The Bush Era of the Republican Party Ends in 2024

Ken Paxton
Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Bush Era of the Republican Party Ends in 2024

The uniparty is being exposed and dismantled.

“Let it be known. Let it be clear. The Bush era in Texas ends today,” Attorney Tony Buzbee declared in his closing argument in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial on September 15. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives in Texas colluded with disloyal staff in Republican Ken Paxton’s Attorney General office to stage a coup.

Paxton’s deputy attorney general falsely accused Paxton of corruption and took over his office. He then worked with seven false witnesses to bring about an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which justified a hasty impeachment vote by a complicit House of Representatives. The unsubstantiated charges quickly fell apart during the trial.

Removing the Donald Trump-aligned attorney general through impeachment would clear the way for the legacy gop candidate who had just lost the election: Stephen P. Bush, next in line in the Bush dynasty.

Why would Republicans collude with the fbi and stage a phony impeachment of a Republican attorney general?

Paxton represents the biggest threat to establishment Republicans: Donald Trump. Paxton stopped ballot stuffing in Texas during the 2020 presidential election and pursued a Trump-friendly agenda, undermining the Bush family’s influence.

The Bush family has controlled politics in Texas and the Republican Party for over 30 years. From the presidency to governorships to intelligence agencies, they have guided the gop out of the Ronald Reagan era into the uniparty era. The Bush family has made the gop “Republican in name only” (rino).

One of the most important stories of the past year has been the exposure of the uniparty. In the January 2023 Trumpet, editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in “Ready for War”:

The battle lines are drawn. The stage is set for one of the most dramatic fulfillments of biblical prophecy we have yet seen in our lifetimes.

On one side of this political battle in America is the Democratic Party and the radical left. There is also, we now know, establishment Republicans. They are joined by the media—both leftist and “conservative”—and Big Tech, with the single exception now of Twitter. All are arrayed together.

On the other side is Donald Trump. Virtually alone.

How did we get here?

How did we get the uniparty? Why are rinos willing to work with radical Democrats to destroy Trump instead of trying to save America?

This exposure of the Bush-dominated Republican Party is part of dramatic Bible prophecies. God wants Americans to see how deep the corrupt sickness is in our leadership. By dismantling the uniparty, God is trying to help Americans have faith in Him.

Another Fundamental Transformation

Many view Ronald Reagan as the high-water mark for American conservatism. His adept communication and strong policy led the Republican party for eight years. Yet in this conservative triumph, the seeds of a new era were sown. Little attention was paid to his vice president, George Herbert Walker Bush.

Bush served with distinction as a Navy pilot in World War ii. He also did intelligence work, which began a lifelong connection to the intelligence community. After decades working in the oil and defense business, his political career really started in 1971 when President Richard Nixon appointed him as ambassador to the United Nations.

In 1973 he became chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was there during the Watergate scandal, when the entire establishment— the GOP, the Democrat Party, the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency and the judiciary—conspired to oust Nixon from power. Immediately after, Bush was made director of the cia in 1976. By the time Reagan selected him as vice president in 1980, Bush had personal connections to the most powerful business leaders in the country and was entangled with the intelligence community.

Bush was a member of the Washington D.C. swamp, which made him distinctly different from Reagan. Bush’s presidency started the modern uniparty era. The gop became beholden to big business, big industry and the intelligence community.

Perhaps his biggest legacy as president is compromise. Bush made a promise in 1988: “Read my lips—no new taxes.” Yet to pass a budget with the Democrat-controlled Congress in 1992, he introduced new taxes. We have seen this pattern over and over: Bush Republicans are more than willing to compromise with Democrats to stay in power.

Another consequential change was the friendship developed between the Bush and Clinton families. In The Presidents Club, Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy write:

No relationship is quite like the bond between George H.W. Bush and the man who defeated him in 1992. Bush would go so far as to suggest more than once that he might be the father that Clinton had always lacked—a notion that the younger man did not dispute.

The two families who dominate America’s two main political parties work together in business and government, whether it is joint fundraisers for natural disasters, or speaking events warning against Trump.

Through this web of connections, the Republicans and Democrats have become aligned ideologically and financially. Very little separates Bush Republicans from radical Democrats. This underpins the uniparty.

In a sense, the Bush family fundamentally transformed the Republican Party. This paved the way for Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. Without the uniparty in place, Obama could not have hidden his treasonous intentions.

The most consequential act of the Bush family was the introduction of the Patriot Act in 2001. While this was a genuine reaction to the tragedy of Sep. 11, 2001, it turned the intelligence apparatus of America inward. As Mark Bradman explained at Conservative Treehouse:

Barack Obama and Eric Holder did not create a weaponized doj and fbi; the institutions were already weaponized by the Patriot Act. What Obama and Holder did was take the preexisting system and retool it, so the weapons of government only targeted one side of the political continuum.

The Bush era prepared the way for Obama’s fundamental transformation through compromise and complacency. In 2024, that era is officially ending.

Donald Trump’s Party

When Trump dominated Super Tuesday and the Republican nomination, it was clear the Republican Party is now Trump’s party. Bush Republicans are being replaced by maga candidates. Even the New York Times declared that Trump conquered the gop.

Newt Gingrich wrote for RealClearPolicy:

The anti-Trump Republicans … yearn for a party which has disappeared. They advocate policies which are no longer realistic or viable. They are repelled by President Trump’s aggressive style and his dramatic shifts in policy. They are rapidly becoming a fossilized reminder of a party which no longer exists—and wants to operate in a world which no longer exists.

The Bush wing of the gop is dead.

This aligns with Bible prophecy. 2 Kings 14:28 says an end-time type of Jeroboam, Donald Trump, will war to return to power. He has been warring against the radical left, Bush republicans, deep state, mainstream media, social media—and will triumph in that war, causing a temporary resurgence for America. Mr. Flurry explains all of this in America Under Attack. The past eight years proved that while establishment Republicans are in power, Trump cannot govern effectively. This is why the uniparty is being exposed and dismantled.

However, there is an even bigger lesson to learn. God is using the bitter affliction of America and the exposure of the uniparty to show us how spiritually sick every facet of the nation is (Isaiah 1:5-6). Mr. Flurry wrote:

These prophecies are why we have consistently insisted that Trump will return to power. We do not know exactly how this will unfold. But keep watching Donald Trump, because he is not finished. It is not enough to just recognize the evil being perpetrated by the radical left. Nor should you put your faith in Donald Trump, the modern-day Jeroboam. You must have faith in—and repent toward—the God who used Trump and is about to use him again—or the curse on America will resume.

The Bush era is ending, and God wants an era of real faith to begin in our lives. Read America Under Attack to learn more about these dramatic Bible prophecies.