February 2018 Trumpet: Jerusalem, Jerusalem!


February 2018 Trumpet: Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

Jerusalem is on our minds!

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Yesterday, exciting news rippled through our offices here at the Trumpet: The list was announced of personnel chosen for a new phase of the Jerusalem archaeological dig, to begin shortly. A few of our editorial staff will join Trumpet writer Brent Nagtegaal there for a few months along with several Herbert W. Armstrong College students. So Jerusalem is on our minds!

It is also on our minds because of recent headlines Jerusalem has been making as a result of American President Donald Trump’s divisive decision earlier this month to recognize that city as Israel’s capital. This is the cover story of our February 2018 Trumpet issue, which we just sent to press. Our leadoff story, by editor in chief Gerald Flurry, discusses how this recognition has led to Palestinian calls for violence in Jerusalem. “No city stirs passions like Jerusalem!” he writes.

His article then draws on some of our recent archaeological activities in Jerusalem, and shows how valuable and relevant the ancient history uncovered by these finds can be. He puts current tensions over Jerusalem into a wonderful historical context by describing “How King Hezekiah Saved Jerusalem Anciently.” It has a powerful lesson that the Israelis—and all of us—should remember amid current tensions. Mr. Flurry also has an article in this issue specifically about “The Significance of the Hezekiah Bulla,” which highlights archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar’s discovery of a clay seal used by this ancient king of Judah.

Also in this issue is Brad Macdonald’s article, “Donald Trump Brings Prophecy Alive in Jerusalem,” which shows how the world’s response to the recognition of Israel’s capital—particularly within Europe—is hastening the fulfillment of prophesied end-time events. Mr. Macdonald also wrote a related article showing the Jews’ history in the Holy City, and proving that this controversial move is backed by facts and, in reality, is “An Unremarkable Declaration.”

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Back to this next issue: The political and diplomatic isolation America experienced after President Trump’s decision underlines a major, prophetically significant trend. Andrew Miiller has written an article explaining why the Trumpet watches “America’s Retreat From Global Leadership”—a trend that is leaving a power vacuum and creating “a new era of competition between rising powers.”

In “The Deadly Climate Change Deception,” Gerald Flurry tackles a critically important subject. This article shows how misguided it is to blame the massive climatic disasters occurring so regularly on man-made climate change. “I don’t want to discuss political views,” he wrote, “my job is to give you God’s view.”

What will trigger Germany’s next crisis? Probably not what you may think. In “U.S. Economy: Germany’s Next Crisis,” Richard Palmer shows how Germany’s reliance on the American economy is its Achilles’ heel. The sidebar “Will Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Lead to Trade War?” shows how events could lead to an economic siege against America.

This issue covers a couple of topical social trends, including holistic nutritionist Jorg Mardian’s discussion of “The Smoke and Mirrors of Medical Marijuana” and an infographic on how “American Education Is Failing.”

Thankfully, we also have some good news to report in this Trumpet, our 28th anniversary issue. It starts with a small behind-the-scenes look at an aspect of our work you may be unaware of: the fact that we provide literature in multiple languages. Our foreign language translations manager Edwin Trebels covers this work in “Why We Translate Into 10 Languages.”

Jeremiah Jacques has a related, inspiring story titled “North Korea, Balloon Warriors—and a World Held Captive.” It is about a brave defector from this dictatorial Asian nation, and draws a powerful lesson that relates to our work. He also gives a short geopolitical update of what is happening in that country, in “North Korea—Truly an Isolated State?

Finally we have a Principles of Living article, “The Encourager,” with practical advice a husband can apply to help his wife when she is discouraged. And Brad Macdonald shares “A Lesson From Backflipping Robots” in the Commentary.

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