the Irish border are moving the UK closer to prophesied violence.

In an increasingly dangerous world, Britain’s military is losing credibility. Your Bible explains why.

Iran continues its development of rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The thriving world of Germany’s weapons industry is building prophesied alliances.

History will repeat itself, and it will happen exactly as one man said it would.

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