Richard Palmer

The big question in the looming trade war is, Could China use its economic ‘nuclear option’? Which raises another big question: Which nuclear option?

Where Italy’s election earthquake will lead Europe

Where are the newest sets of tariffs leading?

Donald Trump is accused of starting a trade war. Actually, this war is entering its later, most dangerous stages.

What happens when authorities put their ideologies ahead of evidence

But what does belong is a new NATO naval headquarters.

Are we heading to another showdown in Italy?

America has been under sustained economic assault for decades.

Germany depends on trade—and that is one of its biggest weaknesses.

It’s not 1984 yet, but it’s getting awfully close. Is this leading to the ‘mark of the beast’?

Where Italy’s election earthquake will lead Europe

Will Italy be next?

To many, Europe today is a military weakling. It has looked this way before—only to shock the world with its strength.

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