Dennis Leap

The recent controversy swirling around Planned Parenthood reveals some disturbing truth about America today.

Traditional religion is giving way to secularism. How are shifting religious fault lines reshaping the country?

Why history’s great lawgiver should matter to all people

The world’s most famous poet believed in an eternal afterlife. Yet it was a mystery. It doesn’t need to be!

And how you can begin to understand it

This world would do better with a bit more Britishness.

Thoughts on the public debate over corporal punishment

2014’s Bible movies fail to feature the Bible.

How Americans have transformed their morals—and why it matters to you.

Is your teen more stressed out than you are?

They have seized the public’s attention. What does the Bible really say? The answer may surprise you.

Interest in demons and the supernatural has gone mainstream. Is it harmless fun?

Why you—and your children—need to know the truth

How to get a grip on sibling rivalry

Life is war, some businessmen say, and winning requires ruthlessness. But recent research shows that isn’t the case at all.

Finally, the solution to our family problems is … childlessness?

Feminists are pushing a new female ‘archetype’: childlessness. Will that really solve our problems?

It’s been spectacularly successful at reshaping society.

It’s been spectacularly successful at reshaping society.

New initiatives are making bold advances—but some fundamental understanding remains elusive.

Why is morale in the U.S. military so low? Why are suicides among servicemen so high? The state of the armed forces is a telling measure of the state of the nation.

Some call it self-deliverance. Others call it murder. Survivors know it as a nightmare that haunts them forever. Here’s the truth about its cause—and ultimate solution.

Why is religion losing its grip?

There is something to be said for saying ‘I do.’

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