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Joel Hilliker

Ignoring these lessons would be a grave mistake.

Thomas Jefferson was right. What will happen now that so many Americans are coming to hate America?

America has a lot to be ashamed of. Confirming Brett Kavanaugh is not one of them.

Are we in the end time? Here are four specific indications the Bible tells us to watch for—that have already happened.

Big Tech companies are deciding what information should be available to American citizens.

Why it’s important to get into the weeds with your children

It is no myth. It will be the greatest event in human history—and it is sure.

Receiving correction is one of the greatest blessings in your life.

A sign of Jesus Christ’s return you must not ignore

Failing to recognize these lessons will prove to be a disastrous mistake.

To ‘make America great again,’ you must know when it was great. The liberal left’s stunning answer? ‘Never.’

Relations between Turkey and the U.S. are at a nadir.

Why the clampdown?

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