Transgenderism Is Swallowing Our Youth

lgbtq rights supporters gather at the Texas State Capitol to protest.
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Transgenderism Is Swallowing Our Youth

From the wasteland of modern education, a young voice cries out.

Transgenderism is swallowing our schools and our children. People with deeply twisted goals for our children know that if they can get them young, they can transform society—and they are getting them young, in our schools. Adult teachers and administrators are actively indoctrinating our children with explicit, perverse propaganda to shape how they view sex, the world around them, and their own bodies and identities.

From the middle of this moral wasteland, a young voice has cried out.

On February 8, the Daily Mail posted, “What it’s like to be a pupil today as trans hysteria grips schools: One 14-year-old girl speaks out.” It is a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking report from the culture war battlefield, in her case a coeducational state secondary school in southeast England.

Here is a glimpse into the reality of our schools.

This girl began by talking about how teachers regularly ask if she is “transitioning.” Girls who wear pants “are often asked if we are transgender, especially if we have short hair, as I do. The fact a girl likes playing video games, or doesn’t like feminine clothes or makeup is enough to be seen as potentially trans.” In this environment that encourages gender confusion, 1 in 10 children in her grade now identifies as trans or nonbinary.

Under continuing “affirmation” and pressure from adults and peers, more and more 14-year-olds are going to act like and even try to become the opposite sex. The minds of a whole generation of youth are falling prey to transgender propaganda inside the classrooms and hallways where they are meant to be developing in intelligence and character.

This girl’s mother called out one teacher for referring to her daughter with “they/them” pronouns. “[T]he teacher apologized but explained he was being cautious in case I was transitioning. He said the teachers are treading on eggshells, scared of being labeled transphobic.”

Transphobic. That is the projectile that radicals fire at anyone who does not fully support each aspect of this radical sexual movement. They define transphobia however they want and force people to comply with their increasingly drastic demands. To protect themselves, teachers are going overboard to “affirm” any hint of a signal a student might send—and are finding transgenderism where none exists. This is how toxic the climate is within our schools.

“It feels like trans is all anyone talks about,” this 14-year-old wrote. “The library has a section devoted to lgbtqqia+ books, and there is a display for Pride in the school entrance, with rainbow flags and words and terms such as ‘nonbinary,’ ‘polysexual,’ ‘demiboy,’ ‘demigirl’ and ‘pansexual.’ These words come up in lessons, too. I’m now in Year 10, and the other day a girl in my English class asked if the Greek god Zeus was a man or a woman, and the teacher replied that Zeus could have ‘identified as nonbinary.’ More recently, another teacher said Lady Macbeth was ‘neither a man nor a woman.’ I think most parents will have no clue this is what their kids are being taught.”

Do you know what your children are being taught? If this filth is not already flooding your local school, it will be soon.

Many parents are waking up. They see the power these teachers and local school boards wield over their children’s minds. They are attending school board meetings, speaking out, trying to stop it or slow it. But the school board members don’t want to hear it. They act as if they have more rights concerning these children than the parents! They endure the meeting, sometimes eject the parent in some fashion, dismiss the parents’ concerns, and go on pushing this filth.

And the trans-obsessed school environment, like the one this 14-year-old girl is inside, intensifies. She wrote that if she said anything at school about parents knowing what students are being taught, she would lose her friends, who are “completely intolerant of anything they think is transphobic.”

She sees that something is terribly wrong, and the school is hiding it. Yet she won’t divulge her identity or even name her school because of death threats others have received on social media from students in her school. Think about that: Schoolchildren have been so indoctrinated in this divisive, toxic thinking that they will tear each other up to enforce a perverse, invented moral standard they learned from transgender radicals.

The Source of the Trend

You must recognize the source of this trend. This anti-human self-destruction comes from Satan the devil. What young people are doing to themselves with the support and even encouragement of educators, school psychologists, physicians and often even their parents is so twisted, so devoid of logic and reason, so incomprehensibly unhinged, that it proves there is a god of this world who works in their minds (see 2 Corinthians 4:4 and Ephesians 2:2).

