Chaos by Design: Canada’s Immigration Plan and the Next Election

Migrants from Venezuela, Nigeria, Haïti and other countries arrive at the Roxham Road border crossing in Roxham, Quebec, on March 2, 2023.

Chaos by Design: Canada’s Immigration Plan and the Next Election

Justin Trudeau is not going anywhere.

Canada’s population is growing at a record rate, mostly due to an aggressive immigration program run by the federal government. It jumped by over a million in 2022, Statistics Canada reported. From July to September last year, it jumped by 430,000. Ninety-six percent of this growth came from immigration.

Comparatively few are crossing Canada’s 5,525-mile land border with the United States. The most infamous crossing point is Roxham Road in Quebec, where 100,000 illegal immigrants have walked across the border and been processed by Canadian authorities since 2017. But this number is dwarfed by the numbers being allowed to fly directly into Canada.

As a result, housing is scarce and expensive, while hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed. More and more immigrants aren’t paying taxes, instead living off government handouts.

Why would the government allow this?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s abysmal poll numbers give a clue. According to a November 2023 Ipsos poll, 72 percent of Canadians believe Trudeau should resign before the next election. Even Donald Trump is more popular in Canada than Trudeau: His 33 percent approval rating beats Trudeau’s 31 percent.

But Trudeau doesn’t plan to change course. He said now is the time to “double down” on his policies. “And to my mind, this is exactly not the time to be slowing down or to stop fighting for people,” Trudeau told Global News.

“You know me well enough; you know what I believe. … Do you actually think I could walk away from this fight right now?” he told his friend, radio host Terry DiMonte.

For a man who is historically unpopular, he seems to have unfounded confidence in winning the next election.

Are Trudeau’s citizenship policies designed to keep him in power?

In the past two years, Canada has added 572,100 new citizens, or voters. The margin of victory in the 2021 election was only 149,033 votes. Trudeau also streamlined the citizenship process: Now it can all be done online. The faster new immigrants become citizens, the faster they become voters.

Is it coincidence that the vast majority of migrants have moved to Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, which are the historic power base of the Liberal party?

While the immigration crisis continues, Trudeau has deployed his winning campaign message: maga is coming to Canada. Trudeau warns that Trump’s ascendancy in the U.S. is driving the same kind of “extremist,” “populist,” “nihilist,” “dangerous” politics north of the border. Trudeau is attempting to make the next election a referendum on Trump, not his own policies and conduct. Trump’s fate affects Canada’s future more profoundly than many realize.

On January 27, ctv News reported that the Liberal government plans to table election reform before the next election, which will increase the number of ballots to be counted:

While not a full-scale overhaul of the federal voting system as … Trudeau once promised, within the two-party confidence-and-supply agreement are a series of electoral reform proposals aimed at expanding “the ability for people to vote.”

Specifically, the Liberals and New Democrats agreed to explore:

  • Allowing an “expanded” three-day voting period during general elections,
  • Allowing voters to cast their ballots at any polling place within their riding, and
  • Improving the mail-in ballot process with both accessibility and maintaining integrity in mind.

This legislation follows the same pattern that preceded the fraudulent 2020 election in the U.S. Expanding voting time, using mail-in ballots, and not regulating polling places make it easier for fraud to take place. With Trudeau’s history of dishonesty and corruption, and his ties to the Barack Obama voting machine, anything is possible.

The economic, societal and cultural crises consuming Canada are not the result of incompetence: They are chaos by design. From day one, Trudeau’s policies have aimed to finish the transformation his father, Pierre Trudeau, started. However, Trudeau is so unpopular he risks losing power before the job is done. But Trudeau is a cunning fighter who won’t give up easily.

What is Trudeau’s fate? What will happen in Canada’s near future? Bible prophecy gives us the answer.

A prophecy in Amos 7:7-9 reveals that Trump, a type of Jeroboam, will return to the presidency. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in America Under Attack:

This prophecy means that President Trump will soon recover his presidency. A stolen election, and a presidency, will be recovered. We will see Mr. Trump back in power soon. That will be positive, for a little while. Things will quickly improve in some ways—but only briefly; the curses will remain.

The return of Trump and a temporary resurgence will have a profound effect on Canada.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong proved in The United States and Britain in Prophecy that Canada, Britain and the Commonwealth are identified as the tribe of Ephraim in Bible prophecy. In Hosea 5:11, God says, “Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment, because he willingly walked after the commandment.” Canada certainly is oppressed and broken in judgment today.

Mr. Flurry wrote in “Who Is the Modern Day Jeroboam?”:

What “commandment” is that talking about? The commandment of Jeroboam ….

People in Britain [and Canada], where the third of three prophesied overturns of David’s throne occurred (Ezekiel 21:27), are going to be led astray by Jeroboam. They are going to be led more deeply into sin.

The Bible indicates Ephraim will follow the direction of Jeroboam. Canada’s future may be determined more by Trump than Trudeau, no matter how many schemes he has to stay in power.

The radical left is being exposed, and more importantly, the spiritual force behind it is being exposed. Only one book can explain this. Read Mr. Flurry’s book America Under Attack.