Jeremiah Jacques

More evidence that China is ‘steering the world toward war.’

Europe is ‘under increasing pressure’ to demonstrate that it can ‘push back’ against Russia.

The Chinese have officially denied that the world’s largest infrastructure also has military uses, until now.

‘Resentment is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.’

Russian forces are about 8,000 miles from home—and within 90 miles of Florida.

Fifty years ago this summer, the world looked to the heavens and wondered, ‘What is man?’

Iranian leaders have their backs against the wall, and they believe a glorious caliphate is only a world war away.

‘Europe’s dreadful fear of Vladimir Putin—its next-door neighbor—is going to help shape and form the Holy Roman Empire rather suddenly.’

‘From the bottom of my heart, I would warn anyone, in any country, beware of the Chinese government.’

Beijing’s grip on ‘the world’s most valuable commercial artery’ is tightening.

Rhetoric surrounding Russia’s growing military might often emphasizes Moscow’s drive to challenge America, but the more important region to watch for a response is Europe.

The Chinese Communist Party, which mercilessly slaughtered its own citizens 30 years ago today, is now supported by a strong majority of China’s 1.4 billion people.

Prime Minister Modi’s mandate is strengthened, including his policy toward Russia.

This ‘emerging superpower’ is powerful and important, and becoming more so all the time.

One more notable sign of China’s deepening influence in Latin America

‘Russia’s icebreakers make it king of the Arctic, and America is just a pauper.’

The global economy is being reoriented—away from the United States.

‘[O]ur ties are not only back on a normal track but will continue to develop in a healthy and stable manner.’

After pausing for more than 500 days, North Korea has test-launched a different kind of nuclear-capable missile.

The American Navy struggles to maintain its advantage.

This terrifying problem has a cause—and a solution.

Time has shown that Herbert W. Armstrong’s forecasts about Russia and China are right.

‘Russia’s icebreakers make it king of the Arctic, and America is just a pauper.’

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