Abraham Blondeau

Will Amazon Web Services Police the Internet?

Big Tech increases censorship as the radical left increases tyranny.

Justin Trudeau could becomes Canada’s first elected authoritarian.

Reflecting on the past, present and future

Trudeau is recruiting allies and crafting a narrative.

Another fake investigation to hide treason

The Communist campaign to destroy economic independence

Afghanistan crisis has Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

The tragic history is being hijacked by radical forces.

Canada plans a massive expansion in mail-in ballots in a new snap election.

Topple your history, destroy your liberty.

What is the real cause of weather disasters?

The agreement is a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal.

The dangers of addiction include indoctrination.

Astounding proof of Bible prophecy being fulfilled!

The athlete ambassadors are a reflection of our own society.

They were either white supremacists or freedom fighters.

The ‘apology tours’ are back.

Has the U.S. military’s leadership become an agent of the ‘deep state’?

Spyware app has capabilities to infect and spy from any smartphone.

No matter the streaming service, Amazon has some control.

Why is Canada sending millions to Communist China?

What the next major war in the Middle East will look like

Millions of Americans have no urgency to gain employment.

The war on Canadian history intensifies.

The response to covid-19 reveals that Canada has succumbed to a decades-old attack.

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