Jeremiah Jacques

‘Everything has been taken under control of the ccp.’

The Russian Navy’s famous Baltic Fleet will soon be capable of greater destruction. How will European nations respond?

The Chinese Communist Party’s self-serving behavior throughout the coronavirus crisis provides a preview of the kind of rule that will soon dominate the world.

The breakup between the world’s two largest economies will shake the world.

‘The stable operation of China-Europe cargo trains has remained a reliable transportation channel connecting China, Europe and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.’

Spreading the virus to America wasn’t enough for China.

Beijing’s lifeline to Sri Lankans throughout the coronavirus pandemic helps it strengthen its hold on another vital ‘sea gate.’

‘The pace and manner by which the Chinese government is modernizing its stockpile is worrying, destabilizing.’

‘Like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief.’

Russia’s leader is resetting the clock on his term limits, clearing the way for him to rule until 2036.

The dragon and the elephant continue to draw closer.

Italians are coming to view China less as the originator of covid-19 and more as a valuable partner during their hour of need.

The Chinese Communist Party’s corruption and negligence throughout the crisis offers a preview of the kind of rule that will soon go global.

Efforts to definitively contain covid-19 remain elusive.

Russia’s leader will reset the clock on his term limits, clearing the way for him to rule until 2036.

A new set of policies will make Russia more mobile, capable and powerful in the increasingly important region.

Predictions of future world events always fail—or do they?

The cosmos displays a breathtaking message—now with unprecedented clarity. Do you see what it is showing us?

The expanding pandemic could help shift the global power balance in line with Bible prophecy.

How difficult would it be for one of the nation’s ruthless terrorist groups to gain control over its nuclear arms?

The expanding pandemic is the worst crisis the Chinese Communist Party has faced since 1989. It could work toward shifting the global power balance in a way that the Trumpet has been expecting.

What happens when one man attains absolute power over hundreds of millions?

Scripture shows that the pale horseman is not finished riding.

The global situation is ‘profoundly unstable.’

The development takes on great significance when viewed through the lens of Bible prophecy.

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