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Joel Hilliker

It is the hardest thing for a human being to do.

A sign of Jesus Christ’s return you must not ignore

Do you value the lessons of the past enough?

Remember Calvin Coolidge’s history lesson, and warning, regarding the spirit that animated America’s founding document.

Which direction will it take you?

The current situation is hard to read, but biblical prophecy reveals the ultimate answer.

We have made some undeniable progress. So why does it feel like the world is getting worse and worse?

The situation is hard to read, but biblical prophecy suggests an answer.

Follow this biblical principle and enjoy one of the most satisfying blessings life has to offer.

Practical instruction on building the most important relationship in your life

Two years ago, he was editor in chief of Turkey’s largest newspaper. Today he considers himself lucky that he’s driving for Uber and not sitting in a Turkish jail like dozens of his colleagues.

Mainstream psychiatrist and professor confirms existence of demons. Do his claims hold weight?

In Democratic primaries, record numbers of women are running and winning.

‘The Few’ who fought to save Britain and the world teach us lessons for fighting more subtle but more dire threats today.

This issue will give you the context you need to understand the scandals and infighting plaguing America’s government today.

This in-depth new book will show you, from your own Bible, how to pray in a way that reaches God’s ears and gets real results.

This traditional virtue isn’t an old-fashioned relic; it’s a 21st-century solution.

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