Jeremiah Jacques

‘The time will show how it will develop.’

Nearby nations will be forced to ‘reexamine their political will to resist Beijing’s coercion and weigh the benefits of a rapprochement instead.’

‘Just because Korea chose the U.S. 70 years ago does not mean it has to choose the U.S. for the next 70 years, too.’

Abe has now left the prime minister’s office, but that does not mean his goals have.

A new agreement ‘puts Laos fast on the track of becoming a pseudo-province of China.’

China has ‘marshalled the resources, technology and political will over the past two decades to strengthen and modernize’ its military ‘in nearly every respect.’

The drills may show that the days of Taiwanese independence are numbered.

‘Whether or not he gave the order personally, the blame lies with him.’

Europe lately can’t criticize America loudly enough. But when it comes to another nation’s lies, theft and shocking human rights abuses, Europe is relatively silent.

‘Things may actually be different this time.’

In the post-covid era, Beijing’s power over the region could greatly expand, helping propel it along the fast track toward superpower status.

‘It’s a remarkable story about a remarkable feat of humanity.’

Whether he genuinely fears war or is only appeasing China, the president’s remarks are consistent with an aim that has been evident throughout his presidency: to move the Philippines away from Washington and toward Beijing.

How vulnerable is the United States?

How will the people of Europe respond to Vladimir Putin’s increasingly militaristic and dictatorial direction?

Though Moscow’s current overtures are unlikely to build a Russia-Japan partnership, evidence shows that such a union is on the horizon.

The strongman could essentially rule Russia as long as he lives. But his declining popularity may herald a darker chapter in his reign.

With the stroke of a pen, the bastion of prosperity and freedom has been turned into just another oppressed and fearful Chinese city.

What takes its place may represent a large step in Tokyo’s return to open militarism.

Coronavirus or not, the Russian ruler pressed ahead with the parades and the referendum.

China long thought time was on its side with Taiwan, but a number of factors are now challenging that view.

Recent bloodshed has stained Sino-Indian relations—but for how long?

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