Richard Palmer

The far right win in Italy and France. Germany, the UK and Austria are in political chaos. What’s next for Europe?

Theresa May announces her resignation.

Attacks target Saudi Arabia’s primary and backup methods for exporting oil.

Governments are falling in North Africa again. The resulting storms could wreak havoc.

Across the pond, Europe has its own Russia collusion scandal.

This time, it’s not prospectors looking for precious metals—it’s central banks.

Be careful what you tweet for.

Christians and foreigners targeted in coordinated bombings.

Europe to force Internet companies to filter their content

Europe’s character will shape its future.

Your connection to the most-distant object ever explored

Nuclear weapons rocket to the top of the agenda.

Europe is under pressure as never before.

The vote that was supposed to restore British independence and strength has become a disaster—and Europe is loving it.

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