The Tragedy of Stars, Snowflakes and Maple Leaves

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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The Tragedy of Stars, Snowflakes and Maple Leaves

Justin Trudeau begins breaking with the crown.

Canada is radically changing its symbolism to deny its British roots. Much of this change revolves around Britain’s royal family. The tradition and symbolism of the throne is one of the last bulwarks of protection against a Trudeau government that has the ultimate aim to make Canada into the world’s first “post-national state.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to radically transform Canada. This crown and heritage stand in his way.

The ‘Trudeau Crown’

On Sept. 27, 2022, King Charles iii announced that the Tudor crown would be used as the royal crown on his official symbol on the monogram. His mother used St. Edward’s Crown, which is the crown placed on the monarch’s head during a coronation. The crowns differ in style. Britain and some Commonwealth nations were preparing for this change. This is more than just an image on a coat-of-arms or passport: It is symbolic of the throne’s authority and presence in national life.

But Justin Trudeau has changed that. Instead of accepting the symbol, Trudeau used formal advice to force the King to accept a new Canadian royal crown. Constitutionally, if the King had refused the advice, Trudeau would have had to resign.

According to historian Christopher McCreery, the fact that this new crown design was “forced on Charles iii through formal advice from the prime minister recklessly drags the symbol of the crown as an object, the institution of constitutional monarchy, and the person of the head of state, into the political realm. This trifecta assault upon the royal prerogative is unprecedented in Canadian history. Forcing this matter on advice makes the decision to override the King’s personal decision to adopt the Tudor Crown a political decision.” In other words, Trudeau usurped the authority of the King with his own authority, for a political agenda. It symbolically elevated the office of the prime minister above that of the British throne.

That is reflected in the symbols used in this new Canadian royal crown. McCreery wrote:

The new Canadian crown is shorn of all its ancient and religious symbols, notably crosses and the fleur-de-lis. While the new crown has the vague shape of a Tudor crown, its flat appearance, sparsely filled arches, coupled with the fact it is just a drawing (there is no intention to have the actual royal hat made), leaves us with a symbol of authority void of history, authority or presence; a source of ridicule and derision.

This new crown is a vehicle to disconnect Canada from its roots in religion, British traditions and the Bible. It is a purely secular symbol that points people to landscapes and physical objects, not the spiritual or visionary.

This is the most significant step away from the British monarchy since Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson changed the Canadian flag in 1965. Yet the changes do not stop there.

No Defender, or Helper, for Canada

Another unprecedented change to the throne can be found on the last page of the Trudeau government’s 2023 budget. King Charles will not have the title of “Defender of the Faith” in Canada. “[Trudeau’s] government has signaled it’s not interested in continuing the monarch’s religious role in Canada,” John Paul Tasker wrote for cbc News. “For the first time since Confederation, the royal title of the Canadian monarch will not include the ‘defender’ role or an explicit reference to Charles’s Christian faith.” This change is being enacted by amending the Royal Style and Titles Act.

In a way, these changes aren’t a surprise. King Charles himself wants to modernize the monarchy. Religion is taking an increasingly smaller role in Canadian society. The cbc sums up most Canadians’ reactions to these changes with a “collective shrug.”

Yet what the Canadian government ultimately wants removed from the fabric of society is the way the monarchy links people to King David and biblical traditions.

Erasing the Past

One of the main features of the Trudeau government since coming to power in 2015 has been the steady censorship of Canadian history. Hundreds of historic plaques and dozens of references on the Canada Archives website have been removed because they reflect what the government calls a white supremacist, colonialist past.

Online references to Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister whose government endorsed Residential Schools, has been systemically blotted out. Parks Canada is planning to change 200 plaques because they exclude Indigenous points of view or are too colonial. Last year, an educational program funded by the Canadian government branded the Red Ensign—Canada’s historic flag—as a white supremacist symbol.

This attack on history is continuing with the new passport design the Trudeau government just released. While some of the changes are updates to resist fraud, the government has removed the traditional images of important historical figures and events, like Terry Fox and the Vimy Ridge Memorial. It has been redesigned to reflect Canada’s diversity and natural landscapes, with splashes of rainbow and generic images of nature and common activities.

When all of these actions are combined, a clear agenda to transform Canadian culture emerges. In Claws of the Panda, Jonathan Manthorpe writes: “Mao [Zedong] tried to destroy ancient China and create a country with a Marxist culture uncoupled from its past.” Trudeau, too, is attempting to uncouple Canada from its past and replace it with a Marxist culture. This should not be surprising coming from the man who says he has an “admiration” for “China’s basic dictatorship.”

Breaking With the Throne

The Trumpet has reported on Canada and other members of the Commonwealth drifting away from the British monarchy. In fact, according to an Abacus Data poll, 2 in 3 Canadians would vote to eliminate the monarchy.

“When asked whether Canada should continue to have a monarch as its head of state,” reported Abacus, “12 percent definitely feel it should while more than double the number feel it definitely shouldn’t. In total, 30 percent feel it should continue to have a monarch or lean towards feeling that way while 52 percent believe Canada shouldn’t or lean in that direction. Eighteen percent say they don’t care either way.”

It appears it will only be a matter of time until this occurs. Constitutionally, it could be difficult and messy to break from the throne, but the recent changes undertaken by Trudeau are definite steps in that direction.

To properly understand these events, they must be viewed in light of the very object Trudeau is trying to remove from Canada: the Bible. These events are actually the combination of a number of Bible prophecies being fulfilled.

Justin Trudeau has been part of a prophesied Communist infiltration that has been fundamentally transforming the United States, Britain, Canada and other Commonwealth nations. These nations are descendants of biblical Israel. (Prove this for yourself by reading The United States and Britain in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong.) These Marxists need to destroy religious and historic traditions in order to permanently change Canada’s culture.

A prophecy in 2 Kings 14 says these radical forces are trying to “blot out the name of Israel.” The throne remains a bulwark against this Communist tide, but Trudeau’s usurpation of royal prerogative represents an escalation in this agenda. “[I]t was not a Canadian crown that was unveiled on coronation day, but rather the prime minister’s crown,” McCreery wrote.

The decline of the British monarchy is also prophesied to occur right before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. The erosion of loyalty, authority and morality of the throne coincides with a profound change that occurred to that throne in 2017. This was a major prophetic event that forever changed the trajectory of the British royal family. This change is reflected in the drifting away of the Commonwealth that was solely bound together by that throne.

Trudeau’s systemic removal of religion from society helps fulfill his agenda. It is also the fulfillment of 2 Timothy 3:1-4, which says those living in our day would be living in “perilous times.” Verse 4 says our nations would be filled with “[t]raitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God ….” This is an accurate description of how God views the Canadian government and society. More and more Canadians are turning their backs on God and religion. This is a national tragedy that will end in a national collapse.

Even as modern Israel collapses, God has a plan of redemption. As an individual, it is not too late to heed God’s warning message and change the trajectory of your life. If you are concerned about what is happening in Canada right now, read our books The United States and Britain in Prophecy and The New Throne of David.