Jeremiah Jacques

Cambodia Kicks U.S. Military Unit Out, Accepts $157 Million From China

Cambodia is among the latest of several Asian nations to switch partnerships from America to China.

After the U.S.’s unsuccessful pivot to counter China, many of America’s allies feel forced to reorient themselves alongside Beijing.

Normally when a person is hated, he hates right back. Not Daryl Davis.

The latest bold move by Vladimir Putin to rebuild the Soviet empire.

The tension over the disputed territory in the South China Sea is about to escalate to another level.

Another attempt by Russia to undermine the West

How will the previously pro-Russian president respond?

The former head of the Australian Defense Force says China’s military rise in the strategic region is almost complete.

Will the Nippon Kaigi group steer Japan into a repetition of World War II-era nationalism?

Will the president-elect’s statement be viewed as a ‘red line’ that comes back to haunt him?

News-making in America is transforming in a way that often casts truth aside. But there is cause for hope.