The Rise of Queer Theology

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The Rise of Queer Theology

The capitulation of churches to Sodom and Gomorrah

Is God queer? According to a rising sect in Christianity, that is the very definition of God and the gospel. “Queer theology” is a progressive ideology of modern Christianity that is spreading throughout many long-established denominations. With the onslaught of pride month and lgbtq values, the sect is growing stronger each year.

“Rather than merely settling for the acceptance of gender-nonconforming people within existing marital norms and social expectations,” wrote John Murawski at Real Clear Investigations, “queer theology questions heterosexual assumptions and binary gender norms as limiting, oppressive and anti-biblical, and centers queerness as the redemptive message of Christianity.” Queer theology aggressively promotes the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender lifestyle as the message of the Bible.

Murawski continued:

In this form of worship, “queering” encourages the faithful to problematize, disrupt and destabilize the assumptions behind heteronormativity and related social structures such as monogamy, marriage and capitalism. These provocative theologians and ministers assert that queerness is not only natural and healthy but biblically celebrated. They assert that God is not the patron deity of the respectable, the privileged and the comfortable, but rather God has a “preferential option” for the promiscuous, the outcast, the excluded and the impure.

This theology seeks to flip the Bible truth on its head. God is not a family, or the author of family and gender; but rather, God is the epitome of lgbtq gender fluidity and endorses sexual sins as a form of righteousness.

These are some examples from Real Clear Investigations of queer theology courses being taught by mainstream churches:

  • A Presbyterian church goes viral online for marking the Transgender Day of Visibility with a public prayer to the “God of Pronouns.” The congregants of the church, First Presbyterian of Iowa City, pay obeisance to “the God of Trans Being,” giving due glory to “the Great They/Them.”

  • The United Methodist Church boasts the first drag queen in the world to become a certified candidate for ordination. This traveling minister, who describes drag ministry as a “divine duty,” is lauded by a Florida pastor as “an angel in heels” after appearing in that church in a sequin dress to deliver a children’s sermon and denounce the privilege of whiteness and cis-ness.

  • At Duke University’s Methodist-affiliated divinity school, pastors-in-training and future religious leaders conduct a pride worship service in which they glorify the Great Queer One, Fluid and Ever-Becoming One. The service leads off with a prayer honoring God as queerness incarnate: “You are drag queen and transman and genderfluid, incapable of limiting your vast expression of beauty.”

  • And the Presbyterian News Service offers online educational series such as “Queering the Bible” (2022) and “Queering the Prophets” (2023) during pride month. …

  • Courses on queer theology are offered at the leading progressive divinity schools, such as Harvard Divinity School, whose spring 2023 catalog lists “Queering Congregations: Contextual Approaches for Dismantling Heteronormativity.” The class trains ministers and educators in “subverting the heterosexist paradigms and binary assumptions that perpetuate oppression in American ecclesial spaces.”

These are not rogue preachers or tiny churches in downtown San Francisco. They are mainstream, prestigious Christian churches promoting queer theology. Some examples couldn’t be included in this article because of their vulgarity. Thousands upon thousands of people attend these churches. Many regard them as part of conservative America, which is supposed to be a guardian of our Judeo-Christian values.

If you are a Christian, you should be asking some serious questions. Why are churches that call themselves Christian teaching queer theology? What does the Bible actually teach about sex, family and the gospel?

These are important questions, and they expose some painful truths about the state of Christianity in America. What the Bible actually teaches sets us free from deception, unhappiness and confusion (John 8:32).

Queer theology is not based on the Bible, but on The Communist Manifesto. It is a product of Christian denominations mixing communism with their version of the gospel. “Queer theology is an outgrowth of academic queer theory and Latin American Liberation Theology, a Marxist movement advocating for peasants, indigenous groups, and other oppressed classes, and builds on earlier social justice movements, such as radical feminism and gay rights,” Murawski wrote. Many of these churches have become part of the social justice movement, pushing whatever cause the Marxist cultural movement promotes. The church as an activist organization is becoming more mainstream.

How could churches supposedly following Jesus Christ allow this theology into their teachings? Many of the ministers teaching this doctrine engage in the lgbtq lifestyle themselves and lead their church into accepting and promoting queer theology. The congregants they attract are those engaging in these sexual deviancies. This highlights an important role religion and religious leaders have always played in the attitude toward sex in society.

