Richard Palmer

This is about more than one man.

Why the fight to bring down President Trump endangers you

Most scholars today believe the books of the Bible are frauds, written years after their traditional date by a variety of authors. Are they right?

The supposed strongholds of the culture wars are compromised.

Germany’s economic figures, and support for its government, are falling rapidly.

Hamas’s invasion of Israel on October 7 revived a budding military alliance.

A massive German victory has gone unnoticed by the international press.

After Israel was victimized by a shocking terrorist attack, how did the world so rapidly come to cast it as the villain?

The sacking of the home secretary exposes a dangerous spirit.

EU leaders wonder which city is next.

Democratic institutions are already under threat.

What happens when intelligence services close their eyes

A new discovery points to the order and harmony in the universe.

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