Richard Palmer

Germany Signs Up to European Union Military

Europe’s strongest nation joins a major military initiative, increases weapons sales to Middle East.

Don’t let the European Union’s bureaucratic rhetoric distract from the building of a united military

A small group of European Union nations is beginning to create a new military superpower.

Will Mr. Trump have to persuade Asia not to use its ‘financial weapon’?

‘With its elderly, shrinking population and ingrained pacifism, Japan is no threat to anyone.’

The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation demonstrates massive changes in the way Protestants and Catholics treat each other.

A new financial instrument gives oil-exporting nations their long-sought alternative to the petrodollar.

Feeling threatened by Muslims, Europeans are seeking cultural cohesion in their Christian heritage. Bible prophecy foretold the trend.

Europeans need a leader: They are about to get a fierce king.

California is being hit with more fires more often. Why?

The pressure is building on Europe to make some major changes.

What’s behind Germany’s deepening political crisis?

Germany’s election is entering the home stretch.

When Britain voted to leave the European Union, the world was shocked. But we had been expecting this split for over 60 years. Why?

As global threats increase, many nations support the idea of an independent and united European military. Here is why we expect it to happen, and where we expect it to lead.

Turkey is changing—and forcing the world to change with it. Past and present trends explain why, and Bible prophecy foretells its next move.

A stunning fulfillment of a specific Bible prophecy

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