Jeremiah Jacques

America’s rivals in the East are walking on Central Asian sunshine.

The Belarussian leader saw that his days of walking the tightrope between Russia and the West were over; his years of resisting Putin had come to an end.

‘This is a very sad reality that all of us need to wake up to.’

The stolen data also affects many of our children.

The giants of Asia are drawing ever nearer to each other.

Cuba’s suppression of the largest anti-government protests in six decades was made possible by China’s export of ‘digital authoritarianism.’ Now the Chinese are more deeply entrenched—just 90 miles from the United States.

Xi Jinping’s expansion of Chinese nuclear firepower appears to be happening at a breakneck pace.

More and more onlookers are coming to recognize how destructive China’s ongoing assault is. But there is one momentous aspect of it that few understand.

And the United States is more vulnerable to them than any other nation.

Rhetoric regarding Russia’s rising military power often stresses Moscow’s aim to challenge America, but the more important region to watch for a response is Europe.

One more sign of deepening ties between the two Asian giants

The Cold War ended decades ago, but the nuclear threat is intensifying. You may think thermonuclear bombs couldn’t get any more dangerous. But they can—and they are.

By serving a child selflessly, one woman had a profound impact on Western civilization. Who might the children in your life grow up to be?

More evidence of a ‘dangerous new era’

‘This expressway is another testament to the unbreakable ironclad friendship between Cambodia and China.’

‘Once again, America has showcased its broken will to the whole world.’

‘This is just the latest case involving professors or researchers concealing their affiliations with China from their American employers and the U.S. government.’

What is behind China’s deepening foothold in Central Asia?

This brazen move is only the latest showing that the days of China biding its time and hiding its strength are over.

‘Sri Lanka is on a highway to becoming a Chinese colony.’

‘No other external actor is capable of matching China’s economic capacity and investment potential in the region.’

‘The digital yuan’s acceptance beyond mainland China could give the regime a significant geo-economic tool, one that bypasses the network of banks and financial institutions that are subject to U.S. laws and binds client states more directly to Beijing.’

The Chinese ‘blinked’ last month. Now they’re back in greater numbers.

And the U.S.-India partnership grows weaker.

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