Abraham Blondeau

A Cruel Summer of Taylor Swift’s Global Influence

Celebrity and Marxist cultures intertwine.

The new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the perfect race warrior.

The long history of aiding and abetting terrorism

The consequences of compromising with evil

The fracturing of interests over foreign policy

Soon this article could be illegal.

A day of shame at the heart of Canada’s democracy

The rot is much deeper than you think.

A new bill in Canada, a new act in Europe and other initiatives are censoring content and cementing government control over truth.

The intended consequences of Bill C-18

The government is funding the culture war.

Toronto’s new mayor plans for radical change.

The capitulation of churches to Sodom and Gomorrah

A sobering reminder that a house divided cannot stand

Blunting the tip of America’s spear.

Family and religion have lost the culture war.

Warning signs are bubbling to the surface.

Justin Trudeau begins breaking with the crown.

Eighty years since the epic World War ii raid

Modern trend of revising history is blotting out an inspiring truth.

The Louisiana Purchase changed the world and fulfilled prophecy.

Echoes of a world power’s death knell in Khartoum

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