Senior Editor

Joel Hilliker

World War ii was the deadliest war in history—and it tested the greatness of millions of men. One of them rose to greatness in a most unusual way.

A recent survey exposes broad contempt for this great country, borne of tragic ignorance.

The liberal left is comically self-contradictory.

What are we buying with our elections? Here’s a biblical perspective.

Your impact on others can be greater now than ever.

Are we in the end time? Here are four specific indications the Bible tells us to watch for—that have already happened.

In 2001 Venezuela was the wealthiest country in Latin America. How did it become a disaster zone?

If only it didn’t take a world war for us to learn it.

Some definitely are—while others that are real have gone unnoticed.

You’ll never grow without it.

Ignoring these lessons would be a grave mistake.

Thomas Jefferson was right. What will happen now that so many Americans are coming to hate America?

America has a lot to be ashamed of. Confirming Brett Kavanaugh is not one of them.

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