Anthony Chibarirwe

Using rogue nations as allies and diplomacy as a cover, the Islamic Republic is exporting its revolution to Central and South America.

What the ouster of Dilma Rousseff means for Brazil’s past and future allegiance

Venezuela is becoming a failed state. What will it be after it falls?

Investigations into past Iranian terrorist attacks in Argentina reveal the extent of its terror network in Latin America and its determination to sponsor global chaos.

What the legislation targeting leftist organizations reveals about Israel’s dire straits

What his appointment to Israel’s second-most powerful office means for the nation

A ‘recipe for disaster’

The Islamic Republic’s terrorist reach extends well beyond the Middle East.

The conflict in Syria is proving to be more challenging than previously estimated.

The lethal comeback by the al Qaeda franchise in Yemen does not bode well for U.S. national security.

Let the numbers and law enforcement officers speak for themselves.

No great expectations for Afghanistan

It was a ‘very big conspiracy.’

Unprecedented in the Middle East

According to a United States intelligence report, Iran’s national character remains belligerent as ever. Why then has its public image changed drastically in the past few months?

An impending war in Libya may draw the North African nation into its last war as a nation.

Saudi Arabia’s latest coalition, however ridiculous and impractical it might appear, foreshadows dramatic developments awaiting the Middle East.

It appears the Islamist militia is still going strong.

Is your guess as good as anyone else’s?

The pope is planning a trip that, for security concerns, may never happen. Why?

How the United States has utterly failed to stop the crisis in one of the world’s prime state sponsors of terrorism

What unites us ought to be greater than what divides us

‘This is the new normal.’

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