Abraham Blondeau

Europe’s Dangerous Security State

The deliberate sabotage of the energy sector

How the weaponized intelligence apparatus gained control of Silicon Valley

Spending in 2022 exposes the radical-left agenda.

What causes the demise of a military juggernaut?

By accident, or by design?

Is the U.S. economy being regulated into recession?

Do Canadian voters select our leaders, or does China?

Iranians are helping Russians kill Europeans in Ukraine.

How the civil rights movement was used to undermine America

The false narrative is quickly collapsing.

Another step in Lebanon’s drift away from Iran

Bill C-11 will allow Canada’s Internet to be censored by unelected bureaucrats.

Two world superpowers on the brink of nuclear war

The primary pillar of civilization is nearly gone in the United Kingdom.

America’s predominance is slowly eroding away.

The courageous step that enshrined the Union in freedom

Why does the radical left want you to eat insects?

The nation’s mourning is a reflection of 70 years of change.

Is vaping really healthier than smoking?

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