Christopher Wray Testifies About Politicization in the FBI

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. The committee questioned Wray on different areas of political bias within America’s leading law enforcement agency.

Two-tiered system of justice: Republican chairman Jim Jordan accused the bureau of hosting a “two-tier system of justice” that goes after Republicans while turning a blind eye to Democrats. He opened the hearing by citing examples of politicization:

  • The federal government coerced Big Tech companies into censoring conservative views.
  • A 25-man swat team arrested a pro-life activist for defending his 12-year-old son against a Planned Parenthood volunteer.
  • The fbi spied on a presidential campaign.
  • The fbi raided the home of a former president.
  • And the fbi has persecuted whistleblowers.

Trump-Russia collusion hoax: According to former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Wray has previously admitted under oath that the fbi had no grounds for seeking a fisa warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. Robert Mueller’s investigation, Michael Horowitz’s report and John Durham’s report have all showed that not only was the probe into Trump-Russia ties launched with insufficient cause, it also failed to uncover any of the purported collusion.

Yet Wray still refuses to acknowledge that the Trump-Russia collusion was a hoax, saying: “It is not seriously disputed that the Russians, among other foreign adversaries, have attempted to interfere in our elections.”

Biden crime family: Rep. Matt Gaetz cited the WhatsApp message in which Hunter Biden threatened a Chinese businessman and implied that his father, Joe Biden, was backing it. Wray would not comment on the message, but when asked if he was protecting the Biden family, he said, “Absolutely not. The fbi … has no interest in protecting anyone politically.”

The fbi, however, had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the lead-up to the 2020 election. According to whistleblowers, fbi leaders told staff, “You will not look at that Hunter Biden laptop” and waited until after the election to inspect it.

The House Oversight Committee had to subpoena the fbi to hand over the document that revealed Joe Biden accepted bribes from a foreign national when he was vice president. Wray refused to hand over the document. It wasn’t until Rep. James Comer released a resolution to hold Wray in contempt of Congress that he finally capitulated. The fbi released the document the same day President Donald Trump was indicted in a classified documents probe—a convenient distraction.

Power behind the FBI: These examples are only the tip of the iceberg from yesterday’s five-hour hearing. Who is orchestrating all of this corruption? Notice what Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in America Under Attack:

Of all the intel agencies, the one [Barack] Obama wanted control over most was the fbi. The fbi does the domestic investigative work on anyone who needs or holds a security clearance, so control over the fbi put him in charge of who can access what information. …

The intelligence branch has full control over what is considered classified information. That is why this “fourth branch” has control over the three actual, constitutional branches: executive, legislative and judicial. When other branches ask for intelligence information, often the agencies will provide it with key parts redacted to hide what is really going on. They control that, without oversight. The only ones who see the whole picture are Barack Obama and his top men. This gives these people unparalleled control!

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