Daniel Di Santo

Jihadist Kills Two in France

There could hardly be a worse time for France to be reminded of its persistent problem with radical Islam.

Food shortages will get worse. How should you respond?

Are Americans becoming more willing to give up their freedom?

America is trusting Germany with sensitive technology—and setting the stage for the ultimate double cross.

Abandoning the Middle East, the U.S. leaves a trail of wasted dollars, damaged prestige and fulfilled prophecy.

More proof that America’s media is embracing a dangerous new agenda

Is debt a smart way to escape the economic impact of coronavirus?

The anarchy that recently swept through Canada is going to get worse.

Orwellian fiction is becoming reality.

Manila spurns an ally and embraces China.

Will a rising nationalist party return the UK to the Troubles?

Why is Britain’s royal family falling apart?

The response to increasing radical Islamist attacks is only a foretaste of what comes next.

America and Europe are approaching a political turning point.

Beneficial for the environment—or false hope?

Is God aware of the plight of Kenya’s farmers, and if so, why did He allow it?

Another attack by radical Islam—and why it won’t be Britain’s last

China continues to demonstrate its growing superpower status.

Why is France getting involved in a conflict it condemns?

America has defied the predictions of climate change extremists and is ‘winning again’ economically. Will it last?

Europe’s attempt to bring peace to Libya is actually leading to war.

Anti-China forces won a landslide victory, but will it keep Taiwan out of China’s grasp?

More Europeans are seeing the need to defend the Continent’s Christian heritage.

When political correctness kills

Ignoring history takes America further down the path of division.

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