Barack Obama’s Pick for America’s Top Officer

U.S. President Joe Biden shakes hands with Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. as he announces his intent to nominate him to serve as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during an event in the Rose Garden of the White House May 25, 2023 in Washington, DC.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Barack Obama’s Pick for America’s Top Officer

The new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the perfect race warrior.

On September 29, Gen. Mark Milley’s term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff came to an end. Good riddance. Milley’s four years as America’s top officer were the most scandal-plagued and disastrous in the nation’s history. Besides committing treason multiple times, Milley embedded Marxism into military institutions and presided over the worst military disaster in United States history—the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Now, an even worse choice has assumed the role of chairman: Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown.

Brown was the Air Force chief of staff, the first African-American to hold the position. President Joe Biden nominated Brown months ago, but his confirmation was delayed in the Senate. Brown was confirmed by a vote of 83 to 11.

Brown comes from a military family. His grandfather fought in World War ii, and his father fought in Vietnam. He has accumulated 130 hours of combat flight in his 39 years of service. He appears to have many admirable qualities, but his military career has Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it. Brown was a part of all of Obama’s catastrophic foreign-policy disasters.

Brown joined the Air Force in 1985 and rose through its ranks. Obama promoted Brown to brigadier general in June 2009. In May 2013, Brown was promoted to major general and appointed deputy commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command, responsible for the Middle East and Central Asia. Shortly thereafter, Obama surrendered on his “red line” after Syrian President Bashar Assad launched a sarin gas attack on civilians, seriously undermining America’s reputation.

In March 2014, Brown became director of U.S. Air Forces Europe. He assumed command during Russia’s annexation and conquest of Crimea, which Obama allowed without pushback. In June 2015, near the end of Obama’s second term, Brown returned to the Middle East as a three-star general leading U.S. Air Forces Central Command near the peak of the Islamic State’s reign of terror in the Middle East.

It seems Brown was handpicked by Obama to be involved in the military theaters of foreign-policy disaster.

Perhaps what is most revealing is that Brown acted as one of Obama’s race warriors, fomenting the deadly violence of the “summer of love” in 2020.

After George Floyd died in police custody, the nation exploded into violent protests, vandalism, property destruction and murder. The violence took place under the auspices of “Justice for George Floyd,” but the real motive was revolution.

Racism is real; there should be justice for such sins, but the “summer of love” was carefully orchestrated by the radical left to create deadly division.

Guess who led the way in encouraging the violence. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in our August 2020 issue:

Former President Barack Obama praised the protesters and blamed the eruption of lawlessness on the nation’s history of slavery and institutionalized racism, which he called the “original sin of our society.” The idea of original sin is sin that is inborn within us because of our ancestors. Mr. Obama has previously said that racism is in America’s dna. How do you solve that?

The only way to solve this, according to the radical left, is violent overthrow.

Only days after Floyd’s death, General Brown published a video pushing the racist narrative and extending the “original sin” to the U.S. military. Brown said his experiences “didn’t always sing of liberty and equality…. I’m thinking about the pressure I felt to perform error-free, especially for supervisors I perceived had expected less of me as an African-American.”

This video made Brown the darling of the media and catapulted the race question into the armed forces. The idea that America is fundamentally flawed because of inherent racism is at the core of critical race theory, which Brown has been implementing into the Air Force.

Notice this pbs NewsHour interview that highlights Brown’s priority to diversify the Air Force. It is dripping with diversity-equity-inclusion rhetoric.

This is all part of a carefully crafted effort to fundamentally transform the American military. The Trumpet has exposed how Obama purged the military of strong, independent thinkers and replaced them with men aligned with his Marxist goals. Mr. Flurry wrote in “This Isn’t Incompetence. This is Treason!”:

One diabolical act of his received little attention. As president, Obama completely reshaped the leadership of America’s military. …

The leaders Obama put in office prioritized political correctness, racial and gender equality, and other outrageous causes that gutted America’s defenses. They supported Obama allowing transgenders into the military. They directed resources toward promoting radical-leftist ideas in foreign countries rather than protecting America’s interests and securing the globe.

Their goal was never to train soldiers to love their country and fight and even die to save their country! These leaders often trained soldiers to commit treason against their own country!

General Brown is one of these leaders. Now he is the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. Army. Brown was nominated by Biden, the fake president, but he was handpicked by Obama, the real fake president. The fundamental transformation is nearly complete, and the nation is at a tipping point in Bible prophecy.

“For the Lord saw the affliction of Israel, that it was very bitter: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel. And the Lord said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: but he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash” (2 Kings 14:26-27). The affliction in America is very bitter, and there is no helper. Even the military is being transformed into an oppressor. If God does not intervene, the U.S. will be blotted out.

However, God will intervene, not because of our righteousness but to give us one more chance to repent. While the evil in our government is being exposed, we must repent of our personal evils. That is why God will save America one last time.

You can read more about the dramatic moment we are living through in Mr. Flurry’s book America Under Attack.