Drag Queen Story Time: Sponsored by Taxpayers Like You

Keanya Philyan, 5, greets Austin Tx, drag queen Brigitte Bandit during a drag time story hour at the Waterloo Greenway park on June 10, 2023 in Austin, Texas.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Drag Queen Story Time: Sponsored by Taxpayers Like You

The government is funding the culture war.

Next week, Fay and Fluffy are coming to my town. All three public libraries in the community will be hosting a drag queen story time featuring the two men. Both wear women’s clothes and wigs, except one has a full beard and chest hair coming out of the neckline on his strapless summer dress. In the audience will be elementary kids and their parents.

“Drag stars Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé have been doing drag story times since June 2016,” their website biography states. “They especially want to support families with lgbtq2s parent(s) and gender-variant children, and read culturally diverse books, by providing a supportive and inclusive environment focused on fun. Everyone is welcome!”

The duo host a preschoolers variety show called “The Fabulous Show,” which is on the Family Channel, Family Jr. and YouTube. It has been nominated for several Canadian Screen Awards and won the Shaw Rocket Fund Kid’s Choice Award. The Shaw Rocket Fund is an initiative by Shaw, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada, to fund “quality Canadian children’s content.”

Fay and Fluffy have a jam-packed schedule. Every few days, the two are doing a story time at a public library, hosting a dance party, participating in pride celebrations, or doing nature walks in the Toronto area. The two even host drag events for Purim, Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah. Between the live events and their tv show, thousands of children watch them and interact with them each year.

Fay and Fluffy are clients of Vision Drag Artists, a Canadian talent agency for drag queens. The agency represents 43 drag queens, each sporting varying degrees of makeup, wigs, chest and facial hair. Vision Drag has partnerships with around 64 corporations and organizations. Nearly all of them you will recognize. Notice this graphic from Vision Drag’s website:

Screenshot from Vision Drag website, July 31, 2023.

The biggest corporations in the world, Canada’s biggest banks and Toronto’s professional sports teams are all partners with Vision Drag. Did you spot the only one that isn’t a private corporation? Holding that distinction is the Parliament of Canada. It is no secret the Trudeau government supports the lgbtq community. But this includes all members of Parliament—all political parties.

Public libraries, community centers and schools are reaching out to Vision Drag and other agencies to book these activities. It is not only the drag queens pushing this into the lives of children; government-funded institutions are forcing this agenda forward.

Fay’s real name is JP Kane, and he is a teacher at the Toronto District School Board. Fluffy’s real name is Kaleb Robertson; he is a DJ, performer, child-care provider, and used to run a home daycare for kids. Why do so many of these drag queens’ careers involve being around children? Should men who cross-dress and read explicit lgbtq books be allowed powerful platforms to impact young minds?

Drag queen story times have become the tip of the spear in the culture wars. They are the foot soldiers of the lgbtq movement’s aggressive strategy to impact children. They have caused controversy in the United States and, to a lesser extent, in Canada. Despite some pushback, they are growing in popularity, attracting large crowds of families. What is behind the rising tide of drag queen story times?

It is taxpayers like you and me. Whether we like it or not, municipal, provincial and federal governments use our tax money to fund drag queen story time in a variety of ways. The rise of an lgbtq population is not an inevitable tide, evolution of morality or organic expansion. It is an intricately engineered government initiative to push their radical left social agenda.

One way the government of Canada funds drag performers is the Canada Council for the Arts. This organization receives funds from the government to promote Canadian-produced art. It gives grants to different performers, venues and agencies. This past year it received $500 million to promote Canadian artists, and it gave two $30,000 grants to the Vancouver-based Storytelling With Drag Queens Foundation, which supports 18 drag queens—including one named “Satanix”—to host story times to promote lgbtq literacy with children and teens.

