Abraham Blondeau

Family and religion have lost the culture war.

Warning signs are bubbling to the surface.

Justin Trudeau begins breaking with the crown.

Eighty years since the epic World War ii raid

Modern trend of revising history is blotting out an inspiring truth.

The Louisiana Purchase changed the world and fulfilled prophecy.

Echoes of a world power’s death knell in Khartoum

The prophetic legacy of the war in Iraq

Can we build ourselves a better world through innovation and ingenuity?

The disappearing quality so desperately needed today

Foreign interference has helped Trudeau get elected several times.

Why does everything in Canada seem broken?

Your mind connects you to the spirit world, for evil or for good.

The activist court fundamentally changing the country

The first Western military to succumb to an attack from within

The deliberate sabotage of the energy sector

How the weaponized intelligence apparatus gained control of Silicon Valley

Spending in 2022 exposes the radical-left agenda.

What causes the demise of a military juggernaut?

By accident, or by design?

Is the U.S. economy being regulated into recession?

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