What’s the Temperature in Canada? Fahrenheit 451

What’s the Temperature in Canada? Fahrenheit 451

The covert movement in public education to destroy books

Nearly every book published before 2008 is facing the chop as the Peel District School Board (pdsb) in Toronto, Canada, “weeds” out racist books in public school libraries. Rejects will not be sold off. They will be destroyed.

School boards are powerful institutions. Made up of elected officials from the community, there are close to 800 across Canada that operate over 14,000 schools. They control staff, pay and the books kids can access. These school boards are at war. The battlegrounds are the minds of our children.

One of the “harmful books” books facing the chop is Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel pictures a dystopian society that views books as “loaded guns” and burns them to control people’s thoughts. The only difference between Bradbury’s book and the pdsb is that the school board does not condone burning books because it is not environmentally sustainable; shredding and landfills are much better.

This shows the dark heart of Canada’s public school system. Anti-racism, diversity and inclusion are the dominant ideologies of teachers and administrators. This is not limited to one school board or province; it is the dna of the entire school system.

Weeding Harmful Ideas

In April 2023, a whistleblower teacher secretly provided a school training manual to Tom Ellard, a parent in the Peel District. “The manual in question is entitled Weeding and Audit of Resources in the Library Learning Commons Collection,” wrote C2C Journal:

Rife with the jargon of critical race theory, the 54-page document explains that to “promote anti-racism, inclusivity and critical consciousness” in the school library system, it is necessary to remove “any harmful, oppressive or colonial content from our collections.” Most books written prior to 2008 (or perhaps all; the document is unclear) are to be eliminated “in order to maintain the currency and relevance of the collection while ensuring that the resources … remain culturally responsive.”

The manual says:

In order to maintain an equitable collection, all items should be deemed potential candidates for weeding. The category of “Classics” typically consists of Euro-centric texts that were penned long before students’ birth dates and may not reflect the lived experiences of students …. Therefore, all texts within a collection must be thoroughly evaluated to determine whether they align with the weeding criteria, with the aim of avoiding the reinforcement of colonial ideologies that are inherently racist, classist, heteronormative and/or sexist.

Books are meant to challenge and expand young minds, not reinforce immature thoughts, experiences and emotions. Literature reinforcing Judeo-Christian values will be replaced with pro-lgbtq, transgender and minority-centric books.

The weeding process follows three steps:

Once the books are selected for weeding, they are put in landfills or shredded. Why can’t the books be donated or given away? The manual states:

These resources are being weeded because they are causing harm. These resources are either a health hazard because of the condition of the book … or because they are not inclusive, culturally responsive, relevant or accurate (racism, stereotypes, microaggressions, lack of representation or erasure of communities, slurs, oppression, etc.). These factors are not locked by gps location, but we must realize that if they are not sustainable for Western learners, they are not suitable for any learners ….”

Notice the audit tools provided in the appendices of the handbook:

This is a fundamental transformation of education. The pdsb is removing the pages of Western civilization without notifying students or parents. Teachers and librarians who oppose the audit have had to speak anonymously for fear of disciplinary action.

At Erindale Secondary School, the audit was so dramatic that there were more empty shelves in the library than full ones. cbc reported that 2,000 out of 6,500 books were weeded from the library. Even the left-leaning, government-funded cbc was shocked by the politically transparent nature of the audit. C2C Journal continued:

Beyond supplying the cbc with eyewitness accounts from [student] Reina and other students and parents, Ellard’s group also provided the weeding document along with proof of its malign effect, including photos of empty shelves and copies of books rescued from containers destined for the dump. Among the books confirmed to have been discarded are pre-kindergarten mainstay The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Anne Frank’s iconic Diary of a Young Girl. Rescued books include the Curious George series and a host of other innocuous picture books.

This is irrefutable proof that public education has become indoctrination. When people covertly decide what is truth, what is acceptable for our children, and then destroy everything else, that is a devious and dangerous force.

Consultants and Conspiracy

When the pdsb was caught red-handed, there was a series of finger-pointing at who was to blame. The pdsb and Ontario Minister of Education both claimed ignorance. But the equity audit is a consequence of Ontario government policy.

The province employs the Turner Consulting Group, which specializes in equity audits and training. For 20 years, Turner has been training school boards, libraries, law societies and municipal governments on diversity, equity and inclusion (dei).

In 2020, a radical activist group called Advocacy Peel accused the pdsb of systemic discrimination in its classrooms. This triggered the Ontario Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, to investigate the school board. The 45-page report is full of dei language focusing on anti-black, Asian, Latin American racism, islamophobia and hate toward indigenous and lgtbq groups. C2C Journal wrote:

Based on recommendations of the Review of the Peel District School Board, in March 2020 the province provided the pdsb with 27 directives to correct the alleged problems. Most were focused on governance issues and hiring practices, but Directive #18 called for “a comprehensive diversity audit of schools—including naming, mascots, libraries and classrooms … to ensure that they are inclusive and culturally responsive.

You can read all of the directives here.

This report not only triggered the radical weeding procedure, but also enshrined anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and equity into the pdsb. No matter who is elected to the board, this ideology is embedded in their constitution. These principles were beginning to be pushed by the minister of education in 2009.

It’s not just the Peel region. The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (opsba), an advocacy group for all school boards in the province, has aggressively pushed the anti-racist ideology. Their “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” page states:

In 2021, opsba took action in the wake of more incidents and evidence of overt and systemic racism, racial injustice, increased hate-motivated violence and the horrifying discovery of unmarked indigenous children’s graves …. These events underscore the deeply rooted history of colonialism, white supremacy, anti-indigenous, anti-black and racialized violence and genocide in Canada.

This policy was spearheaded by Turner Consulting Group. These are the ideas governing Ontario education.

pdsb’s extreme policies are a symptom of a much larger sickness. The provincial government, activist groups, third-party consultants, school boards and associations are all behind the Marxist dei policies. No matter where you are in Ontario, these policies are in your school. In fact, they are all over Canada.

Canadian education has been fundamentally transformed, and it is transforming our children’s minds.

Blotting Out the Past

Destroying books is a physical symptom with a spiritual cause. The movement to label our origins as colonial, racist and white supremacist is an attack on the Bible. The late Herbert W. Armstrong proved in The United States and Britain in Prophecy that the United States, Britain and the Commonwealth descend from biblical Israel. God was involved in founding our nations, but we have forgotten Him.

2 Kings 14:26-27 contain prophecy for our day. An evil force wants to “blot out the name of Israel”—our history with God and our connection with the Bible. The policies in Canadian school boards are a physical manifestation of this prophecy: They are blotting out our biblical past by destroying books.

This is all self-inflicted. Communism has gained control over decades as our sins against God have increased. This isn’t about electing new representatives in our school boards or governments. It is about changing our lives. It is about repentance toward God. That is the only way to stop the blotting out and protect our children from the culture wars in our schools.

To learn about these vital prophecies, read The United States and Britain in Prophecy.