Here are some other events funded by taxpayer money:

  • The Ontario government partially funded an all-ages Christmas drag show with “Miss Drew” in Kitchener, Ontario, on Dec. 1, 2022.
  • The Manitoba Theater for Young People (mtyp) will hold a teenagers “drag camp” from August 21 to 25 this year. Teenagers will be taught how to dress like women and perform on stage. In 2022, the mtyp received $241,993 in funding from the Canadian government.
  • The Carousel Theater for Young People in Vancouver hosted a “Junior Drag Camp” and a “Teen Drag Camp” in July of this year. The theater received funds from local, provincial and federal governments.
  • The National Arts Center, the premier performing arts center in the nation’s capital, was given $28 million in 2023. During the annual winter festival in Ottawa, it hosted a free all-ages drag queen story time, which included one performer who had pornographic content on their social media. The winter festival also featured a “Drag on Ice” event.
  • The school board in the Quebec City region spent $1600 this summer on a drag queen conference with performer “Barbada de Barbades.”
  • Pride Season, or what they call “2slgbtqia+ Pride Season,” began this summer with Liberal cabinet ministers attending an all-ages drag show on Parliament Hill—the very seat of government.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your teachers believe, or what school district your kids attend in: Drag queen story time is becoming a normal activity. Provincial governments, who control the curriculum, view it as part of their social agenda. Public libraries and performing arts centers schedule these events to conform to the government’s agenda because that is who is funding them. This is the reality of Canadian education.

The Toronto School Board is facing backlash from lgbtq activists for giving parents the option to opt their kids out of drag queen story time. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a mandatory activity in many districts.

The same level of government funding is also present in the United States. In October last year, Republicans introduced the “Stop the Sexualization of Children Act,” which would prohibit the federal government from funding sexually explicit activities for kids under the age of 10. The act hasn’t moved forward in Congress. Drag queen story time in New York City has received $200,000 in taxpayer money from the city and the state. Drag Story Hour NY also received several grants and subsidies from the Department of Education and the Council of the Arts.

The indirect method of funding allows governments to push the agenda without accountability. The radical left wants the lgbtq lifestyle to appear to have an organic quality to its spread, instead of being exposed as a social-engineering effort.

Here is a sampling of the common books that are read at drag story times:

  • My Princess Boy, by Cheryl Kilodavis: a mom’s story about a young boy who likes to dress up.
  • 10,000 Dresses, by Marcus Ewert: a boy who dreams of wearing dresses is ridiculed by his unsympathetic family.
  • Prince & Knight, by Daniel Haack: a prince goes on an adventure and finds romance in an unexpected place.
  • Jacob’s New Dress, by Sarah and Ian Hoffman: a boy convinces his parents to let him wear a dress to school like he does at home.
  • The Rainbow Parade, by Emily Neilson: a girl recounts her first time at a pride parade with her two moms.

God created a child’s mind to be very impressionable. Most of the habits, ways of thinking and concepts learned as a child leave a lifelong impression on the individual’s character. Drag queen story time is engraving this lifestyle as a part of normal life in these children. It exposes them to crippling sin and perversion before they have the character and experience to make their own decisions and discern the consequences of their actions. It forces them to make life-altering decisions before they properly understand anything about life.

For most children, it is the parents who are putting them into these environments. If you are a parent taking your child to drag queen story time, you are either shamefully naive or willfully exposing your children to perversion.

Drag queen story time also exposes the ultimate aim of the lgbtq movement. Most people in that lifestyle cannot procreate, so how do they perpetuate their lifestyle generation to generation? They plant the seeds in the minds of children. By taking advantage of a child’s naivety, innocence and ignorance, they can shape the next generation to be lgbtq, or at least accept and embrace that lifestyle. It is a simple fact of history that aggressive, society-altering ideologies target children to fulfill their objectives.

This is being indirectly funded by you. The taxes we pay are funneled to perverts and pedophiles who prey on our children to promote their ideology. Our governments are funding a culture war on your family. City councilors, school board members, mayors, state or provincial legislatures, members of Congress and Parliament and our heads of state are all on the side of the drag queens. This is part of the long-term strategy coined by Tim McCaskell, the founding father of Canadian gay activism. The nation is at the point where our only expression of nationalism is support for lgbtq values.

The Bible prophesies our nations would promote sin in these last days. Isaiah 3:9 says: “The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.” We are not hiding sin, but embracing it and showcasing it to our children.

Verse 12 continues: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” We have a nation full of broken families. Our governments are promoting Sodom and Gomorrah as our national lifestyle!

There is a war going on for your children, family and mind. The only way to win your spiritual war is to turn to God’s truth. Read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s article “The Inspiring Reason Marriage and Family Must Be Defended” to learn more about this incredible truth!