Philadelphia Trumpet  •  April 2008  •  Volume 19, No. 4
  • World
    On the March
    As other nations refuse to give the U.S. any more military support in Afghanistan, Germany steps up.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Oslo Accord: Israel’s Death Knell
    Israel is facing its greatest crisis since being founded in 1948. Its survival as a nation is at stake. It can survive only if Israelis return to their roots.
  • WorldWatch
  • Commentary
    A Keen Sense of Crisis
    It can make the difference between life and death.
  • World
    Minerals: Crumbling Bedrock of U.S. Security
    America’s reliance on the kindness of foreign nations to supply our basic needs has starved our industry. Next will be our military, then the nation.
  • Uncovering Ancient Jerusalem
    While politicians draw up plans to divide Israel’s capital city, archaeologists are busily digging up Jerusalem’s celebrated past.
  • Bending the World to Its Rules
    Europe’s growing ability to dictate global regulations and business practices is worth watching.
  • Funding the Enemy
  • The Unseen Danger in Political Violence
    Recent rioting in Kenya could have consequences the participants aren’t considering.
  • America’s Greatest Foreign-Policy Blunder?
    Was the decision to invade Iraq America’s greatest foreign-policy blunder? Or was it just the consequence of an even greater error of judgment?
  • The Kosovo Battleground
    Do you understand how significant recent events in Kosovo are? A major battle is heating up between two rising superpowers!
  • Living
    You Are Your Child’s Talent Scout
    This particular job description of the parent has eternal effects!
  • Society
    In ___ We Trust
    A pop quiz for American presidents—and presidential candidates
  • Religion
    Life’s Most Important Questions
    How many people even ask them? Yet here is a book that purports to answer them.
  • ‘Largest Audience Possible’ (Part 17)
    In his book Raising the Ruins, now available in bookstores, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the 16th chapter.