Jeremiah Jacques

‘The Ukraine debacle has taken us a giant step closer to World War iii.’

The United Nations has ruled that Britain must give up the strategically vital Chagos Archipelago, and Bible prophecy shows that it will likely do so soon.

Report comes days after negotiations collapsed between North Korea’s leader and U.S. President Trump.

Bible prophecy gives a detailed description of the spark that will ignite the next and final world war.

The Russia-China alliance is reshaping the world.

Will Britain give up yet another ‘sea gate’?

Increasing provocations from Moscow will have a worrying effect on the nations of Europe.

‘We are baffled by the U.S. inaction.’

Even if the people of Belarus do not desire it, the world’s most powerful dictator has several good reasons to make it happen.

‘The towers, illegal barbed-wire fences and other artificial barriers are part of an everyday battle of the occupying force against locals.’

This troubling trend fulfills a specific Bible prophecy.

Reinforces claims of sovereignty over disputed strategic territory

‘The steadfast denials of a military alliance dynamic here are not based on the evidence.’

A foreign power that controls the Caribbean Sea could cripple the U.S. economy.

Human beings killed the Kali Bein—then one tried to bring it back.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy is rapidly maturing.

‘Transformational changes’ in military priorities are enhancing Beijing’s ability to flex its muscles far beyond China’s borders.

Is the ability to ‘speak in tongues’ evidence that a person has received the Holy Spirit?

China is ‘on the verge of fielding some of the most modern weapon systems in the world. In some areas, it already leads the world.’

‘They’re building an organized database of stolen information that they can use to beat us economically and militarily in the long term.’

The partnership between Moscow and Beijing was foretold 2,500 years ago. Now it is becoming a reality.

China’s early development of this game-changing technology could hasten the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Debt-trap diplomacy is furthering China’s drive to dominate global trade.

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