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Parents: You Need to Know About Meth

America’s southern border crisis could kill your teen.

No need to read a dystopian novel; you’re living in a dystopian world!

covid-19 still rules news headlines, but an overlooked health crisis has been claiming fatalities for decades.

A popular revolution’s heavy price and unfortunate victims

It’s true. Yet it’s not as science and UFO enthusiasts think!

Some boast that divorce rates are plummeting. Not so for the senior set!

The PC police are coming!

American family trees are becoming overgrown with new growth as divorces and stepfamilies multiply.

Dump your New Year’s resolutions, then fuel your desire for personal growth.

Parents—be aware of transgender indoctrination!

American ancestral family trees are cracking under the weight of the burgeoning addition of stepfamily.

Here’s what ‘Positive Psychology’ doesn’t know about true happiness.

What was intended to prove the authority and reliability of the Bible has opened wide the doors to doubt.

Proper parental discipline of children, including spanking, is not child abuse.

Many Christians believe the Ten Commandments are irrelevant. Here’s why they’re wrong.

As America’s millennial generation cries out for a revolution, let’s learn a major lesson from the history of the French Revolution.

Now psychologists say 2-year-olds know they are transgender. They are pushing these children toward a lifetime of misery.

America’s next generation is ditching religion for witchcraft.

Now psychologists say 2-year-olds know they are transgender.

New legal ground is reshaping family, again—three parents, one child.

There is a new religion sweeping across America.

What happens when parents shrink from using adult authority to guide their children?

Beware. Your wired life is mushing your mind. Here’s the remedy that will save your thinking—and even improve your physical health!

Recent developments in genetic modification raise remarkable possibilities—and serious ethical problems.

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