Richard Palmer

The vital history of Germany and Russia’s secret alliances.

Two pieces of trade news show who Germany’s real friends are.

The U.S. president wants Germany to be the world’s third-largest military spender.

One high profile and explosive, the other discreet and harmonious

The fatal flaw in the tolerance ideology

A relationship forged in the aftermath of World War ii has hit hard times. Is it over?

It has taken just three months for Germany’s new government to reach the brink of collapse.

The fatal flaw in the tolerance ideology

First Davos, now Bilderberg—Europe’s elite are looking to the Catholic Church.

Does the German chancellor think the country needs a strongman?

You put the Italian government in; you put the Spanish prime minister out …

‘The easiest way to bring us to our knees’

A demonstrably misleading front-page article shows how the nyt staff bends facts to fit ideology.

Never surrender, stock up on food, and know how to recognize an air raid siren. This is just some of the advice Sweden is giving its people.

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