Abraham Blondeau

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America’s predominance is slowly eroding away.

The courageous step that enshrined the Union in freedom

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America forfeited its greatest seaway—to what end?

A disaster along the miraculous path to victory

It’s been 25 years since Lady Diana transformed the royal family.

The most humiliating surrender in American history, one year on

Will it help Canada’s economy or China’s?

The true background behind the latest attack on Donald Trump

Another prophecy by Herbert W. Armstrong has been fulfilled.

One year since the ‘worst foreign-policy disaster’ in American history

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Eighty-year anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal

Foreign students practice espionage in the United States.

What is the real cause of depression?

Emission targets will destroy the agricultural industry.

An fbi investigation confirms Chinese technology is a national security threat.

Another strategic region the United States has lost

The tragic fruits of broken families

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