Jeremiah Jacques

New financial instrument gives oil-exporting nations their long-sought alternative to the petrodollar.

The crisis on the Korean Peninsula could change the global power balance.

The Scriptures’ detailed description of the next world war may surprise you.

A seldom-discussed chapter of the Pacific War provides an example of the power of positivity during times of crisis.

In the wrong hands, even just one stray nuclear weapon could contribute to disaster.

The scriptures’ detailed description of the next world war may surprise you.

Many religious commentators speculate that the upcoming solar eclipse is an indication that the end times are upon us. Does the Bible support these claims?

More proof that in the South China Sea, Beijing is king

What do the Russians gain from supporting their unstable neighbor?

Many religious commentators say the upcoming solar eclipse is a sign of the end. Does the Bible support these claims?

Since Great Britain ceded control to China, is Hong Kong better off?

The latest move in President Vladimir Putin’s quest to reconstruct the Soviet empire.

On July 1, 1997, Great Britain handed over Hong Kong to Chinese rule. Two decades later, we ask: Was it a positive move?

Or was that just more junk science?

China’s dominance of this strategic sea gate is effectively complete.

With India now a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia may soon be calling more of the shots.

Will the two powerhouse nations soon enter into a formal alliance?

Though unintentionally, North Korea is greatly aiding China’s drive to dominate the South China Sea.

Analysts say the frictions are raising the specter of nuclear war.

Whether influencing Syria, walking the Palestinian-Israel tightrope, or balancing the Iran-Saudi Arabia rivalry, China’s neutrality places it in a unique position in the Middle East.

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