Echoes of World War II—Japan and Germany Work Toward a Military Alliance

Japan and Germany finalized a major military agreement on Monday that stirs some worrying memories and points to a dark future.

The deal facilitates the exchange of supplies between Japanese and German forces. It also streamlines logistical support between them and even allows each to use the other’s bases during joint operations.

This agreement comes as both Japan and Germany are increasing their military power. Japan is amassing a fleet of almost 150 F-35 fighter jets and building state-of-the-art warships. Japan is also deploying missiles with both the technical ability and legal latitude to preemptively strike other nations.

It is a similar situation with Germany. In 2022, Germany’s parliament gave Chancellor Olaf Scholz a rare standing ovation after he said Russia’s war on Ukraine marked a “turning point” that obligated Germany to pump billions more into its military. Since then, Germany has increased weapons production, begun its first permanent foreign deployment since World War ii, and has discussed reintroducing conscription.

So Japan and Germany are preparing for war, and they are taking steps to fight that war as allies, as they did in World War ii when both brought tremendous destruction on the world. That is among the darkest chapter in man’s history. But prophecy shows that even that extreme destruction will be outdone by a soon-coming conflict that will once again see Germany and Japan allied. This week’s military agreement shows just how near that future war is.