North Korea Has Sent Russia More Than 3 Million Artillery Shells

North Korea has sent more than 3 million artillery shells to Russia since September, South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik said on February 28.

  • North Korea has delivered some 6,700 shipping containers to Russia.
  • These would accommodate approximately 3 million 152-mm artillery shells.
  • In exchange, North Korea receives food and other commodities from Russia.

The deliveries began after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in September.

While North Korea’s arms factories operate at 30 percent capacity due to shortages of raw materials and power, certain factories are operating at full capacity, which primarily produce weapons and shells for Russia.
—Shin Won-sik

Ukraine struggling: The news comes as Ukrainian forces grapple with severe ammunition shortages due largely to the United States’ cessation of aid in December.

Asian axis: North Korea’s illegal assistance of Russia’s illegal war is the latest evidence that an alliance of belligerent Asian nations is emerging, with Russia at its head. Bible prophecy warned of this development.

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