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Joel Hilliker

More than 35 million Americans are on antidepressants. This means that severe side effects are likely affecting thousands of people.

Please take this lesson from Robert Mueller’s investigation to heart.

American public schools are forcing leftist propaganda on our children.

Don’t make up your own morals: Be a moron like me.

What to expect from this issue

An inspiring incident in a Dallas middle school shows the need for fathers.

The benefits are beyond measuring!

Morality has always featured heavily in America’s history. But the morals being promoted and preached today are unlike any the nation has ever seen.

Our world is full of suffering. Why?

A stunning incident in a Dallas middle school is worth thinking on.

The world is getting dangerous. Really dangerous. More and more people are even beginning to wonder: Is this the end time? Believe it or not, there is a correct answer to this question.

It is embedded in the Fifth Commandment.

Jerusalem is on our minds!

What to do when your wife is discouraged

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