Abraham Blondeau

He Was Right About America

The real reasons why America is facing so many disasters

A growing economic relationship to undermine America

The Falklands War was the last moment Britain had pride in its power.

If a coffee app knows where you sleep, work and travel, who else does?

Violent crime is consuming America.

Is the Black Sea blockade a preview of Bible prophecy?

Will there be a Canada-America schism?

The shocking truth behind the Medical Assistance in Dying program

The rise of the radical-left lawyer in the United States

The Trudeau government’s treasonous corruption is being exposed.

The cost-of-living crisis is forcing people into a debt crisis.

Is America’s pastime sports or betting on sports?

The #MeToo movement has been used to create a leadership crisis.

The systematic plan to blot out God from Canada

The evil legacy that illuminates the prophesied ‘prince of Russia’

For the first time, microplastics have been found in living people.

Canada’s most populous province is becoming a Communist state.

For a moment, we stepped onto the path to peace, and we had a guide.

brics is pushing to undermine America’s financial hegemony.

Modern art is a sign of our cultural collapse.

The artifact gives insight into the prophetic past and future of Europe.

Are sanctions actually helping build the prophesied ‘mart of nations’?

The radical left in Canada is being exposed, and the mainstream media is ignoring it.

The government wants wartime censorship over the Internet.

We get our first look at the reports the fda wanted to keep secret for 75 years.

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