Abraham Blondeau

Will Canada Keep the Monarchy?

Elite Russian armored unit sends a message to Europe.

Declining health is threatening national security.

There is just one thing missing.

Elite units face crippling budget cuts.

A new poll suggests Canada is losing touch with its heritage.

Critical lessons from history are being ignored.

The real history of America’s forgotten war

Are violent video games teaching history or twisted morals?

Cheap Chinese aluminum is undermining national security.

Possible cuts will leave Britain incapable of the offensive.

Europe: A would-be superpower that lacks only a strong leader

Rewriting history to justify autocracy

A new movie tells the story—but takes more than a little artistic license.

U.S. general warns of Russian superiority in heavy armor.

America’s officer corps is perhaps the finest in American—or human—history, yet America hasn’t won a war in more than 70 years.

Young Americans have gone from being ignorant of their past to becoming ignorant of and hateful toward it. Why?

How can you undo democracy? Undo the education of the voters.

One prophetic age ends, and another begins

America’s improbable victory in the War of Independence

Deficiencies in historical education endanger American democracy.

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