What Happened to the Mueller Investigation?

Democratic representatives listen during a news conference to show support of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
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What Happened to the Mueller Investigation?

It was supposed to end the Trump presidency, but it backfired. Bible prophecy indicates why.

Robert Mueller was supposed to be the man who would bring down United States President Donald Trump. Democrats and radical leftists praised the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a man of integrity and unimpeachable character. He was deified by the anti-Trump movement, appearing on T-shirts, coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets. One man had Mueller’s face tattooed onto his back. Tens of thousands of people took to America’s streets to take part in “Protect Mueller” protests when they felt the investigation was under threat by President Trump’s “Witch Hunt” tweets.

Robert Mueller was untouchable. Someone outside of America could have easily thought he was the most powerful man in the nation.

In March, Mueller concluded his 22-month investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S presidential campaign. He found no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. There was no obstruction of justice. The members of Mueller Mania were utterly deflated. But Mueller gave them a glimmer of hope. In an unprecedented move, he decided to be undecided, writing in his report: “Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

We didn’t find a crime, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there. That sort of reasoning defies the centuries-old common law principle of innocent until proven guilty. Mueller had no instructions, nor do any exist—for any prosecutors, anywhere—to “exonerate.” Prosecutors simply prosecute, if they have enough evidence, or if they don’t, they don’t. Yet his attempt to shift the burden of proof onto the president to prove himself innocent provided the Democrats in Congress the opportunity to keep the collusion narrative alive.

Not long after the drama surrounding the release of the Mueller Report, rumors started swirling that Democrats wanted him to testify about his report. This, they hoped, would give them the opportunity to mine deeper into Mueller’s thinking and extract the specific wording they needed to begin the impeachment process against President Trump.

Mueller did not often speak publicly. In May, he gave a scripted press conference without answering any questions, emphasizing that it wasn’t necessary for him to testify because, “The report is my testimony.”

House Judiciary Committee Democrats were unsatisfied. Chairman Jerald Nadler subpoenaed Mr. Mueller, compelling him to testify.

On July 24, Mueller testified before the House Committee. For those hoping for the spark of a firestorm against the president, his testimony was a total disaster; even many Democrats admitted as much. Mueller refused to go beyond the scope of his report. He took the time to look up almost every detail in the report referenced by the representatives. Occasionally he seemed confused. Sometimes he couldn’t remember details of his own report. He dodged dozens of questions, including those which were well within the wide scope of his investigation.

He made one comment that pleased Democrats. Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu asked Mueller to confirm that the reason he did not indict Donald Trump was because of the Justice Department’s rule against indicting a sitting president. Mueller answered, “That is correct.” Democrats were thrilled. But then Mueller devoted his opening statement before the House Intelligence Community to clarifying his exchange with Lieu. Referring to the phrasing of Lieu’s question, he said, “That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report, and I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination on whether the president committed a crime.”

David Axelrod, a former Obama White House strategist, wrote: “This is delicate to say, but Mueller, whom I deeply respect, has not publicly testified before Congress in at least six years. And he does not appear as sharp as he was then.”

One man who once worked closely with Mueller said “he didn’t have the fight in him that he used to have.” One former deputy fbi director said he was not “as precise as he was in his dozens of previous appearances as director.”

By compelling Mueller to testify and by hyping it as the wrecking ball of the Trump presidency, Democrats thought they could draw the nation’s attention to the event—which they did—and get powerful, condemning soundbites from Mueller that would make impeachment a done deal—which they did not. Their plan backfired. And Bible prophecy may indicate why that happened.

In his August 2019 Trumpet cover story, “Can President Trump Get Control of His Own Divided Government?Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote: “[I]t seems that the harder the president’s enemies work to destroy him, the more their own wicked ways are uncovered.”

After Mueller declined to become a public figure and delivered the most terse press conference possible in May, many wondered what value the Democrats could get out of compelling him to testify. Yet they pushed ahead with it anyway. Why? These people are filled with rage and will do anything to bring down President Trump. Mueller’s testimony exposed that he might not have been in control of his team and that the investigation was a politically driven witch hunt all along. (You’ll remember the anti-Trump sentiments of former Mueller team members Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, for example.)

Mueller’s investigation went on for nearly two years, like a bulldozer plowing through anyone remotely connected to President Trump. There were raids, dozens of indictments, and multiple court cases in numerous districts. The mainstream media kept saying that the “walls were closing in” around President Trump.

Then something stopped Mueller’s momentum.

“On June 8, 2018, William Barr sent a 19-page memo to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that stunned the Mueller team,” my father wrote in that article. “It is a masterpiece about American law. And I believe God’s hand was in it.” (emphasis added).

How do you explain how the Democrats keep failing to bring down the president? It’s as if every time they try, their evil intentions are exposed and the opposite of what they wanted ends up happening: The president comes out stronger!

Mr. Flurry continued:

Barr’s memo shows where Satan really got control of the Mueller investigation. It exposes what Mueller and his team were really doing. It dismantles their efforts to indict Mr. Trump for obstruction of justice, which he didn’t do. And it shows that those men have no love for the law—they were abusing and twisting it for evil purposes! …

Many Democrats thought Mueller would be able to prove absolutely that the president obstructed justice. That was Mueller’s goal. But Barr somehow understood what Mueller was doing and produced this memo, a masterpiece of law-based reasoning that exposed and condemned everything they were doing. Then Barr became attorney general, and Mueller was made to look like a fool! Between that memo and Barr’s quick ascension to attorney general, the Mueller team had to change their strategy.

