Dennis Leap

Encouraging Gender Fluidity Is Child Abuse

Now psychologists say 2-year-olds know they are transgender.

New legal ground is reshaping family, again—three parents, one child.

There is a new religion sweeping across America.

What happens when parents shrink from using adult authority to guide their children?

Beware. Your wired life is mushing your mind. Here’s the remedy that will save your thinking—and even improve your physical health!

Recent developments in genetic modification raise remarkable possibilities—and serious ethical problems.

How an agricultural counterrevolution shows a glimpse of life in the World Tomorrow

Planned Parenthood cheers for Houston’s indictment of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

Some laud the theology of Star Wars. But does Star Wars reflect a true religion?

Parents are relieved when they get their child through high school and into college. But is campus living safe?

The recent controversy swirling around Planned Parenthood reveals some disturbing truths about America today.

The recent controversy swirling around Planned Parenthood reveals some disturbing truth about America today.

Traditional religion is giving way to secularism. How are shifting religious fault lines reshaping the country?

Why history’s great lawgiver should matter to all people

The world’s most famous poet believed in an eternal afterlife. Yet it was a mystery. It doesn’t need to be!

And how you can begin to understand it

This world would do better with a bit more Britishness.

Thoughts on the public debate over corporal punishment

2014’s Bible movies fail to feature the Bible.

How Americans have transformed their morals—and why it matters to you.

Is your teen more stressed out than you are?

They have seized the public’s attention. What does the Bible really say? The answer may surprise you.

Interest in demons and the supernatural has gone mainstream. Is it harmless fun?

Why you—and your children—need to know the truth

How to get a grip on sibling rivalry

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