Satan preys on children. He hates them. He deceives them. And he is mutilating and destroying them.

John 8:44 summarizes his character: He is the father of murder and lies. He is the originator of deviance and perversion. The Bible warns us in 2 Corinthians 2:11 not to be ignorant of his devices, or he will get an advantage over us. The devil is an accuser and a divider. He inspires the worst aspects of our human nature: self-righteousness, vanity, sanctimony. He encourages people to devise their own standards of right and wrong, and loves seeing them enforce those with religious zeal, and turning them against what is actually right and wrong, defined by God.

That is exactly what is happening here. This anti-family, anti-God movement is turning young people into fanatics, shock troops and crusaders of a false religion.

Peer Pressure

This girl described how some of her “transgender” peers have simply caved in to pressure. “It felt as if they joined in because it meant they were seen as cool. You get special treatment if you say you are trans or nonbinary and suddenly become the center of attention when you ‘come out.’”

How susceptible teenagers are to such forces. They are growing, changing, trying to figure things out, hoping to feel included, seeking respect and status and inclusion. This is a perfect storm for drawing vulnerable young people into the nightmare of gender dysphoria, of trying to defy biology—of rejecting everything that could actually help them live a happy, healthy, productive life.

Over 40 years ago, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in his book The Missing Dimension in Sex: “Some would hush up the naked facts. But the welfare of our youth is at stake. The adolescents, drifting with the immorality tide, are speeding past their elders in the downward plunge. There is a trend. It is an immoral trend. It is speeding up at accelerated pace. It is only natural for young people to follow the trend. They want to belong. It’s time to face the facts squarely. People are like sheep. They all follow the leader to the slaughter. But they don’t know they are being led to the slaughter. They are just a little stupid. Yes, quite a little! But they still want to belong! It’s natural to just go with the group.”

He was talking about premarital sex. But how perfectly his words apply to the transgender movement today. The devil is feeding youth’s desire for acceptance and playing them like a fiddle.

If parents aren’t vigilant—if their instruction at home isn’t strong enough to counteract that—or if they have bought into the lie that this is supporting their child—or if they are cowed by school or public officials telling them to embrace their child’s “transition” or lose their child—they are helpless to prevent this from happening to their own children.

‘Constant Talk of Transphobia’

This girl wrote that, among her peers, the terms lesbian and gay are now “thought to be an insult.” Why? Because those lifestyles—which God condemns as sin and abomination—are rooted in a “binary” view of sex. To be a good, orthodox transsexual-affirming person, you must believe gender is fluid.

This is how far down this bizarre abyss we have fallen. This movement will never be satisfied. Even if you wanted to, you could never fully comply with their standard, because it is continually shifting to something more perverse.

“There is a straight boy going out with a straight girl who says she is trans, so he now has to say that he’s bisexual,” this girl wrote. “It’s often said by my schoolmates that trans girls are ‘better’ girls than ‘other girls.’ I find this insulting. But the teachers don’t take any action even if they do hear conversations like this.” Teachers who hear such things fear not only the reaction of the students but of everyone from the principal to the government.

“There is constant talk of transphobia and bigotry,” she wrote, “and many of the students who say they are trans constantly talk about being ‘victims’, with anyone who isn’t trans being the perpetrator.” This obsession with victimhood is also deeply disturbing—and satanic. The message is that your problems are not your fault. Whatever is wrong in life, especially if you can claim status as a persecuted minority—society is to blame. This traps people in failure and unhappiness. It guarantees that they will not improve their own lives. They feel no responsibility to correct or even see their own failings, and instead indulge ever more deeply in complaining, resentment and bitterness.

She wrote that her friend “Kelley” was “affirmed” as a boy. “She has serious mental health issues and is regularly off school as she self-harms. Kelley socially transitioned without any teacher challenging her. She has a new name and can now use the boys’ changing rooms.” How criminal that students who need help with mental health issues are being pushed in this direction, which will absolutely destroy them. Shame on these educators for sacrificing girls like “Kelley” to this twisted ideology.