William Barr knew what Mueller’s team was up to and preempted it with his memo that was based on the Constitution! He knew how Mueller’s team was planning to twist the law. Just over six months after Barr wrote his memo, he became Mueller’s boss!

My father continued: “Mueller’s efforts were part of the deep state that flowed from President Obama’s administration right into Mr. Trump’s presidency. Those unelected lawyers think they know better than everyone. I think God set them a trap—and then shredded the case for obstruction that Mueller was trying to prove. That is part of God temporarily saving America by the hand of Jeroboam.”

Jeroboam ii was the ruler of the kingdom of Israel in the eighth century b.c. God used him to temporarily rescue the nation (2 Kings 14:27) before it ultimately collapsed. The modern descendants of the ancient Israelites include the United States. (Request your free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong, for proof.)

The nation was being crippled under the reign of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, which is moving even more radically to the left. But 2 Kings 14 and Amos 7 are prophecies forecasting that God would use a Jeroboam-type leader in the end time to save the nation temporarily. America’s current president fulfills that role.

Robert Mueller’s investigation was a continuation of the Obama administration’s attack on the Trump presidency. Many people were financially or professionally ruined by that investigation. Mueller’s team put people close to President Trump in prison for process crimes, while ignoring those same crimes, and often even worse offenses, that had anything to do with the Clinton campaign.

When Mueller was asked about that during his testimony, he said it was outside his purview to speak on those matters! When Rep. Matthew Gaetz asked Mueller about the Steele Dossier, that launched the entire Russian collusion allegation, Mueller answered, “That’s beyond my purview.” Gaetz fearlessly called out Mueller’s hypocrisy: “You stated in your opening that the organizing principle was to fully and thoroughly investigate Russia’s interference, but you weren’t interested in whether or not Russians were interfering through Christopher Steele, and if Steele was lying, then you should have charged him with lying, like you charged a variety of other people.”

Mueller’s investigation was politically driven to bring down the Trump presidency. Mueller and his top lieutenants—Andrew Weissman, Aaron Zebley and Jeannie Rhee—all worked for the large WilmerHale law firm, the same firm that helped represent Hillary Clinton during lawsuits related to her illegal e-mail server.

Weissman attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party. Regarding acting attorney general Sally Yates refusing to comply with a directive from President Trump in January 2017, Weissmann wrote in an e-mail: “I am so proud and in awe regarding her disobeying a direct order from the president.”

Aaron Zebley represented Justin Cooper during the Clinton e-mail investigation. Cooper was responsible for operating Clinton’s private e-mail server and, according to fbi records, was also responsible for destroying Clinton’s old cell phones with a hammer. (Destroying evidence of wrongdoing is obstruction of justice.)

Rhee also represented Hillary Clinton in a lawsuit regarding her private e-mail server.

Mueller’s team was comprised of Clinton’s lawyers! It was like President Trump was being investigated by an opposing political campaign!

This team relentlessly pursued all things Trump. And it seemed like they would successfully use their twisted interpretation of the law to bring down the president. Then William Barr was appointed attorney general. Andrew McCarthy wrote that the special counsel knew “they couldn’t make the criminal case in court, and that the best way to hurt Trump was to get their work to Congress, where it might fuel an impeachment push and would surely damage the president politically.”

Mueller’s testimony was supposed to fuel the impeachment push. Instead, his testimony showed the American public what a sham the whole investigation was right from the start. It backfired on the Democrats and proved that President Trump was right all along.

Mueller’s testimony was the finale of the Russia-Trump hoax. After three years of hearing about the Russia-Trump hoax, we’re now close to learning how the whole thing got started and why. Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal recently wrote, “The most notable aspect of the Mueller report was always what it omitted: the origins of this mess.” She believes the investigation, which we were told was solely about Russian interference, “was equally about protecting the miscreants behind the Russia-collusion hoax.”

Rep. Jim Jordan concluded his questioning of Robert Mueller saying that the good news is that William Barr and John Durham are going to find out how all of this got started. “They’re going to find out why we went through this three-year saga and get to the bottom of it,” he said.

In Mr. Flurry’s Trumpet article, he wrote that 2 Kings 14:26-27 is prophecy for America today. America was being afflicted. He wrote:

This prophecy shows that the primary problem in America that God has to save Israel from today is the spirit of Antiochus! That man’s influence continues to plague America today through the “deep state,” which he largely controlled. Look at the corruption within the government that had taken hold. In a democracy, it is very hard to get those rotten people out of office.

For America to be saved, those agencies need to be cleaned up and made to abide by the rules. If they are driven by ideology rather than the Constitution and the law, then they will quickly turn America into a tyrannical state! That is what happens without government to implement the law—and that is what America was close to experiencing! But something happened to stop that—at least temporarily.

Mueller’s investigation was a continuation of the Obama administration’s attack on the Trump presidency. It provided years of cover for the real lawbreakers. They were close to bringing down the United States. You need to understand what God is working out here and why. Why is He saving America by the hand of Jeroboam—temporarily? Why did He set a “trap” to stop the Mueller investigation? And what does all of this mean for you? Gerald Flurry’s article “Can President Trump Get Control of His Own Divided Government?” explains the biblical prophecies relating to events happening in America’s federal government.