For centuries the “old morality” dominated the Western world’s attitude toward sex. This was the idea that all sex is shameful and only to be used to procreate. This is not based on biblical teachings but on the pagan doctrine of dualism. Sexual perversion still occurred, but it was hidden. This repressive teaching was smashed after World War ii. The “new morality” of the 1960s broke off the moral restraints, and the attitude toward sex shifted to the opposite extreme of promiscuity and no limits. Each successive generation increased in the acceptance of a lifestyle without restraint. Churches also began shifting their attitude and teachings toward sex.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in God Speaks Out on ‘the New Morality’:

[T]he subtle manner in which so many ministers today are injecting this so-called “new morality” into a so-called Christianity. They profess to uphold a high standard of morals—but they “allow for the exceptional case.” They put emphasis on the compassion of Jesus—and then they twist and pervert His true compassion by having “compassion” on the “exceptional” case of one who is the “victim” of homosexuality, or of a “problem” of sex.

Churches began tolerating sin and accepting it into congregations. This exposes a glaring flaw in modern Christianity: They universally teach that God’s law has been done away with, nailed with Christ on the stake. If there is no law, then there is no right or wrong use of sex. In the place of law, modern Christianity teaches “grace,” saying that Christ’s death allows you to live any lifestyle you like, and God will accept you as you are. This kind of religion has no strength or authority to resist the shifting moral tides of society. In fact, it is destined to accept the attitudes of society. Over time, as social norms became more perverse, so did Christian churches.

However, queer theology is nothing new. This is actually a rebirth of the ancient doctrine of the Nicolaitans, a first-century group that competed with and counterfeited the church started by Jesus Christ. Mr. Armstrong explained this doctrine, writing:

They took the principle of the Scripture: “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” (Romans 5:20). The argument was that bestowing grace glorifies God and His great power. If sin abounds, then grace abounds much more. Therefore, the more we sin, the more God’s grace abounds—and the more God is glorified by forgiving so much more! …

The more sinful they paint fornication—or any use of sex—the greater was God’s glory in forgiving it and bestowing grace. This was their diabolical argument. This was their doctrine!

This is what queer theology is: The greater the sexual deviancy, the greater grace is on display. According to Murawski, “queer theology scholarship is an affirmation of all things sensual, sexual, lusty and intemperate, a literature accentuated with allusions to anonymous hookups, communal sex, leather clubs and sadomasochistic practices.” Queer theology is the wholehearted acceptance of Sodom and Gomorrah by modern Christianity. People who teach these false doctrines are not ministers of Christ; they are fulfilling 2 Corinthians 11:14-15. Jesus Christ emphatically condemns the doctrine of the Nicolaitans as a “thing I hate” (Revelation 2:6, 15).

What does the Bible teach regarding sex, marriage and family? In Genesis 1:26-27, God reveals that man was created in His “image” and “likeness.” Mankind was not only created in the form and shape of God but with the purpose of having God’s own righteous character reproduced in our minds. Notice verse 27: God specifically made “male and female.” The two genders are an essential part of God’s master plan. How?

“The Bible not only shows that God created male and female, authored marriage, and commanded laws to protect marriage,” writes Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, “but it also reveals that marriage links closely with mankind’s incredible purpose and potential, which is to be born into God’s Family!” The physical family unit is only a type of the spiritual God family. By fulfilling the God-ordained roles of male and female in family life, while obeying God’s perfect law (Romans 7:12), we build the character to qualify to be a part of the eternal, spiritual family.

However, this way of life is not easy. It is one of trial, tests and overcoming. While we do need good works, we are saved by grace, through faith (Ephesians 2:8-10). Herein lies the true redemptive power of the gospel. It is not in living sinfully and God accepting you as you are, but God giving us the power of His Holy Spirit to overcome sin and change what we are! It all starts with repentance. Unrepented of sin leads to death (Romans 6:23; Proverbs 14:12). Queer theology leads to death. Yet God’s true gospel shows the way to abundant living and eternal life!

God does not expect Christians to strive for their incredible human potential alone. The Church started by Jesus Christ is what feeds and protects the true Christians God has called. There is one true Church that teaches the true gospel of the Kingdom of God. It is up to each individual to prove where God’s Church is today.

God is a family. Queer theology and other false doctrines are a satanic attack on the true gospel of God. By destroying the physical family, it is easier to destroy someone’s potential in the spiritual family. As more and more churches embrace Sodom and Gomorrah, God’s one true Church continues to preserve and teach biblical truths on marriage and family.

To learn more about these foundational truths, read “The Inspiring Reason Marriage and Family Must Be Defended” and The Incredible Human Potential.