“All my friends pretty much believe in ‘gender identity.’ Girls and boys are referred to by teachers and students as ‘assigned female at birth’ or ‘assigned male at birth.’ This is shortened to afab and amab.” That’s right: Teachers cannot say “boys” and “girls.” Everything is processed through this creepy filter designed to constantly keep “gender” on these youths’ minds.

During their school years, they should be thinking about math, science and language. They should be stirred by the heroic lessons of history. They should be learning to grow in their capabilities, taking on new responsibilities, preparing for a productive life of working, creating and giving.

“Assigned male at birth” and “assigned female at birth” constantly being thrown at them pushes all that aside and reduces them to lab rats in a grotesque experiment. It fixates their minds on themselves—and on sex—and on things base and confusing and perverse.

Education should be enlightening their world and expanding their horizons. This is instead banishing them to darkness and strangling their future.

The Truth Is Exposed

This girl’s school has something called an equalities club, which she joined “because I believe in equal rights for all, then found it was impossible to talk about any group, other than trans people, that was discriminated against. There’s a rule against wearing badges in school, but some students wear trans flag and pronoun badges, and nobody tells them off.” Supposedly this group is discriminated against and victimized continually in today’s society. The reality is, they have suddenly become a privileged class.

“Until now, I’ve just gone along with most of it. But there are some things I can’t leave alone. For example, I really like [author] J.K. Rowling, but she was called a ‘terf’ (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) by a friend, who said she was heartbroken to hear that J.K. was ‘anti-trans.’ I asked in what way J.K. was transphobic, but this friend couldn’t give me an answer, she just said: ‘I hope all terfs drop dead.’ I was shocked by her anger.

“There have also been violent comments on social media towards ‘transphobes’ with students from the school threatening to strangle them.”

The truth is exposed. If there is one thing this movement likes to brand itself with, it is love—acceptance, inclusivity, embracing everyone, no matter what. Yet transsexuals often resent even homosexuals and radical feminists. If you don’t think exactly as they do, they will attack you mercilessly. This movement is not about love—it breeds violent hatred. It is not about inclusivity—it demands total conformity. It is not about acceptance—it’s about coercion and compliance.

The hate, arrogance, intimidation and violence among these people comes from the same source as their tragic and terrible sexual perversions. It is clearer every day that this is a satanic movement.

It is, in fact, powerful evidence of a truth the Trumpet has written a lot about over our 33 years in print—that we are living in a time prophesied in the Bible when Satan and his demons have been cast down and confined to Earth. “… Woe to the inhabiters of the earth …! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (Revelation 12:12).

What woe we suffer when teachers will not use the words “he” or “she” to describe students for fear of being labeled transphobic. What woe when a school library devotes an entire section of books to promote this perverse lifestyle and decorates the entrance of the school to celebrate it. What woe when schools encourage this delusional behavior while silencing and threatening those who oppose it. What woe when this is deliberately concealed from parents and parents are shut out of their children’s lives!

But take hope in that same verse: “[H]e knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Thank God that this twisting and destroying of our children can last only a short while.

These problems have become so entrenched that it is difficult to see our governments in this world turning this around. We need to be aware and protect our own children the best we possibly can. We cannot afford to simply turn them over to the public school system.

But to solve the broad problem, God must step in. And He promises that that is exactly what He is going to do. The prophecies about the god of this world being cast down and running rampant on the Earth are being fulfilled, and they immediately precede the prophesied return of Jesus Christ. He is coming to take control and establish God’s government, the only system that can establish a wonderful, worldwide system of education that helps build strong families and helps every child reach his or her God-given potential. He is already sowing the seeds of that educational program in His true Church today.

We need to pray daily, “Thy Kingdom come.” Looking at the realities of what Satan is doing in the world should fuel the urgency and fervency of that prayer.