Pro-life Dad Acquitted of Trumped-up Charges

A federal jury acquitted a pro-life activist whose house was raided by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents last fall in front of his wife and children. On January 30, the jury ruled that Mark Houck was not guilty of violating federal law for protecting his son from an angry abortion activist.

Last fall, dozens of fbi agents raided Houck’s home with battering rams and arrested him for clashing with a pro-abortion activist at a Planned Parenthood rally a year earlier. Houck was officially charged with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, but his attorney argued that the Biden administration was intimidating pro-life people.

Political persecution: It’s hard to argue with the fact that the Biden administration is deliberately persecuting Christians for their beliefs. The fbi used overwhelming force to arrest Houck a year after his alleged crime even though his attorney told the United States Department of Justice that Houck would turn himself in if they asked. Houck’s wife said the fbi “had big, huge rifles pointed at [her husband] and pointed at me and kind of pointed throughout the house.”

This raid aimed to convey that pro-life activism is not allowed in Biden’s America. But the fact that a jury has acquitted Houck is a positive sign for the rule of law.

Prophecy says: There is a lot of confusion surrounding the future of religious freedom in America. Many are hopeful that a future Trump administration will make religious freedom great again. Others are pessimistic that Christians will ever again enjoy the First Amendment freedoms America’s Founding Fathers intended them to have.

Yet a prophecy in Amos 7 speaks of a time when the U.S. is ruled by a strong political figure supported by a religious movement referred to as the “sanctuaries of Israel” and “the king’s chapel” (verses 9, 13). These verses do not necessarily herald the return of “religious freedom,” but they do herald a time when mainstream Christians will hold much more power in American politics than they do currently. For more information, read “What Will Happen to Religious Freedom?” and “Is America’s Supreme Court in Bible Prophecy?