Jorg Mardian

Evidence shows long-term mask-wearing is itself harmful.

Are you eating and drinking a teaspoon of plastic every week?

Should your child participate in youth sports? Yes! But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Feel better by doing the simplest ‘workout.’

From boosting your mood to lengthening your life, find out how exercise benefits you as you age.

For decades, consumers have opted for a low-fat diet to watch their heart health. But is this way of eating as good for us as we originally thought?

The food industry hooks millions on unhealthy, processed products. Are you one of its junkies?

What you can do for arthritis

It is behind many diseases that afflict us as we age, but it can be fixed!

Is the price to our health too high?

Many people have been misled, and it’s hurting their health.

Manufacturers use fragrance to sell, but it can hurt your health.

What you can do to fight this debilitating condition

Here’s how to eat to improve your happiness.

The massive effort to hook your kids on sugars is working.

Increasing age does not have to mean rapidly decreasing health.

What we are eating now is not the food it once was.

Off-the-shelf options are convenient, but are they nourishing?

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